176 Best Medium Length Hairstyles That Will Amaze You Completely

May it be girls, women or ladies, all strive hard to manage their hair amidst the hectic schedule of modern life. So, medium hairstyles are a practical one to approach. Thus, they are becoming favorite of women these days. Being versatile, they offer an opportunity to experiment with different variations and varieties.

You may have thought to change your style along with time, isn’t it? For this, you can try on medium hairstyles. As the name suggests, it falls in between long and short hair. You can try any of the variety you like most. If you are a lover of bangs and layers, then too medium hairstyles can well be combined with them. So, your wish is easily fulfilled.

Live your life in your terms and preferences. Make it uttermost beautiful. Be a trendsetter. Rather than relying on fashionistas for styling, choose your trend. So, why not this time with medium hairstyles?

We are presenting you an enchanting 176 varieties of medium hairstyles. Here we go-

Girls Stylesmedium hairstyles

Girls are versatile to try a new style. We name it as girls style. 2018 is a trending year for medium hairstyles. Here are four variations. Check it once; you may fall for it. Apply color and dye it as per your wish. And you are finally ready to go with a medium haircut.

Feather Cuts

Feather cuts! It reminds me of the birds soaring high in the sky. Even though their feathers are wet due to raining, they do not forget to enjoy. The woman in the picture above is too doing the same – rejoicing haircut.

White Shade

White – a symbol of peace and pleasant feeling. Whatever color one may prefer, but white has unique importance. It is ultimate in itself having no option. Next time, if you plan to out, do not forget to apply it.

Soft Smile

Smile! It is too precious, isn’t it? The model above got a medium hairstyle, and she is happy with it. After all, what matters to us rather than happiness? See if you can be pleased with this hairdo.

Messy Black

Black hair is simply adorable. Though it is messy or neat and tidy, black hair offers elegance and a positive aura around. Many times we get mesmerized and surprised by it.

Black Girl

As earlier described, black hair is superbly phenomenal. For this, divide your hair into two parts by center-partition. Leave your hair as it is. Do you think it takes so much time? Not at all.

Grey Tint

Because of a hectic schedule, our mind is in a constant search for ways to freshen up.  For this, can I tell you about a technique? Supply grey tint in your hair and you will feel cool amidst so much pressure.

Purple Shade

Keenly observe her sparkling teeth! It suits perfectly with a purple shade. First of all, cut your hair to medium length. Secondly, separate your hair into two parts from a side. Finally, settle it in a purple color.

With Herself

World population is rapidly increasing.  So, we always have to remain amidst the crowd. In such a situation, our mind is in a constant search for ways to spend time alone. Maybe it is the reason she is with herself.

So Sweet

I remembered a sweet dish when I have a glance of her. Her one smiles erase all my worries and tiredness.

Beauty above Age

Isn’t she so amazing? Though her age increased with time, her grace remains the same.

New Medium Hairstyles for Girls

To whom we are going to show our love rather than you girls? We know you want to experiment with new things full of excitement. That’s why we present you five new medium hairstyles. From formal events or casual gathering, use them according to your convenience.

Shoulder Length  Hair

Should I define shoulder length hair? It is actually in between long and short hair. So, if you get a medium haircut, you can enjoy your it as your length is not much decreased. And, you can feel your hair has become a little short. Isn’t it a pretty cool idea?


Blonde! It is most the sought-after color shade by ladies. As it is good to use throughout the year, next time experiment your hair with a blonde with a medium haircut. You will cherish it so much.

Smoky Ash Brown

Smoky ash brown! As the name suggests, it enthralls a cool shade. Do you know for what ash brown varieties are famous? It is for their ability to give a fresh feeling.

Mix Shade

There it is a combination of mix shade with brown-pink and brown-blonde. This year 2018 is passing with its flow. You better make good memories. For that, why not the use of a two shade combination? What do you say about it?


One of an ancient way of styling hair yet most loved in modern days. See, how both the model above are incorporated in center-partition? And I swear they are looking tremendously beautiful. Red lipstick of the upper model can grab anyone’s attention.

Partition from the Side

We all know haircut is medium and partition is from a side. So, what may be a reason women are falling for medium hairstyles? Most probably, they are practical enough to carry out. And also, you can change your hairstyle often which did not take much time.

Her Style

Fabulous glow! Do you know why she has got such a glow? It is simply because it is her style. She has amazingly contended with it. So friends, can you guess what it proves? Life is too short to live. Every moment time is going on from our hands.  Spend a joyful moment with yourself by creating your style.

Lavish Look

Lavish look! It is not only about looks, but instead, it is about larger than life appearance. Are you indeed in search of this kind of outlook? Then you can rely on above-shown hairstyles, and get that kind of look which you prefer.





Layered! What I love about layers is they offer breathtaking look managing your voluminous hair with a proper cut? Here, we provide you three different set of styling. One of them is with bangs which is very much lovely.

Fashion and Beauty

Fashion is a way to explore your hidden beauty trying with a different sort of hairstyle. That’s a reason we see so many variations of beauty in the world of fashion. This time know more about yourself with an above hairdo.

Half Ponytail

Ponytail! I am clueless. What should I describe a ponytail? It is one of simplest way of hair styling. Here is a slight difference. First of all, divide your hair by center-partition. Secondly, take a few sections. Finally, form a ponytail.

Thick Hair

Thick hair! It may attract anyone with a seductive or a super-sexy appearance. If you still have doubts, then check those above figures. You will quickly be convinced. Don’t you think so?

Simple Style

Simplicity gives originality. It means I accept the way you are, in your exact natural way without any artificial make-up. And there I search your hidden beauty. It is a theme of love. So, anything simple takes us easily towards love. That’s a reason why I adore simple styles much.

Cool Choice

Cool choice! After all, why anyone does so much hard work in his/ her life? It’s just because they can happily spend their life. But happiness can come to your door through other ways such as trying an above-shown hairdo. Isn’t it an excellent idea?

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Wedding! There are so many works to do in a ceremony. We may not get enough time to prepare yourself.  Wedding hairstyles for medium hair are there for you in such a situation. You can form it in a couple of minutes and look gorgeous too.

Side Swept Hair

Side swept hair! It is only a matter of giving some style to your hair pattern.


Ombre! Do you have any hankering your mind to try something new? For this, get a two-layer cut initially. And then do as advised by your hairstylist or take his/her help.

Ready for a Selfie

Selfie! It is common among teenage girls. Trying different varieties of hairstyles, getting a selfie are done by them. What to say? It is all due to age. Let them do whatever they aspire. Do not take tension. Once they grow up, it will vanish away on its own.

Half Updo

Half updo! One can have double benefits through it. First, you can enjoy a ponytail style. Second, you can get an experience of leaving hair and tying it at a time. Doesn’t that sound awesome as we don’t get so much chance to experience it?

Full of Grace

Full of grace! Those hairstyles above are quintessential. They do not need any description. So, keenly observe them once, and decide if you are interested in any one of them. If you do not see them, you regret a lot later. And nothing can happen at that time.

Flow with the Air

How amazing will that scene be when your hair flow along with a flow of the air? At that moment, you can entirely be near to nature, feel it, experience it and get lost in it. I am waiting For such a moment again in my life.

Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair

So much formality persists these days. So, it is necessary for ladies to have enough options for formal hairstyles. Above there are five hairstyles. Choose which one you want to try on next time.


Elegance! It is complicated in itself so hard to define. So, I expect instead you understand it after viewing extraordinary hairdos. I swear you will be overwhelmed. And you can’t describe in words what you feel.

Shades with a Faint Tint

There is so much in life, much more to do and much more to experience. If you in it, have a new experience trying shades with a faint tint. What do you think about it? Please let us know.

Unique Glance

As each human being is unique, then why to have an everyday hairstyle? Some of you may choose it. Some may not. It is your choice and priorities. We are here only to give you possibilities. Either to try or not, it is in your hands.

Full of Smile

I cannot put smile within a defined boundary by calling it a million dollar smile. The only thing I know about it is I can’t take my eyes off it. They got stuck there. How can anything grab our attention so much? I am completely astonished.

Moving for Parties

Parties are frequent these days. It is hard for we ladies yes. We always have to change our hairstyles in every party. We are often bored. I have a rocking idea for this. Get a medium length hair. A problem will easily solve after this.


Variations! They do not come easily. The hairstylists toil their efforts day and night to get a perfect style for you. Isn’t it necessary for all of us to appreciate their work, and give a big thank you to them? We know how they deserve it.


What to say about our heart? Sometimes it means to do stupid things like being carefree. Though I mean silly, it is good. It refreshes us from the tensions of our busy schedule and recharge us for more hard work next time.

African Woman Hairstyle

African woman usually does not have a long hair. For them, medium hairstyles count much. See with what confidence and admiration about her hair she continually keeps going! Now, what you think about medium hairstyles?

Lost in Some Thoughts

Lost! Traffic jam is increasing so much these days. So, we are often lost in our thoughts at that time. There is an idea to solve this problem. Get a medium hair. Whenever there is a traffic jam, you check out on your hair.

The Best Black

‘East and West, black is the best.’ Do you agree upon it or not? If you decide, then I can tell you a secret about getting it. Firstly, cut your hair and separate hair into two sections from a side. You can also put on googles if you wish.

Short Hairstyle

Though I name it as a short hairstyle, it is not that much small. We can call it one of medium hairstyles. It reminds of something that women are slowly being liberated from preconceptions of this, that and many more. So, it is your time girls. Revitalize your energy and redefine your life by making it worth living.

About these Highlights

It is enough in itself. Highlights represent your set of style because you choose it according to your preference. What I can better do is only suggest you try these hairstyles.

Super Short Bangs

Bangs add something extra to your style. The fascinating thing about fringe is you can try with any hairdo and any face type. Isn’t it an excellent thing? Quickly get your bangs and finally enrich your outlook.


Waves! Whenever I think of them, my heart flows like the wave. And when I view them in images, I am stuck there as it is. Yes, creativity is limitless like the sky.

Extra Varieties

With friends! There is much enjoyment. They may regularly plan an outing for you, is it? Then, we have a suggestion for you. Try any of above hairdos to chill out with your mates.

Classy Look

Goosebumps start to arise with such a magnificent look. You need not worry at all. You can carry it out better next time.


Usually, we do not rely on a Mohawk for our hair styling. But sometimes you can try for a Mohawk. It is a calm idea.

Too Cute

Too cute! I am bewildered how cute these medium hairstyles are. Many people believe style is to show off. But it is not so. It is for comfort and confidence.

Medium Hairstyles with Bangs


Something unique grabs the attention of people around. Bangs provide sparks to our style. If you want to be noticed amidst the crowd, try it. You will have a fantastic experience.

Have a Glimpse Here

As you know, we have discussed a lot about medium hairstyles. We find them suitable for busy days. The fascinating thing is they are alluring. Words are becoming less to talk about them. There is a pixie, curly hair, little waves, excellent touch-up, frizzy hair and many more.

Honestly Beauty Need Not Any Description

With what words, should I appreciate these medium hairstyles? I am clueless. We can give a guarantee that you will never repent on trying these hairstyles.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Women above 50

Here, women above 50 tell us beauty does not reduce with age. It can remain the same as it is. These women look lovely in the curls. What do you think about it?

Charismatic Presence

It is realistic that we are ordinary people. But also, we can have a charismatic presence with various set of medium hairstyles.

Hairstyles for Girls within Medium Hair

Our priorities are girls, and we love you tenderly. Hence we present you medium hairstyles accordingly.

Sophisticated Look

Women are caring, loving, soft, and beautiful. And, they are daring and bold too. These alternate modern hairstyles depict the same. Have a glance over them; you will get a sophisticated look.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Are you not satisfied with your thin hair? You are one of the luckiest. Thin hair does not much time and care. Modifying in any style is easy.


Flawless! Medium hairstyles are astounding that I am completely shocked and mesmerized too. The top one gives a vintage vibe, and it enchants anyone. There are so many styles to try, and you go on saying no style suits you. It is your false conception.

Cute Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

You can give peace to your eyes. If you want to keep yourself in touch with fashion trends, you can approach a medium hairstyle.

Medium Length Hairstyles 2018

Medium hairstyles are cute too. You got to know this after viewing those above pictures. They are in different shades. You may like it. If you do not like it, then too you can suggest to your friends about them. Perhaps they are ignorant about it.

To live is a great thing. It is not passing our time doing plenty of things. To live means to love yourself, appreciate yourself, and make your choices and decisions. I like to call it your empowerment form the bottom of my heart. I truly mean it. So, girls what I mean is not against society. But it is to break those barriers that hinder you from moving ahead. That barrier may be an obligation of keeping long hair. Modern days life is hectic. We have our work, family, parties, events and many more. We barely get enough time to care for hair. So, turn your hair to a medium size. That’s why we bring you 176 varieties of medium hairstyles. Choose any one of them and enjoy your life thoroughly.

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