52 Innovative man bun styles that will never fail to leave impression

Look simple, look stylish- that’s the theory behind a man bun, all you do is pull your hair back and wrap it. You seem smart, and it’s an efficient way to control the flow of your medium or long hair. It’s clear that this is the reason many guys nowadays prefer man buns, and so can you. Now, we are men, and for us, any fashion is subtle. We don’t observe a lot of differences in the minuscule differences in the fashion sense but still, let’s try. After all, all we need to do is tie the hair in different patterns, and we get the required form. And along with it, why not try to see how it works out combined with other hairdos at the same time? Hence, we present you some of the best man buns that you should try:

                     Classic Man Bun

We have the above haircut as the basic hair form of this style. We have to have a long hair to wear this style. It goes in different ways of the suits and non-formal clothing too. We need to pull the hair from around and tie it making a bun. The model here also keeps a neat medium beard to go with this style.

          Man Bun Bald Fade


Bald fade is another mostly chosen hairstyle we can select. Bald fade has a bare bottom level of the so-called hair bald. It is an entirely different kind of hair modification. More importantly, by wearing this style, we can shoe the bold form in us. So, we have zero level of hair in the bottom at the same time a long hair to the top part of the head which is very stylish.

                   Man Bun With A Beard

Man-bun and beard go a long time back. As buns were initially used in China before about 2500, they didn’t keep beard then. In early  2000 however, with the rebirth of this style people have been complaining this style with a thick beard. More importantly, They go well like they were meant to from ages.

Full Kept Man Bun

In this kind of hairdo, we use the full hair in our head and bind it to make the bun. This type of bun is thicker in size and stylish too. Besides, we can observe that this hairstyle go well with neck ornaments also.

Man Bun With Long Beard

The combination of great beard and a long hair is always overwhelming. Besides, we know the best hairstyle for a long top is always a man-bun. So, the combination of a long thick beard with a bun seems exceptional. Adding to it, we can still use piercings and tattoos to enhance this style.

                      Man Bun With A Gym Body

A gym body means a body with good physique. It’s always better to wear a long and thick hairstyle with a well-built body. We can have body tattoos adding to the personality of the person. Adding to it, we can also wear neck ornaments to compliment well with this style.

                     Man Bun Dreadlock

Dreadlocks are one of the most technical hairstyles out in the world. Besides, It also takes a reasonable amount of time to master the techniques of this form. But with difficulty comes the beauty of this masterclass. This hair from goes perfectly with the Men-bun. In fact, most of the dreadlock holders find this kind as the easy way to manage their dreadlocks. More importantly, this combination will give you a perfect strong macho look you urge to achieve.

             Man Buns With Braids

Buns with braids, oh hell yeah, It is a style which you can never say no anyway. It is the perfect combination of two of the most adored hairstyles of the modern day. Besides that, It is that form of hairdo which is efficient and beautiful to look at the same time. More importantly, they go well with almost everything one experiments them with any day. The Man-bun with braids can be the style you were looking for your long hair.

                Man Bun With A Golden Highlight

Golden colour goes well with almost any kind of hair. Similarly, It gives a royal look to the hair if we wear it in the Man-bun form. Adding to it, if the person does a matching modification to his beard; the result is catchy in itself.

            Man Buns Middle

Nither at the top nor at the bottom, in this kind, we make the bun at the middle. This form is ideal if your hair is of an average length. Besides that, this style goes unhampered with different kind of modifications. Piercings and neck tattoos go well with this hairstyle.

                   Semi-bun Hairstyle

We call this style a semi bun because The top tied isn’t a perfect bun. Although, the other components are the same to the bun style, hence is under bun hairstyle. It goes well with a medium kept a beard and also with the neck ornaments like chains.

                     Man Bun Guy

In the modern era of social media different memes are getting famous day by day. among them too the most noticeable men are in the man bun meme. We can see a model in the picture above has a loose bun posing with a dog.

              Men Bun With Curly Hair

Curly hair is among the most challenging nature of hair to style. If you have a long curly hair, This style might be the one for you. Just make a top bun in the top and no more messy curls anymore. Besides that, these styles go well with almost any kinds of add-ons. More importantly, it gives you the freedom to keep any beard, piercings and tattoos. The hair wouldn’t disturb them anymore.

               Clip-On Man Bun


Clear from the name itself; the style uses hair clips to adjoin the hair before tying them into a bun. Man Bun haircut may be challenging to maintain for those who have rough, hard hair. In this case, the clips come to the rescue; we can use them to hold on the strands together. This hairstyle goes well with both the formal and informal items of clothing.

                          Man Bun Fade

The fade type of hairstyles is among the most genius hairstyles of this decade. Easy to manage and super stylish, this haircut gives the perfect illustration for the how to tie a man bun or how to do a man bun type of question. The fade haircut have a simple mechanism; long in the top and fading as we move down. Above we can see the model wearing a man bun fade with the silver highlighted hair. The beard gives the perfect bold looks to the model.

                       Man Bun Top Knot  Braided

This style is among the most beautiful forms that we can wear in a man bun haircut. It is a bit technical than others(as all the other braids are). We leave the top part of the head medium, and before tying the bun, we braid the lower hair. This style goes well with different kinds of hair colours.

                         Man Bun Top Knot Simple

This hair form is the purest form of topknot hairstyle. The knot making the bun is tied to the top, and the hair to the fore side is bundled. This style is better with people having short hair amongst the more extended category. This hairstyle goes well with a long-kept beard as we see above.

Man Bun Low Knot

This knotting system is most beneficial for the users with long hair. We tie the knot making the bun at the low or bottom part of the head. Meanwhile, the hairdo also gives the freedom to let the knot open and enjoy open hair. Adding to it, we know this style is comfortable to wear and to maintain as well.

                           Man Bun Undercut


The man bun undercut is another modification which most bun owners like to do with their lower hair. In undercut, you separate the hair to your top from the smaller hair below. In the case of Man-bun, you collect the hair to the top and make a bun. Eventually, you do an undercut style to the bottom. This combination is surreal and of high quality.

Top Highlighted Man Bun

We can do the colouring of the hair in basically two types. The first one is that you colour the whole strand to the scalp. The second form is like it’s shown in the picture. The model has a bun of a long highlighted hair. More importantly, this hairstyle won’t let the attention off you at all.

Man Bun With Suit

A gentleman look you want, the gentleman look you get. The combination of a man bun with a suit is agonisingly perfect. It goes well with almost any type of skin tone or body physique. The model here wears a low tied bun with a black tuxedo. Besides that, complementing his fantastic hairdo is a medium beard.

Man Bun With Piercing

Facial piercings can open up a whole new dimension to any hair form. Similarly, to this bun style, it brings out the boldness out of you, even from deep underneath. The model here wears a nose and ear piercing. This hairdo gives him a beast look. We have a long thick beard also alongside to go with the bun.

     Man Bun middle With Sparse Beard

It’s the beard of the person which gives the perfection to the hairstyle. We have the myth that bun only goes well only with an extended version of beard. Well, that’s only hypothetical as we can observe in the picture that the model is just killing it. Here the model wears a sparsely kept beard and predicts what? It gives the perfection. The form also goes well with mild skin tone.

Man Bun White Hair

We can do the colouring of the hair in basically two types. The first one is that you colour the whole strand to the scalp. The second form is highlighting the particular part of the hair. Above we can see the full coloured one. The model has a total white hair colour. Adding to it, the model also has some piercings which go well with this hair form. Hair colours always bring out the beauty from the inside of the user.

Man Bun With Glasses

Weather with simple reading glasses or with funky partywear shades, the man bun goes well with all of them it was meant from the beginning. If you want to get that perfect gentleman looks, maybe a pair of specs will help. Here we have three different models wearing three different kinds of shades. The first one is wearing a classic round reading glasses along with his casual suit. Adding to that, the model has kept a long thick beard which goes perfectly well with this style. The second one there is wearing a sleeveless vest and dark shades. Adding to that, The model is also wearing a neck tattoo. The model also wears a golden highlighted bun which matches significantly with this form. The third model is wearing a simple rectangular reading glasses. Complementing this, he has a finely trimmed beard and a classic dark man bun.

 Man Bun Taper Fade

Taper fade is one of the most trending hairstyles of today’s world. One can’t just overlook the compatibility of this style to go with another form of haircuts. More importantly, the taper fade hairstyle goes brilliantly with the bun. The top part is perfectly long while the bottom portion is short. Eventually, this might the one hair form you have been looking for your whole life. So, grab it and own it.

 Man Bun Braids With Lining

Braids are easily one of the most chosen hair forms. Add bun to that it becomes surreal. Now use lining on it the result will undoubtedly be perfection. Here, the model is wearing beautiful thin braids. The braids form a beautiful pattern and adding the beauty is the lining to the side of the head.

Man Bun Medium Beard

Man-bun, when we look at the term, we automatically think that this style goes well with an only long beard. But, You’re wrong with this hypothesis. The format of the human bun goes well with almost every form of beard. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a clean-shaven person or one with a thick beard; This hairstyle always compliments with your personality.

Man Bun Thick

There are people with thin hair, and there are with tick ones. Most importantly, with both the nature of hair, the man bun goes perfectly well. If you have a thick hair, you would like to wear this hair form. The only change in the look is this form comes with the thicker, bigger bun than others. But, no worries here as this would make your hair look healthy and beautiful.

Man Bun Left Forward

In the left forward version of the Bun hairstyle, we leave certain strands without the knot ahead. This strand gives the people who like to play with the hair some freedom to do it. Adding to it, we can use the highlight in the left strand to make it look even more beautiful.

Man Bun Curly Hair

We consider curly hairs are one of the most challenging nature of hair to style. But, after styling this hair becomes one of the best hairstyles in sight. Above we can see a model wearing a man bun. His hairs are curly, and he has let some curls loose in the top. This style also goes well with any form of beard.

Man Bun Golden With Braids

The golden colour is easily noticeable and beautiful to look at too. Above we can see a model wearing a bun with his hair coloured golden. Adding to it, he has the lower portion of the hair styled into a braid. Besides that, he has a taper fade form to the bottom part of the head. Altogether, the hairstyle is one hell of beauty to adore at, with a smile.

Man Bun With Tattoo

Tattoos naturally go well with almost every possible hairstyles. The shoulder tattoo especially goes well with a Bun. We may say this because the attracting part of the head is both in the same area of the person. Above, the model is also wearing a wristband to compliment his style.

 Short Man Bun With Casual Clothing

If a person has a thin, short hair, he can wear this hair form. Above, we can see David Beckham, a well-known footballer and a model wearing a small bun with his dashing suit. Along with it, he is also wearing a slightly highlighted hair in the top to add to his sexiness. Adding to that, he is also keeping a short trimmed beard which goes mesmerisingly well with his style. Overall, this kind is a perfect way to wear a short man bun.

Man Bun Bald Fade

Bald fade is another way to keep the lower part of the head. In this style, the lower part of the head or the segment around the ear is completely barren. Above, the model wears a  bald fade with a bun. Along with that, there is also a lining to the side of his head. Besides that, he has kept a medium beard to complement the style. Along with that, he is wearing a pair of reading glasses to complete his gentleman look.


Low Man Bun Highlighted Golden

This type of hairstyle goes well with a more extended version of hair. The golden highlights go well with the long form of hair. The style is also consistent regardless of the skin tone of the person wearing it.

Man Bun With A Neat Beard

Different forms of the beard give a different finishing touch to the same hairstyle. Some go well with them while some don’t. Most importantly, one must know which hair form is perfect for him. The model here wears a finely trimmed beard to go with his middle knotted hair.

Man Bun with Rough Beard

A long hair always matches well with a long beard. Some people like their beard rough. It goes well well with bun too. The model here is wearing a top bun with a highlighted top. We can also see that his long beard is also coloured in the same way which compliments them well. Along with that, we can even wear a bald fade with the bottom here. This hairstyle works beautifully with people with fairer skin tone.

Man Bun Tiny

This style is used by the people with hair is just long enough to make a bun. So, the bun made is little in size. Therefore, it won’t get along right? Hell no. As we can see in the picture, the model looks perfect with the hairstyle. With the thicker version of beard to get along, this style is excellent.

Man Bun Side

In this form of hairstyle, we tie the knot to the side of the head than to the top. This hairdo also goes well with different kind of hair colours. As we can also see in the picture, this hairstyle goes well with a cleanly- shaven face also.

Man Bun With Neck Ornaments

Neck ornaments give the cherry on the top form to every hairstyle. It gives the head of the person, a border view. It’s stylish and cool at the same time. Above, the model wears a top bun with few highlighted strands. This style looks better with some beard. The model here also wears some rings to manage the method uniformly.

Man Bun Thick Hair

If you have an extra thicker hair, you would probably like to wear the style above. This style goes well with the more compressed version of the beard. The hairdo also matches well with every form of skin tone. Along with that, we can also use facial piercing for bolder looks to the style.

Man Bun Full Coloured

The hairstyle above will make you look like you just came from the heaven itself. Here, you colour the whole hair and the beard too with the exact colours. This type compliments better with people having a lighter skin tone. Along with it, you can always add piercings to this style.

Man Bun With A Tattoo

Every kind of tattoo goes well with this hairstyle, mostly, if it’s a facial, neck or in the hands. It gives the evenness in the boldness and style of the person. Above, the model is wearing a short man bun with a long beard. His hairstyle here matches well with his lighter skin tone.

Man Bun Bald Fade Undercut

The Bald fade undercut is another style that is chosen by thousands of people. The top part of the head in the form remains as a bun while the lower part is a faded undercut. This style goes well with people of every skin tone and body physique too.

Man Bun Wavy Hair

Wavy hair goes well with almost every possible hairstyles. Eventually, in the case of human bun too it holds its beauty perfectly. We can go with different combinations or modifications on this hair for too. Besides that, this hairdo goes perfectly with a sparse beard.

Top Knot Taper Fade

This style is not necessarily a bun, but it shares many properties with it. We just put the hair into a knot but don’t make it like a bun. This haircut is generally known as a ‘ponytail’ style because of its appearance. Above, the model wears a pair of shades to go well with the hair.


Man Bun With Clean-Shaven Face

It’s generally good to keep a good beard with a bun, but it’s not mandatory. A person can cleanly shave his face according to his interest. As we can see in the picture, the model here has a beardless face, and the bun looks perfect with him too. So, Man-bun goes well with almost every form of beard.

Finally, we can say without any exception that a man bun is the most compatible form of hairstyle for people with long hair as it goes well with different kinds of modifications we apply in it. We can use this hairdo in both formal as well as an informal way of clothing. This style goes well with different forms of beard too. Along with that, this hair form supports different piercings, tattoos, hair colour, shades, glasses, ornaments as well as clothing correctly. Most importantly, the Man-bun gives you the beautiful, iconic, manly look that you urge to get from your hairstyle.


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