59 Stylish guys with curly hair which will make you go wow

Curly hairstyles come with different looks and forms. Natural curly hair for men is a boon to the people. The hair itself looks like it’s representing a beautiful flow of time. We would not see many differences with the simpler version. You know a curl is a curl that is what are the differences. Because of this contradicting statement we are misinformed. There are a load of different hairstyles one can wear if the person has a curly hair. You can keep it long or short. You can keep it long, short or medium according to the comfort.

Let’s begin by shortly reviewing the chemistry inside your beautiful curls. Some of us have curly hair by birth, or we have a straighter one. The degree of our hair curling, wave, or straightness, depends on the number of mergeable bonds or the links between the proteins which is needed to form the hair. The sheer number of proteins are majorly responsible for your curvy, straight or in-between type of hairs. Similarly, the compactness of the cellular formation of hair is accountable for your smooth or stout hair. Most importantly, you must know your type of hair, and this article will tell you just that. Let’s begin with different curlers then.

                    Highlighted Curly hair



Curly hairstyles go well with any highlight hair color, or hair can always add some cool highlights to change your natural hair colors. Highlighting of hair very much depend upon the skin tone of one’s skin. Besides that, regarding all these situations one can always do some experiments with their hair.

                   Curl With Lining

We can use a different type of lining in taper fade due to the regions it gives after a haircut. If a person with curly hair uses the taper fade style then in the bottom part, we can use lining patterns. Besides that, curly hairs are more beautiful and iconic with lining.


                   Long Fine Curly Hair

Many people like to keep their hair long while some people like the short one better. Most of the curly hairstyles provide a wide range of beautiful styles in both of these areas. A beard compliments with long curly hairstyles well too. Most importantly, if a person like long curly hairstyles then they have the freedom to wear it.

Short Curl With A Clean Shave

Many people want their cheek clean that is they are always cleanly shaven. In the above picture, we can see a very clean short curly hairstyle. Use of some hair colour makes the hairstyle more can also use some face piercing to add with this hairstyle.

                   Long Black Curlers

For people liking a total long curly hair without any modification, there is a very authentic hairstyle as shown in the picture above. Besides that, you can always manage your dark hair and look bold. We can use hair creams to make the hair shiny. We can use some beads to make this hairstyle look extra fashionable.

               Wavy Long Hairstyle

The actual appearance of a wavy hair looks like between the curly and straight hair. Besides that, it’s half curly and somewhat straighter. Wavy hair is natural in some scenarios, but in most of the case, we make it artificial. We wear a long wavy hair then and its only natural for us to put in the beard as it matches perfectly. Like curly hair, it is easy to manage with proper care and healthy hair habits.

                   Coloured Long Curly Hair

The longer the curly hair, the more it looks beautiful. We can always enhance the beauty of hair using curvy coloured hairstyles.  We use lighter hair colour for people with lighter skin colour while we can use darker shades of hair colour for darker skin colour. More importantly, we can use hair oils to nourish the hair and give it the necessary nutrients.

                      lightly Highlighted Curly Hair

Highlighting a hair means colouring a particular fragment of the hair while we leave the other parts of the hair as they were. This style is trending because it catches the attraction of both colourings as well as colouring hairdressers. More importantly, highlighting makes a perfect balance between highlighting and natural hair. So you can always try this style if you have a curly hair.

                   Golden Curly Hair

It’s a hobby of many people to colour their hair, but they donot know which shades to use. More eventually, if you have a milder face complexion, you can use golden colour shades. Besides, we also know that there are many short curly hairstyles which can adapt to a golden colour. In the picture above a male model is wearing a short curly golden color hairstyle.

                   Classic Medium Curly Hair

This kind of curly hairstyle is a classic nineteenth-century hairstyle for the kinky hair people. It goes well with almost every type of hairs in this curly can use colours with this kind of hair. This type of hairstyle is also ideal for people with short haircuts.

                   Lightly Curled Hairstyle

Lightly curled hairstyles are similar to the wavy hairstyle. Its only difference is that we keep softly curved hairs mostly short. In the picture,we can see the model keeping his hair short. If we wear neck ornaments or tattoos, then it will go well with this kind too.

                              Long Highlighted Wavy Hairstyle

In the picture above the model is wearing a hat on his head and wearing a long wavy curled hairstyle. Besides he has highlighted the lower part of his long curly hair too. More importantly, this kind of hairstyle is more suitable for people with the right height.

                         Short Curly Hair With a Trimmed Beard

Beard helps the haircut to get its final complete look. It is vital for the person to choose his beard and hair combination. More importantly, people must know both about hair and the above picture the model has used short curly hairstyles with a trimmed beard.

                   Medium Kept Black Curly  Hair

It’s not too long or too short to some people like their hair just in between.some of them also adore the natural colour of hair, so they donot colour it. We can see the model in the picture above wearing medium curled dark hair.

                   Thick Curly Hair

Not only long some people like their hair bulky and thick too. Most of the other curly hairstyles can be made with this type of hair also. Curly hair has a unique form which on absorbing moisture expanses its size. In the picture above the person have a thick curly hair and complementing it is a neck ornament.

                   Top Short Wavy Hair

This kind of hairstyle uses short hair in the is short in the sense that other curly hairstyles are longer in comparison to it. The hair form is wavy that means it’s neither curly nor straight.

                   Lightly Coloured Top Short Curl

This kind of hairstyle also uses short hair in the is short in the sense that other curly hairstyles are longer in comparison to it. Curled hair looks beautiful even if it is small and it mostly goes well with a cleanly shaven face.

                   Back Banded Long Curl

The long hair behind is tied with a band. Among all other curly hairstyles, this kind of hairstyle is most trending because of its unique look. This form goes well with hair colouration and also with piercing. Similarly, we can use different ways of beards with this type of hairstyle.

                   Dark Hairs With Bangs

People with long hairs mostly like to keep bangs .it mean you collect the back hair and tie it in a way that we see it is rising. We can observe in the photo that a medium length hair is using bangs too. Therefore, we can use this kind of hairstyle for both medium and long curly hairs.

                   Rough Wavy Hair

Some people like their hair rough and if you think this is not stylish, then you’re wrong. Many of these curly hairstyles we can keep them raw. We can use hair creams to make them soft and shiny too. Besides that, one can also save the beard to compliment this style.

  Top Needle Curly Hair

This form of curly hairstyles is a very different way of dressing long curly hair. We first grow them long. After that, we try to keep them stout by various treatments. More eventually, the hair will be more needlessly in some time. This kind of hairstyle goes well with a finely trimmed beard.

                   Wide Kept Curly Hair

Many people give their hair the freedom to grow .some of these grow narrower as they go long while other remain wide as they were before. People with broader hair can use the hairstyle as above. More long hair needs more nourishment than other hair and can be a little tedious to manage. More importantly, every kind of curly hairstyles is worth it.

                   Short Coloured Curl

We can wear a short hair and colour it to enhance the beauty of it. Curly hairstyles come in different length, and at the end, we can choose the perfect match for himself. For colouring, people can either highlight or fully colour their hair. A medium kept beard helps this haircut to go well too.

                   Thick Medium Curly Hair

We can keep the thick hair to the medium length as well. It gives us the freedom to wear the styles from either end. for most of the curly hairstyles, we can choose either to colour them or to not.this kind of hairstyle can use both colour or natural hair too. Nose piercing also goes well with this hairstyle.

                   Curly Hair With Bun

The concept of buns came from ancient Hindu saints. Buns are the modern trend of curly hairstyle if you have a long thick hair. We take the back part of the hair and round it till it looks like a bun. This kind of hairstyle need proper care and are a little tedious to manage. More importantly, with difficulty comes the beauty.

                   Let Before Curly Hair

Curly hairstyles are either kept behind of given the freedom to come forward. In this form of a haircut, we let the curl to go before can use this style with a trimmed moustache and a beard.

                   Plain Forward Curly Hair

We keep the hair a little bit lagging from the forepart and show the forehead in this form of hairstyle. It is possible either by the use of hairbands or by precisely tieing the hair. This hair form goes well with a sparsely kept beard and moustache.

                   Long Bushy Curl

A bushy curl of hair is possible if we have a thick tangled curly hair. This kind of hair is a little difficult to manage. However, you can use the hairstyle shown in the above picture. You let the hair grow all around, and can highlight with lighter can also use face piercing with this kind of styling.

                   Medium Highlighted Wavy Hair

Like many curly hairstyles, one can style their hair according to their wavy nature too. All kinds of highlighting go well with a medium wavy hair. It goes well with a clean shaved face too. One can also use ear piercing to compliment this beautiful hairstyle.

                   Half-Straighten Curly Hair

We mostly have this kind of semi-curled form after ironing the hair. However, this is among the mainly used hairstyle of this period. It might be because this hairstyle goes well with any body physique.

                   Taper Fade Curly Hair

Taper fade hairstyles are among the most versatile hairstyles. We can use this hairstyle with every form of hair without any problem. We can’t deny the combination of curly hair and taper fade. Mainly short and medium-sized curly hairs can be used to settle in this form. Different kind of beard can be kept to assist the looks in this form of hairstyle.

                 Curly Hair Black Male

Taper fade can be used well with the natural hair too. If one’s hair is curly and it is kept short than we can clean-cut the bottom area of the head. It gives us the space to use linings there. We can also combine this hair form with piercings and differently kept beards. This style also goes well with various face complexions.

                   Thick Needled Curl

The needle curl style mostly keeps long hair to make the process easier. Besides that, we can keep the medium version of this hairstyle if the hair is thick. This style goes well with a bushy beard. Like most of the curly hairstyles, this style can also use face piercing as well as hair colours.

                   Front Cleared Medium Curl

In forehead cleared curl we tie the hair or keep the hair back because it removes hairs in the forehead portion. We can wear a nice trimmed beard with this style. Curly hairstyles are most beautiful if it is coloured innovatively. Similarly, we can use different hair colours with this style. More importantly, we should always keep our hair healthy by using different hair oils or hair vitamins.

                   Bushy Curl With A Chin Beard

Chin beard goes well with most of the curly hairstyles. Above the model is wearing a medium curly style. Shaving the moustache will give the clearer face view and prevents extra bushy looks. One can use lip or eyebrow piercing to compliment well with this form of hairstyle.

                   Curly Hair With Spectacles



Either with dark shades or simple glasses, a curly hair matches with them like it was meant to be. Spectacles go well with all three lengths of the hair. The lenses give the p[erson extra bold look along with assisting the eyesight .with every kind of facial complexion as well as the form of curls. The shades promote the persons looks. Along with that, the person can wear any beards to enhance their personality. Curly hairstyles provide us with the freedom of wearing shades without fading the beauty. We can see the combination of coloured or natural hair with short or medium or long hair and a very matching glasses to all of them in the above pictures.

                  Kept Side Long Curl

Keeping the hair to the side gives us that bolder look we urge to find.the curly hairstyles with more extended hair forms can use this style. We collect the long hair from the back and mount it in our shoulders. It goes well mostly with a border form of physique. A nicely trimmed beard compliments this kind of style.

                   Taper Fade Curl With Lining

The taper fade haircut compliments well with the short and medium curly hair. Add lining to it then it becomes agonizingly good too.we can always use some highlights to focus more in our hair. Sparsely kept beard also goes well with this type of hair form. This hairstyle is very manageable, and we can modify in many different styles.

                   Shiny Medium Curled Hair


The shinier the hair, the better it looks. We can make the hair shiny and healthy by using hair nourishment and creams. Shinier hair goes well with a lightly kept beard. Neck ornament also adds to the beauty of hair.

                   Medium Curl With A Trimmed Mustache

The model here is showing his medium length curly hair. Adding to it he has kept a finely trimmed moustache. Adding some ear ornaments helps in distributing the intensity of his face.he have highlighted the tip part of his hair.

                    Curly Hair With Blue Eyes

The eye and hair colour combination is another thing to consider before deciding on a haircut. More importantly, curly hairstyles look beautiful in every eye colours. Above the model has a short highlighted hair pairing with blue eyes.

                   Cleanly Shaven Model With Medium Curly Hair

Curly hairstyles go well with a clean-shaven face too. As we can see above the model has a beautiful medium curly hair. The model’s hair looks gorgeous even without adding the colouration. The clearer the face the better this hairstyle will look.

                   Mild Complexion Guy With Curl

In this picture the model wears a short curly hairstyle without any hair colour . As his skin complexion is mild using hair colour is not the best option for him. The model has a neatly trimmed beard. Besides, we can always add piercings and ear ornaments to this style.

                   Model With Curl And Scarf

When we keep a shorter version of hair among all curly hairstyles, we must be careful to wear any clothing in the head or the neck areas. The model here wears a light coloured scarf which goes well with face color.we can also choose the colouring of hairbands if we use any.

                   Model With Long Let Down Curly Hair

The curlers let down is another classic style of managing long curlers.inspired from the Red Indians this style have improved a lot. Mostly better with men with bigger physique this style looks better with darker hair colour.

                  Short Dark Colored Medium Curly Hair

The short curly hair if kept in the natural form look gorgeous. The model here is wearing short dark hair with curl. Besides that, he is also dressed up in darker clothes which match well with his hairstyle. Adding to it, he has a neatly trimmed beard to go better with his haircut.

                   Model With Short Curly Hair And Thick Beard

A thick beard also goes well if the physique of a person is short to give him a bolder look. Above the model has short curly hair which has the highlight to the top.he is keeping a thick moustache and beard which compliments his hair thoroughly. Therefore, we can choose the best beard for our curly hairstyles.

                   Short Colored Taper Fade With Sidelining

The taper fade goes well with short curly hair. If its kept short then we can also colour the whole hair as shown by the model.adding to it, the model also has a lining to the side of his head.

                   Long Golden Highlighted Curl With A Sparse Beard

Long curly hairs look best when they are highlighted golden .a sparsely kept beard would normalize the look and prevent it from overflowing. Nose or ear piercing in this curl can look amazing. More importantly, the skin tone should match with the hair colour.

                   Thick Bushy Hair Scattered


We can observe in the above picture a scattered bushy hair of a model. He highlights the top with a light golden colour. He keeps a sparse beard and moustache which goes well with his hairstyle too. Curly hairstyles are coloured well in their full form also.

                           Formal Curly Hairstyle

If you are a normal office person and have curly hair, it’s difficult to manage them. You can keep them short as the model can leave it dark and shine them little using hair creams. A short trimmed beard will be perfect for this style.

                           Curl With Smile

A smile is that precious ornament of yours that you can wear with every style. Above the model has a long curl and smiles beautifully. He also has some chin beard which goes well with his skin tone.

                           Medium Curly Hair With A suit

A medium curly hair goes perfectly in suits among other curly hairstyles. Most importantly, it gives you the classy gentleman look. Above a model with a medium-curl is walking in the ramp with a suit. He has a cleanly-shaven face to compliment his style.

                           Taper Fade With A Thick Beard

A thick beard shows the boldness of a man. Curly hairstyles mostly go well with a thicker beard. More importantly, a beard which is kept mush match your skin tone. Above a model with dark tone is wearing a thick bushy beard. He is wearing a locket that compliments his style.

                    Medium Curly Hair With Beautiful Eyes

The hair colour of a person if matches with the skin tone and the eye colour, it results in perfection. A different variation of hair colour is used along with the different size of hair and curls. We can keep the beard for extra manly appearance. Above we see two models, the first one with medium golden coloured curls. His golden hair colour matches perfectly with his blue eyes. The second model is using a lighter highlight to his hair because of bright eye colour. Similarly, the first model is keeping his beard long while the second one is cleanly shaven to compliment their looks respectively.

Eventually, the main thing with curly hair is that they are beautiful. Besides that, we have tons of curly hairstyles to go along with it. Different forms of them can be used accordingly to the persons best interest.adding to that; we must manage them by giving them proper looks and proper nourishment. Beards, piercings, ornaments, clothing, skin tone, eye colour any many other factors if selected carefully compliments the looks of the hairstyle, and leads it to perfection.most importantly, one must know the form of hair and style it accordingly to get their desired look.


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