146 Awesome Emo Hairstyle For Every Girls

Emo hair is hard to define. It is in trends since a few years ago. Earlier it was a popular trend among both male and female teens. But now, women from all the age group prefer to try the various version of the emo hairstyle. You can try it out of varieties of hair ranging from the long to the short.

Blue Tint Emo Hair For Girls


As we know emo hair is in the trend, everyone prefers them. The picture above shows the emo hairstyle for the medium length hair. First of all, divide the hair from the parts. Secondly, supply the blue tint carefully.

Emo Hairstyle Mohawk

It is the emo hairstyle mohawk which looks suitable for African-American women. If you have any such friend, you can suggest them.

Orange Version

One is going to be mesmerised by the above depicted emo hairstyles. The first one is in the orange tint. The second one is in the black shade. The third one is on the two shade combination.

Bang Emo Hairstyle

Bangs always provide super sexy look out. And for girls, fringe has high importance. The model in the first image is in sweeping eye bang. In the second picture, the girl is in longer bangs. The third image depicts the super short bangs.

Pink and Yellow

Everyone may not love the natural hair colour. This emo hairstyle is alluring. Here, it is the mix of pink and yellow shade. You will look great in the combination.

Mixed Shade

The hair is frizzy, and it is the combination of brown and black. Girls love to chill out in their gang’s casual gathering. For such event, the mixed shade is the best option.

Light Green

Green is all about nature. So, do you love it? An emo haircut is done in the short hair. You can check it if it suits you or not.

Side Swept Bang

Do not your heart sometimes persist in going crazy and trying out something which is extraordinary? I know it endures. So, then why are you waiting? You can go for it.

Emo Hairstyles for Long Hair

 The colour shade gives a fantastic glow. The hairstylist choice of the tone deserves a lot of praise as it grabs a lot of attention.

Red Emo Haircut

Red is always eye-catching and grabs the attention of the crowd towards you. This style is famous among the teenage girls.

Long Hair in the Platinum Shade

Everyone tends to love long hair because of seductive look it enthrals. It is a reverse ombre hairstyle with platinum at the top and the brown at the end. Beautiful is attached to a side to get an extra glance.

Shiny Pink

I know girls for you pink is the closest to your heart. The fascinating thing about it is that it offers a soft and calm look.

Emo Hairstyle For Girls

When it comes to style, girls always prefer to look the best. Then why to be confused to try on this hairstyle?

Drama Series Emo Hairstyle

Do you work in drama series of fantasy? And are you in need of suitable hairstyle for your female character?  The above-shown picture can be the best one for you.

Purple Shade

The glow is a lavish one. What you have to do for this hairstyle is not complicated. Supply the purple shade along with centre-partition.

Smoky Variety

The model seems contended within herself because of this smoky variety. The colour shade comprises of ash brown variety.

Two Shade Combination

Pink and white are the two shade applied by the model in the figure shown above. The right part of the hair is in the pink while the left one is in the white.

Sparkling Blue

The eye-catching sparkling blue always attracts the attention of everybody whenever you are in the crowd. Do not you want to try this hairdo?

Shoulder Length Emo Hairstyle

It is your hair and design should be your choice too. Then why not to have shoulder length hair with a pretty cool variety of tints?

Emo Girl Hairstyle

For girls, style and fashion always matter most. Next time, add emo hairstyle as your fashion sensation.

Shade in Blue

Blue refreshes the memory of beautiful sea water, the cold and fresh vibration of energy it enthrals around.

Little Red and Pink

As an emo hairstyle is in trends, you can style it creatively as shown in the above figure. And you can call it a little pink and red.

Diversity in Blue

Do you love blue? Then why not to try the beautiful version of blue shade as depicted in the above figure. Fashion demands the variation. And blue is such a cool shade that it fits for teenagers to more aged women.

With Red and Pink

Pink is the colour of the girls and red is all time favourite. You can try an emo hairstyle for changing your styling pattern. And then, you can add red or pink shade for enchanting appearance.

Fun with Black

Black is the natural hair colour, and everyone loves it tremendously. Firstly, get messed emo haircut. Secondly, apply the black shade if your hair is not black. Now your style is ready.

Style in a Flower

Who does not love flower? It is the best thing to be used to look your hair more stylish and throwback vintage vibe. Don’t you think so?

Side Swept Bang

For super sexy look, bangs are the most suitable option. In the beginning, divide your hair from the side. As depicted in the picture, manage your bangs with an emo haircut.

Teenage Girl Style

Teenage is the age where girls prefer to try for adventurous style, be more carefree, adopt smart fashion sequences, etc. That’s why emo hairstyle is highly famous among teenage girls because of it full fun style. It offers relaxed and chills out feeling.


When it comes to managing your hair, a bun is the straightforward style. It is super easy and always in fashion.

White at the Top

White is the colour giving a pleasant feeling. Here, the hairstylist shapes the hair in such a way that there is short hair at the top.

Raised Bang

Raised hair offers a very complicated, sophisticated and bold looks. If you are a competitor in the fashion shows, you can try this hairdo.

Fascinating Hair

Hairstyles of women are fascinating and attractive. They are not only about the hair but also speaks up about your personality. Whenever you present yourself to others, remember to style your hair with exciting trends.

Red Waves

The waves are flaunting as we have a glance from top to bottom. Following points are to be taken in mind for this hairdo.

  • Apply red tint.
  • Initially, divide the hair from the side.
  • After that, form the waves as shown in the image.

Fringe in Pink

Yes, they are brow-skimming bangs. The model seems finer in the pink tint. Girls! Plan a holiday for the circle of your close friends. Make the hairdo as above, and enjoy the trip.

Long Emo Haircut

At the top section, hair is in the different layers while the bottom part is of long layers. Yes! It is the best version of the long emo haircut.


Her glance is somewhere far away. She appears seductive in the reddish outlook. The model has an intense appearance in this figure.

Thin Volume

Thin hair is supra easy to manage and style. First of all, give some style to the bangs like as in the image.

Soft Pink

Do you want to have clean feeling like as the child? Supply the hair with the soft pink shade, and have a look that you prefer.

Cool Outlook

Isn’t it sure that this girl is going for an outing with her friends? She, in her early teens, look cutest in the haircut.

 A Mix of Blue and Green

Winter slowly comes with the necessity to wear heavy jackets, thick sweaters, etc. It seems that the girl is feeling cold severely. She manages to have an emo cut and prefer the same shade in the hair as of the jacket.

Extraordinary Hairdo

Most of the girls these days like to live in their terms and conditions. If you are the believer of such ideology, this hairstyle is best for you.

Side View

What are your eyes searching? Look at the side view of this hairdo. I swear you are going to love this.

Full of Fun

Live life with full of fun and make it a beautiful celebration. So, you are in a mood to cherish always.

Killer Look

The model has super sharp bangs. Cut the rest part of hair into layers. And the ends are finally thin. She offers a killer look.

Rough Fringe

The hairstylist cut the upper section of the hair in the different layers. After that, he/she manage to from it frizzy.

Cute Fringe

The model looks cute and lovely because of the fringe. Variations in a style are the trend of this period. Frequently manage your hair with different version.

Super Short Hair

Earlier there used to be a preconception that short hair does not suit to the girls. Girls now have broken the barrier and proved it wrong.

Emo Hairstyle for Guys

Though we are discussing emo hairstyle for female here, emo hairstyle for a guy is also here.

Little White Shade in the Black

This style reflects the sweeping eye hairstyle. The hairstylist has merged the bang here. And the interesting thing is only the bang section is in white shade whereas rest of the part is in black shade.

Small Hair

She is smiling and looks so amazing. The upper section is in the dazzling silver tint while the end section of the front side is in the pink one.

Turned to a Side

It is a three shade combination of white, purple, and black. Turn significant portion of the hair to a side.

Along with Glasses

The girls are with the glasses. She has long hair with dark brown shade. Divide the hair from the side as shown in the figure.


Here, the braid is like a headband over the hair which is a cool hairstyle. Don’t you think so?

Straight Bangs

Straight bangs! They are always lovely. They have touched the eye-brow which offer the intense look. The hair is in  the purple shade.

Western Girl

As we all know, it is the best look of the western look. There is a side-partition and purple shade.

Emo Hairstyle for Curly Hair

The hairstylist use cap in the upper figure. It has a dark blue shade while the low hair is on mixed tint.

Emo Hairstyle

After seeing this picture, who is not going to love the beautiful, amazing hairstyle? Check out them and try if you like.

Long hair

Are you in tension about how to manage your long hair? You can have the emo hairstyle in long hair.

Short Bob

Bob! Are you a die heart fan of bob hairstyle? Have a glance over these varieties then.

Bangs Emo Hairstyle

You can call it as bang emo hairstyle which offers a mesmerising and pleasing look.

With Flower

The headband of lovely pink flower used as a headband looks incredible.  From the mid-shaft to the bottom section, there is a pink tint.


As layer cut helps to manage the full volume and long length hair, it is quite popular now. Keenly observe the diverse variety of layered cut, and settle your hair.

Three Toned

It is your hair and colour it according to your choice. If it is the case then, try this wonderful combination of three tones with green, brown, and pink.

Naturally Black

Has this idea ever struck your mind? Try emo hairstyle in your long black hair. You will get an excellent outlook as the outcome.

Extra Variety

The above two model depicts the special variety. One is the combination of dark blue and black, and another is with black bottom tip.

Emo Hair for Curly Hair

We have a approach to a lot of variations of emo hair only in straight hair but not in curly hair. If you are a fan of emo hairstyle, try it on your naturally curly hair.


Wooo! She is pretty. A section is in the pink shade along with the black-brown stripe, and the rest is in the black tint. Attach a flower finally, and it is all done.

Brown Shade

For the dull and dry winter, brown is the best choice of hair colour to try. It helps to cherish and enjoy the quiet and dry winter.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown hair color is always alluring which fascinates the whole crowd towards you.  Attach the hair band to the hair, and leave your long hair as it is.

Variations of Platinum

Fashionistas always love the platinum shade. If you follow these fashionistas, you can better check out the variations of platinum.

Emo Hair For Girls

Yes, they are the girls representing beautiful hairstyle. In both the images, hair is long. So, girls, you can apply this in your long hair.

Emo Hairstyle Short Hair

Short hair is becoming a popular choice among the female gangs. The short emo hair looks effortless.

Flower Band

First of all, centre apart from the hair. Attach a beautiful flower band to the hair. Finally, your long emo hair looks flawless.

Casual Shade

The only time when we chill out most is the casual gathering with our friends. That’s why girls prefer casual hairstyle. Above are some of them. You can check it.

Frizzy Hair

One may not have the idea that we can easily do an emo hair on frizzy hair. If not, try this version. You will enjoy it.

Beautiful Pin

The hair is long and looks lavish. Add the beautiful pin as shown in the above figure. The upper section is on the white and brown is at the end.

I Love Brown

Yes, it is true. I love brown. Manage your hair to shoulder length and supply the brown shade over the hair.

Care Free Style

Everyone wants to be carefree and cherish the life in the way they aspire. This version of the hairstyle depicts the same.

Half Tied Ponytail

As we know fashion is all about creativity, a combination of various hairstyle is a new trend. Get a try for this half tied ponytail.

Top Messy

Both the image presents the messed top. The upper one is in the pink shade while the lower one is on the blue colour.

Lovely Bangs

Yes, they are the lovely bangs giving a mesmerising and a vintage vibe. Check out for this variety if it suits you or not.


Stripes remind us of the beautiful combination of white and black. Add yellow and pink shade to offer some grace.

New Emo Hairstyle

If you are on a beach holiday, this is the perfect new haircut. The attractive thing is you can enjoy the air touching the hair on the beach side.

Super Short Bangs

As we see in the figure, the bangs are super short yet stylish. It is a three shade combination of purple, red and silver.

Black Girl

She is the black girl with the hair black and emo hair. The hairband is used to add grace, and half of the hair is tied up.

Cute Girl Hairstyle

Whether to go on an outing or on any occasion, cute girl hairstyle is the perfect choice among all. Don’t you think so?

Messed Hair

This is one of the extraordinary version of emo haircuts. Add different shades of hair colour as shown in the above image.

With a Crown


The world of fashion is all about creativity. Here, the hairstylist manages to add crown and hairpin in the hairdo.

Medium Length Hair

There are various versions of emo hairstyle in both the long and the short hair. The image reflects the emo hair in medium length hair.

Ladies Style

Yes, it is the ladies hairstyle. The hair is up to the neck, and it is the white shade. Bangs are there to add spark in style.

Short Emo Hair

The lady has embedded her short hair in the rainbow hair colour. And she looks incredible with a bit of smile on her face.

Layered Hairstyle

In this age, people are always in a rush. Managing thick volume hair is hard. So, layered cut is best solution for this situation.

Colored Emo Hair

emo hair

Front View

This is the front view of the emo hairstyles for girl. It is a mixed shade of white and brown. You can check on this variety for once.

Sweet Green

Male usually describe female as sweet. Green is the sweet color anyone can have. Get a try for this now.

Amazing Blue

Do you love to be surprised? Then your mouth is going to be opened up for a few moments after you see this glowing blue.

Rainbow Colour

The rainy season reminds us with the full memories of the rainbow. Get in tune with rainbow hair colour.

Green Tone

A pleasant feeling is always in association with the green. In the hectic and busy schedule, cherish yourself with the hairdo.

Dark Pink

Hmm. The hairstylist adds the red tone. The style of bang gives a new look which we never see before.

Faint Blue

Maybe she is in the woods, and she looks fantastic with the blue tint and emo cut. Don’t you think so?

We go through 146 varieties of emo hair. Do you have any such thought of using them? Try it once as life is all about to try new and go through varied experiences. The perfect thing about emo hair is that they are suitable f the teenage girls to the middle-aged women. Especially for the casual outings, they help to cherish much with your friends. Next time when you gather for informal meetings with your friends, never forget to try it once.

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