90 Trending Flat Twist Increasing Your Heart Beat

Flat twists are a great matter of choice when it comes to styling your hair in an iconic way and making it seem quite trendy. Yeah, it may be true that your hair may be currently styled in loose hairstyles, simply braided, feather cut or however cut you may have. Truly indeed, we have a flat twist to beautify your life moments in any way.

Rather than flat style, you may refer it as a freestyle. It is the best option for people who lack sufficient time to care and style their hair. Moreover, flat twist suits to anyone irrespective of any type of facial complexion and hair texture. Also, for special occasions like traditional festive ceremonies or marriage procession, you can rely on it and carry out yourself with perfect ease.

So, my dear companions, below we are presenting you iconic versions of a flat twist. And here we go-

Cute Flat Twist

flat twist

My mates, I always fall for spiral designs right from childhood. So, here is something utterly fascinating. So, why not get extra time and beautify ourselves with a spiral designed flat twist? So, what opinion do you have regarding it?

Parallel Braids

Wow, parallel braids- just throwing back a mesmerizing effect. Won’t you like to believe in it? And one of the loving things about it is once done,  it lasts for many days, resulting in saving time and effort. But your decision matters the most. We are here only to provide you with the best sort of alternatives.

Creative Designs

Absolutely phenomenal! And you know very well creativity is limitless. What fascinates me about these creative designs is that you thoroughly enjoy it, thus resulting from relishing your precious moments with loved ones too. Wrap yourself with a matching makeup. Finally, you are ready.


Yes, I prefer to call it rounded flat twist, thus giving an ultimatum-style of naming. After all, it’s all about life. So better live it. Turn it into a beautiful celebration of existence. Only this much matters. And those other things are secondary. If you are completely guided by such a level of thought, my companion we salute you and offer you to revive your beautiful bondings with a rounded twist.

Top Knotted Updo

Beauty is not about simple or complex styling. It is all about what confidence you carry out yourself and presents before others. Yes, a complicated top knotted updo is pretty much appealing to try once if you really think you are actually to go on with it.

Rolled Twists and Bun Combo

Try some good combination this time and it can be rolled twists and bun combo. And you can take help of your hairdresser for it.

Sophisticated Look

It is your perspective of observing things. Ok, if you aspire sophisticated looks, here we provide you a sophisticated hairdo. My dear, what is needed before trying anything new over you is be confident and happy about it. And only then any styled version in you look natural and flawless.

Inspiring Hairdo

It may sound strange to you but true indeed a well-managed hairdo may inspire you to perform better and help you score best. I personally believe in it.

Flat twists Styles Pictures


Live life, make it a beautiful celebration of your existence. So, a question may hanker your mind that what should be done to beautify it? You can enjoy with tiny steps like trying for flat twists for the very first time. What an incredible idea?

Amazing Flat Twists


One day we are going to disappear into vast existence in a way as if we never existed. Before it really happens, just get up and energize yourself. Turn your life towards adventures. So, a fresh start can be with an above shown unusual flat twist.

Cozy Look

Only demanding some beautiful time from your busy schedule and not more than that. My dear, your such investment of time is sure to bring you such a soothing outlook. And I bet you get an overwhelming experience. Yes, it is a must you should try.

Half updo

Different colors and different variations have made our life worth living. So, today, my mates let’s go for a quick hairdo meaning half updo. Are you in a sort of dilemma about how to go through it? If it is so, we suggest you take help of your stylist or merely try to make it step by step.

Looking Pretty

It’s true that I really have no words to describe it. I am in perfect silence with no words and just wondering about such fantastic hairdo. My god, I am overwhelmed. If you are sure to have such sort of feeling, then go for an above shown pretty hairstyle.

How to do Flat Twist Updo

Flat twist does not demand much time and effort. But also if there is any such feeling of yours hesitating to try it yourself, then seek full help of your hairdresser.


Oh my god! How cute she appears. Yes, it is a real reason why flat twists are trending these days. Even for your partner, you can surprise him by styling yourself with any preferred hairstyle.

Wedding Hairstyle

Tick tock! A wedding is on the door. You need not to take any tension. As your caring ones, we bring here super easy, simple flat twist combo wedding hairstyle. And we heartily hope you feel a little bit comfortable with our small effort. And about your styling of hair, you can thoroughly have a look at it.

Zig Zag Style

What is in the name? It really never matters. Our focus is on the styling of your hair. What really concerns is giving a perfect style and protecting one’s hair against heat and pollution. For it, you can easily incorporate with a flat twist.

S-shaped Twist

Existence is all about limitless, infinite spreading. Then why are you to limit yourself with a certain kind of hairdo daily? Chill out, girls. When is the moment to celebrate and try something new? Matters go on with life. It obviously does not mean to stuck over that fact and not enjoy life.

Top Most Tiny Bun

Wordless! It is purely phenomenal. And right to say, you can surprise your cute little girl by preparing her in an above-shown way for her school function. Believe it is going to be the best way to connect with your child again and rejuvenating your relationships. What an incredible work of a hairstyle- simply bridging any gap between a child and their parent.


We always believe children as some form of the divine as they are purest with innocence. This time why not festive their characters with some exciting works? Call a party but keep it a secret to give surprise to your kids. Prepare to form your heart. And for a theme, keep hairstyle as a flat twist.

Frizzy Hair

Yeah! Your hair defines your personality. And still, you are wondering how to do it? Firstly, side partition your hair. Secondly, if you find it troublesome, an easy thing to do is to consult your hairdresser. In this way, the problem is solved quickly.

Extra Look

Perhaps you may bang on your head about getting an extra look. Wait and chill my friends. Above all, we are here to assist you and give a company. For instance, we are also one of your companions to help you get a new hairdo through the flat twist.

Ponytail and Twist Combination

Sometimes much larger ideas just transcend the mind. And naturally, you may wonder what may be that. Guys! I am talking about combining two different hairstyles. Even in a case you are a fan of twist and ponytail both, you can just enjoy a combination of both.

Jumbo Twist

Ideas always crave in the human mind. Dear girls, there is no need to worry about styling your voluminous hair. For instance, we bring here a range of sample of jumbo twist keeping in mind, it might provide you relief and an idea about managing your hair for any sort of events.

Two Shade

Hair means ornament to girls. Moreover, it defines being feminine, most people believe in such a way. Perhaps individual conception may vary over this issue. So, why not anticipate womanhood by trying something mad? Hmm. We can start with dramatically opposite two shades as shown in above figure.

Naturally Beautiful

Beauty, nature, blush, blah blah blah, etc. bang into our head when we usually think of women. Also, some prefer that women are beauty itself. Meanwhile what we commonly believe is beauty signifies women more rather than anything else. Finally, coming summer, plan a picnic, wrap yourself in a flat twist and enjoy being beautiful.

Party Theme

Yes, there are parties often from colleagues, friends, relatives, mates, business partners and many more. What most struck you is to manage time to attend it. Furthermore, you begin to take tension about styling your hair. Besties, you call us mates and let us not know about your problems and confusions. Take a deep breath and have a close look at the above picture. I hope you may find it refreshing.

Distinct Version

Love to get a distinct look amidst people around you. Ok. That’s the most refreshing idea. First of all, begin to take care of your hair and give it tremendous love. Your hair looks good and grows fast if you begin to care and love it. After that, take help of your hairstylist for above-shown hairdos.


Firstly, drove all of your confusion and contradictions. Secondly, be a free soul and take a deep breath. Thirdly, relax a little. Then, you criss-cross your hairline. After that, start to form braids till to the end of your hair.

Vintage Vibe

Whatever name we may give to any style, the sole purpose is to make you look best in it and to take care that you enjoy with it. After that, we feel delighted with your job and love to venture more for you. Like of every time, march your steps towards us. Then thoroughly have a glance over it. And finally, give your view regarding it which is in fact most important to us.

CrissCross Twist

Thrash it! Live it! Kill it! Life is full of uncertainty. Who knows what happens next. The only thing we are sure is of this moment. Before everything goes out of your hand and in the deathbed, we regret that perhaps we might have done this or that, live the moment and try hard to make it utterly beautiful. And for that, what can be most relishing than giving a try to criss-cross twist?

Beauty Unveils

Yes, her appearance is beyond all description. With simple elegance, she stole my heart silently without even uttering a word or giving a killer look to me. Truly indeed, every boy is going to say it in his heart, or some may say it to you if you prepare yourself in that attire and attend an evening function.

Cool Hairdo

Life is full of colors and different forms. Most often, we are catching glossy looks. Yet, sometimes, our heart yearns to have cool hairdo just to get a relaxed feeling? Have you ever experience anything like it?

Looking Incredible

Every moment of our living should be made proud of existence. Sure enough, she might be driven by such an idea. That’s why she took over a decision and get ready in such a way to look incredible. Even if you are mesmerized by her appearance, you also have ranges of choices before you.

With Beads

I name her smile as dusky. Honestly, I am unaware of why I prefer to call her so. But, she is one of such silent type whose very presence is enough to make the environment warm. And her beads make look magnificent like a goddess ready to get worshipped. Don’t you think so?

Tiny Strand Twists

Human wants to silence and peace. In such situations, go for tiny strands twists. You find it soothing and relaxing such that it rests your soul and mind too.

Ready for a Function

Functions are part of your life, you know. Time and often what hankers our mind most is how to get ready for such ceremonies as there are so many and you can’t always carry out yourself in same version or style. For such cases, you can rely on our designs.

Flat Twists Cornrows

Cornrows are mostly popular among Africans. And the best thing about is once done, it will remain for a month. Thus it saves your time and effort for managing your hair. If you can consider it, then it is perfect for you to carry.

Curly Hair

Curls ignite romantic feeling in us. To make a spark in the atmosphere and grab aura, I mostly suggest girl curl their hair. Isn’t it a cool idea?


The above-shown hairstyle is a bit sophisticated. If you don’t prefer to have a simply elegant look, then you can go for it. Moreover, take help from your hairdresser. Otherwise, you can also manage it by yourself. What you need to do is side partition your hair. Then further divide your hair into different sections. And finally, march to make a twist like in that above figure.

How to Flat Twist Short Natural hair for Beginners

Actually, the picture itself describes the way to do a flat twist in short natural hair for beginners. So, my friends, in the case of confusion, you can take assistance from your favorite hairstylist. Hope, perhaps you are fascinated by such an idea.

Weave Hairstyle

Weave hairdo gives a new sensation. So, they are always my favorite and priorities too. But this time, handle it something different. First of all, make tiny braids in the lower section of your head and for the upper part, leave it in a weave.

Keeping Simple

Are you fascinated by the conception of making it simple? If you are inspired to get variations is your every outlook, you can rely on it. Also, if you are going on a date tonight, it will offer you a calm feeling.

Black Brown Combo

Natural hair is either black or brown. Hence people are so mad when it comes about these colors. Also, if you are a fan of these colors, you can combine both shades and apply it in your hair to get a totally mesmerizing effect.


Go for reddish next time before venturing for a beautiful vacation. I bet you are not going to regret it.

Being Myself

Being oneself is the most needed one in this fastly heading world. Even for your hairstyle, I better prefer you to make your own style so that feeling of being self remains always grounded with you.

How to Flat Twist Short Natural Hair

Better consult your hairstylist or just follow the steps as depicted from these pictures.

Shy personality

To be shy is your nature and you need not be ashamed of it. But instead, appreciate it with matching hairdo.

Magical Glimpses

Glimpses turn moments magical. I personally believe you are there to make some of it.

Beyond Description

Let it be the way. Just keenly observe it and enjoy such scenic views.

Styled Bun

Wrap up yourself in a bun after forming aspires. And you are all set to march.

Left To a Side

Your desires count a lot. Check out if you any such wish of managing your hair to a side.


Grab any opportunity as it may not come again and again and finally get an effortless outlook.

Bridesmaids Styling

Leaving aside bride, bridesmaids are center of everyone concern. So, it is necessary to style correctly.

Side Bun

Have a keen observation over to this nice bun.


Million Dollar Smile

Smile, ie, really precious and can’t be summed up in words.

Natural hair

This time manage your natural hair effortlessly.

Flat Twists Variations

Variations are like something which has mark uniqueness of existence. If you believe in it, then go for some crazy hairstyles like above.

Killer Look

Only the looks are proper enough to kill thyself. Won’t you think so?

Glam Up effect

Do you want to spend time with friends in a beach area? Then go for this glam up effect.

Simple Twists

Amidst all hustle and bustle of your life, simplify it with a proper hairdo.

To a Side

Taking hair to a side has always been a girl’s first preference as it gives a sexy vibe. And the most exciting thing is it does not demand much time and effort form you.


Classy Look

Classy look signifies as someone is depicting an era in itself. For more further years to come, have one quick glance over chic hairdo.

Teenage Girls Hair Styling

Teenage, I believe, is most exciting period of life. So why not make it more throbbing by trying quirky braided hairdo? I hope you will rejuvenate it.

My Style

Create your style and have your own terms and conditions to define it. Isn’t this concept rocking?


For any short natural hair, iconic looks maybe like a faraway dream. But if you totally believe in us, then we can give you a great appearance in your short hair too.


To protect your hair from heat and pollution as well as save time, you can rely on the above-shown hairstyle. What is best about it is you can even attend a glamorous event, and we promise, you seem perfectly ok in it.

To sum up, we deal with 90 varieties of a flat twist. Hope you are pretty much delighted by our efforts. In today’s world, what really count time is time and effort. In that case, a flat twist is one such hairstyle which saves your time and energy as well as provides proper care to your hair. And an individual never expects much than this regarding any hairdo. Finally, it is time to bid farewell. Please do make an effort for your valuable comments and suggestion as it matters much to us. Till then make your moments.

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