121 Outstanding Ombre Hairstyles That You Might Get Obsessed With

Ombre hairstyles look so perplexing that you might actually get obsessed with the hairdo. This hairstyle is a step above the overall hair colour that gives you a very voguish glance. When colouring your overall hair, you might not get to apply different shades of your favourite shade. But with ombre hairstyles, you can mix up to two of your favourite hair shades. The different variations of ombre hair are shown below. Hence, take a look at it and attempt any of your favourite up do’s.

  • Light Brown To Red Ombre

ombre hair

Are you fond of brown hair shades? Also, do you want a unique twist to your brown hair? If yes, attempt for the hairdo as shown in the picture above. Here, the hairstylist has focused on brown hair dye at first and then, focused on red shade towards the tip of the hair. Furthermore, it is not compulsory for you to have a short bob rather, you can try this updo on long hair too.

  • Grey Ombre Hairdo

Grey hair gives you an absolutely incredible glimpse. The dark grey hair followed by the lighter grey shade gives a relaxed and easy-going appearance as seen in the picture. Also, the bangs at the front make you look cool on a daily basis.

  • Stylish Updo

To recreate this look, you need to follow the series of steps as mentioned below:

  1. First, cut your hair as a short bob with sharp edges at the bottom and bangs at the front.
  2. This hairstyle makes your face look slimmer and longer.
  3. Next, colour your hair to a blonde shade making it a base.
  4. After you are done applying the blonde shade, focus on the tip of your hair.
  5. Colour the tip of your hair copper red which gives an extremely impressive and beautiful result.
  6. You have you stylish updo ready to grab the attention of many towards you.
  • Brown Ombre

Brown hair colour never goes out of fashion. The most amazing thing about brown hairstyle is that it suits girls and woman of any age group and any skin tone. This shade of hair colour has gained hype in recent days. So, if you want to reach that level of popularity, why not try the brown ombre shade? Just give an attempt and see the compliments that flow on a daily basis.. tadaaaaa!!!

  • Red Ombre

Just like brown ombre updo’s, red ombre hairstyles also have grabbed the customers attention. Unlike brown ombre, red ombre gives you a very strikingly intrepid and audacious glance. To talk about the red ombre, you can apply any shade of red be it light or dark. Moreover, this ombre shade goes well with any skin tone and any styles such as straight or curly.

  • The Perfect Layers

Who doesn’t love layers, you definitely do right? The perfect layered hairstyle takes your overall appearance to a different level. And, to get the updo as in the picture above, you first need to shape your hair into perfect layers and then apply brown ombre shade.

  • Ombre Updo At The Upper Part

As you all might already know that ombre hairstyle means applying hair colour just at the lower portion of your hair. But, for a change and to be exclusive in the crowd, why not try ombre updo at the upper part, isn’t it? Just experiment with something that is very distinctive and that will definitely help you sharpen up your personality.

  • Short Blonde Ombre Updo


Well, to say about the short blonde hairstyle, it gives you a fashionably elegant and sophisticated glance. Blonde hair shade comes in variations such as brownish blonde and greyish blonde. This is an absolutely gorgeous and cool look that you can flaunt for any special occasions or on a daily basis.

  • Softer Brown Ombre Bob Updo’s

Many of you who have a short hairstyle think that putting on an effort to make a hairstyle is not your thing. But, that is the wrong perception that you have been living with. You palpably can look elegant on short hairstyle by trying any of the hairstyles as shown above.

  • Long Curly Hairdo

Are you worried about styling your hair for a party gown? If so, set your worries aside and go for the hairstyle as shown above. For this you need to follow a series of steps:

  1. First and foremost, colour your hair as copper shade followed by a blonde shade.
  2. Then, make loose romantic curls to the tip of your hair.
  3. Bring all your hair to one side, whichever side you feel comfortable with and let it loose.
  4. Or, you can also clip the hair with a beautiful hair clip or decorate with something very gleaming.
  5. There you have your marvellous look ready to turn the heads of many around you.
  • Style It With A Hat

Talking about the hairdo, it is just the simple bob with brown ombre applied on. The overall style reflected is because of the stylish hat and that dazzling makeup. Henceforth, try this updo and get that chic glance.

  • Short Hairstyles

Have to ever been annoyed by the scorching summer heat? And, does the long hair irritation on summer days ever get onto your nerves? If so, you must definitely opt for short hairstyles. It not only helps you avoid the irritation but also helps you flaunt that trendsetting look. Experiment with any of the short hairstyles shown above and look fabulous.

  • Long Sleek Ombre Updo

Long Sleek Ombre is the perfect updo if you are looking for a simple party hairstyle. Moreover, this hairdo is not only perfect for party appearances but also gives you a 10 on 10 looks for your day-to-day look.

  • Ombre Accompanied By Bangs

Bangs and ombre hairdo both gives you a very sophisticated glimpse. So, why not try both at once and let the compliments flow like the drizzles of raindrops falling down? This is an absolutely gorgeous updo which goes well for anyone and for any occasions.

  • Messy Hairdo

Many of you out there might think that messy hairdo gives you a very untidy look but no! messy hairdo gives you a very rough-n-tough and very attractive look.

  • The Glam Glimpse

A slightly wavy hair with brown ombre applied over along with a dark makeover and stylish ear accessories make you ready for glamorous events. Henceforth, go for this look and get the glam glimpse.

  • Short Bob Hairstyles

Are you in your mid 30’s or above that? Also, do you want to look stylish even at elder age? If so, why don’t you try this short bob hairstyle that gives you a very smart yet extremely impressive look?

  • Strikingly Alluring Ombre Hairdo

From the above-mentioned ombre hairstyles, you might have already got your hearts and heads stuck in it right? But still, take a look at the four ombre updos and opt for it during any of your special or day-to-day events and be the talk in the crowd.

  • Glaring Purple Hair

You might definitely be aware of how common blonde, grey or brown ombre has become these days, aren’t you? In that case, why don’t you attempt for very glaring and bright purple ombre hair? Just give it an attempt and be unique.

  • Mix and Match

Fashion is all about mix and match be it in case of dress, hair or nails. Simply, come out of your comfort zone and combine reddish brown hair tint with a blonde shade. It might look awkward at first but as days pass by you will be flaunting this eccentric hairstyle admirably. Henceforth, strive for this hairdo and be the trendsetter.

  • Classic Short Ombre

Well, the ombre as shown in the above picture can be represented as classic ombre because it is a typical ombre hairstyle that most people prefer still today. Talking about the hairstyle in the picture, it gives you an implausible glance for your daily getup.

  • Pink Ombre

For many years, people have a tendency followed that girls usually love the pink colour. It might and might not be true in case of all girls but if you are the one whose favourite colour is pink, you must definitely apply your favourite shade on your hair. Furthermore, try any of the hairstyle shown above that best suits your personality, facial structure and skin tone.

  • Bob Updo

All hairstyles come in different variations and so does the bob hairstyle. This is the one with blunt and round edges and suits the best for women starting from age of mid-30’s. Also, you can add on any hair shade as per your preference.

  •  Blonde Undertone

Are you a big-time blonde lover? Do you feel uneasy switching to hair shade other than blonde? If so, strive for the hairstyle as in the picture above. It will give you Simple yet absolutely wonderful appearance.

  • Violet To Purplish Hairdo

Violet to purplish hairdo looks absolutely marvellous for those who have very fair skin tone. Therefore, girls with fair skin tone try this hairdo and shine in the crowd.

  • Golden Ombre

To get this look, colour your hair as brown shade followed by golden ombre and then, make light curls towards the bottom. Once you are done with the styling, you are ready for any functions, any day.

  • Attractive Glossy Ombre Updo

WOWWWW!! perfect, attractive, fashionably elegant and sophisticated hairstyle that you must unquestionably opt for. This hairstyle will make you appear even prettier.

  • Greyish Blonde Hairstyle

Do you always want to appear quirky amongst your friend’s circle or amongst the public? In that case, apply on this greyish blonde shade. Moreover, this shade looks good on both long and short hairs and also for women of any age group.

  • Messy Short Updo

Many a time, there are situations when you do not get time to make perfect hair or you just want to look cool with rough looks. Well, for that case try the updo as shown above. Here, the major focus is given on short messy hair with fringe at the front and coloured as brown followed by silver ombre tint.

  • Audacious Hairdo

Audacious updo has the ability to grab the attention of many towards you. Here, the hairstylist has focused on very short bob with side bangs. To get this look, you need to cut your hair as shown above and then apply golden brown shade at the back. Whereas, for the bangs at the front, apply hair tint in the way you highlight your hair. There you have your bold appearance ready to be vaunted.

  • Copper Red Hairstyle

These copper red hairdos are so intense and appealing to look at. You can style it both on your long an short hair. Also, to compliment this hair colour apply on either very natural makeup or a daring makeup to make people go WOWW!! when you pass by.

  • Simple Ombre Hair

For this hairstyle, you need to follow a certain process as mentioned below:

  1. First, detangle your hair and part in the middle.
  2. After that, apply on golden ombre to the bottom of your hair and let it sit for 30-45 minutes.
  3. Wash off your hair after 30-45 minutes.
  4. Then, blow dry your hair to give a light wavy texture.
  5. There you have your hair ready to flaunt any functions.
  • Straight Hairstyle

Are you thinking of keeping your party look simple yet glamorous this time? For that, you just need to dye your hair dark brown followed by glossy golden ombre and straighten your hair using an electric rod.

  • Long Wavy Hairstyle

This hairdo is best for those who always love to keep their hair long. SImply, part your hair in the middle, dye it brown and create a loose wavy texture.

  • Silver Ombre Hair

You might definitely know the increasing trend of silver hair. And, most importantly the silver hair tint as an ombre looks absolutely enchanting.

  •  Brown Hair Followed By Purple Ombre

A mix of brown and purple hair as an ombre looks fab. On top of that, short hairstyle gives you a very intrepid and chic appearance.

  • Long Brown and Blonde Ombre Updo

As already mentioned in few of the above styles, this brown hair followed by blonde ombre is a classic style that many girls prefer. Furthermore, this hair dye looks perfect on long, luscious hair as shown in the picture above.

  •  Grey and Pinkish Purple Ombre

The grey and pink contrast look strikingly beautiful and modish.

  • Curly Ombre Hair

Ombre hair itself is very ravishing and when you style it as curls it acts as a cherry on top of the cake. You can let your hair loose or clip it as half-up,half-down depending upon your preference.

  • Grey Ombre Style

Why wait for yourself to get old to flaunt that grey hair? Go to your nearest beauty hub and tell the hairstylist to dye any of your favourite updos as shown above. The end result will leave to awestruck. Don’t waste your time, just attempt for this hairdo without having a second thought.

  • Sophisticated Style

Are you into making yourself look graceful and stylish in appearance? If that is the case, dye your hair as in the above picture. Trust me, you will look classy and chic which makes the compliments flow towards you.

  • Ombre Blonde Bombshell Hairdo

Well, who doesn’t want to look attractive, you definitely do right? That being so, try this blonde bombshell updo and turn the heads of many around you.

  • Black To Blonde Ombre

If you have naturally black hair and if you want to look different then, this would be the perfect option for you. It doesn’t look very overwhelming but definitely makes you go with the modern flow.

  • Ombres Followed By Black Hair

This style is the same as the previous style, just the difference is the violet and green ombre shade. A perfect hairdo for day-to-day functions. Furthermore, not only the above-shown hair shades but try any shade as per your fondness and flaunt it flawlessly.

  • Ombre Shade for Boys

Never think that hair styling is just for girls. Boys can follow different styles too. To get this look, boys simply need to make their hair long and put in brown to blonde ombre shade. There you have your hair ready to vaunt it splendidly.

  • Striking Appearance

People get attracted towards you either by your hairdo or your dress up. As we are talking about hairdos’ why don’t you attempt for any one of the above-shown hairstyles and throw that striking glamour?


The above-shown hairstyles are absolutely amazing as the hair tints have blended in so well.  You can apply shades that suit you well and also, leave the tip of your hair straight or a little wavy as in the pictures above. Overall, these hairdos’ are just perfect for any occasion.

  • Colourful Hairstyle

The colourful mix of blue and pink hair tints looks cool, especially for hot summer days.

  • Astounding Updo

These astounding blonde ombre updos on you will look fantastic on you. It is a perfect summer choice which gives you a very fresh and gentle appearance.

  • Appealing Curls

Curlssss…. there might only be a few of them who don’t love curls and waves, right? There, of course, many variations of curly hairdos and few as in the picture above. Just attempt these hairstyles and you’ll be ready for your daily go-to look as well as for special events.

  • Simple Short Hairdo

This hairstyle is very easy-going yet very modish and captivating.

  •  Blonde Updo With Bangs

Bangs are very much in trend these days. This hairstyle with bangs at the front and golden tint to a whole is too overwhelming. A hairstyle too near to perfection.

  • Punk Style

Do you prefer something very loud and aggressive? If so, try this punk hairstyle that’s shown above and get that bold, daring yet very chic glance.

Hence, these are the startling and trendy ombre hairstyles that you must attempt at least once. Mix and match the variations of ombre hairstyle you see above and turn the heads of many towards you. Try these updos and enjoy the new appearance to the max.



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