108 Terrific Faux Hawk Haircut That You Want To Get Right Now

Faux Hawk haircut, also called “Fohawk” is indeed one of the coolest hairstyles for both men and women. Fawx hawx is a derived form of Mohawk haircut; fohawk comes from the combination of words faux and a mohawk. In contrast to Mohawk, the sides aren’t usually trimmed or shaved in a faux which is an essential part of a faux hawk. A fohawk is worn with small spiky hairs in the middle. It is an ideal haircut for guys with short hair, but it doesn’t mean that guys with long hair can’t wear it. It is widely popular among guys with any kind of hair Fohawk is usually combined with taper fades and undercuts in which you don’t lose a significant amount of hair on the sides. The distinctive features of this haircut are spiked hair which might comb from sides or the front.

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Although being a man’s hairstyle, faux is reasonably famous women who go for bold looks. Female celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Ellen Degeneres, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Gwen Stefani and many others have had faux hawk more than once while Ellen wears this hairstyle all the time. Five times Ballon dOR winners Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and contemporary football superstars like David Beckham, Neymar Jr, Paul Pogba, Sergio Aguero have been fans of a faux hawk. They frequently wear this haircut while they are sprinting on the field or off the pitch. Similarly, Hollywood superstars like Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Zac Efron, etc. have rocked on fohawk. I present you different variations of faux hawks.

Thin Hair Faux Hawk Haircut

You do not need to worry if you have short hair. Short faux looks as good as big faux.

Classic Fawx Haux Haircut With Undercut

If you are looking for a haircut that you can wear on the first day of school after summer break, get this haircut. Whenever my little cousins ask for suggestions on a hair, I recommend them this faux hawk,

Fohawk Plus Sharp Edges

If you want to combine beard with your hairstyle, then check it out. It is the haircut that you want to have if you like the sharp and clean look. A fair amount of beard on your cheeks does not look rough and sharp edges around your forehead are always beautiful. At the same time, you can wear cool tops and rings on your ear for a more elegant look.

Mohawk and Fohawk

What would you do if you have long hair? If you are thinking to straighten or braid it, you might want to change your thinking after seeing this picture. Look how good he has done with his hair. The three lines along with mohawk and beautiful long hair look excellent. At the same time, you can either have a beard or clean shave with it.

Medium Faux Hawk

Do you know Matt Damon? If you do not know him, I recommend you watching Saving Private Ryan. I’m sure you will love this guy. I haven’t him wearing faux hawk in movies, but in real life, he rocks in faux hairstyle. He is wearing a plain white shirt. His medium-sized spiked blonde hair matches with his shirt. You might want to try both his haircut and see his movies.

Faux Hawk Haircut Plus Low Taper Fade

With a lot of hairstyles to choose from I get my favorite hairstyle by combining more than one styles. You can connect fade with a pompadour or, a fohawk with fade. Here, we have faux which length gradually decreases as it goes back with a low taper fade.

Messed Up Fohawk

When you in a hurry and, you do not have a significant amount of time for making your hair; you can push your hair upwards in few strokes and get a beautiful little faux. It is not a particular faux hawk style, but this style saves you a lot of time while it keeps your look appealing.

Balotelli’s Faux

“Why always me” is the sentence you must be remembering when just saw this picture. Yes is no other than one of our favorite lad Mario Balotelli. Back in the days when he was in Manchester City, he celebrated few of his goals by pulling his shirt over his head to show “Why always me ” written on his inner shirt. Since then he has moved to various clubs in Europe like Liverpool, AC Milan, and Nice. Balotelli is also known for his very small faux hawk in the middle which he preferred to dye white or black and more colors.

Fohawk With Haircut Mid Skin Fade
Spiky hair is a characteristic of a faux hawk, but every person donot have spiky hair. Therefore, you have to get this haircut even if you donot have spiky hair. Although he has curly hair, his hairdresser has swept the hair upwards to give him a faux hawk. He has got a jaw-dropping which must have taken considerable time and skill to master, and it worths.

David Beckham’s Different Faux Hawk Haircut

You guys must have seen Beckham’s curling free kicks and amazing assists but have you seen the stylish part of him? You just saw five different hairstyles of David Beckham.

Beckham is one of the most elegant footballer ever on the pitch and off the pitch. He revolutionized footballers style and increased glamour in the football world. His hairstyles include buzz cut, crew cut, pompadours, fades, quiffs and finally fohawk.

However, fohawk has been his favorite haircut when he was an active player for England and professional clubs. He invented various forms of fawks himself. The first two Beckham hairstyle that I have posted are called David Beckham haircut. Therefore, if you go to a salon and ask for David Beckham hairstyle, your hairdresser will give you that.

Faux Hawk Haircut With Taper Sides

You can keep hair on the back of your head if you do not like fades or undercuts. Every person might no like fades and undercuts, and it is outstanding.  You should get a haircut that you suits you, and you should like it. You should not regret having a particular haircut after you get it. You can get spiky hair on your back if it suits you right.

Faux Hawk Haircut and Mohawk

When linings are coupled with faux your hair will magnificent.  For instance, our model has combined three things; Mohawk, lines and fohawk haircuts. His has shaved his side, and he has trimmed his hair to skin.

Mid Size Fauk Hawk With Trimmed Goatee

Do not worry if you do not have a beard or you are not passionate of beards. In spite of not having a good beard or no beard at all, you can have this haircut.

Adam Levine Might Be Preying You Tonight

Adam Levine has had a great career as a solo artist and as a lead vocalist of America rock band Maroon 5. His music has influenced a lot of people all around the world. His has a large, passionate fanbase who seem to adore everything does. Therefore, his fashion styles and trendy hairstyles are also followed by his devotees.

People love to look like their favorite celebrity. Besides, music Levine is famous for his tattoos and his faux hawk haircuts. Among many hairstyles, he wears faux hawk the most and his signature being the haircut with a small center with spiked hair.

High Undercut Fade and Faux Hawk Haircut

Do you know girls love bad boys? Fohawk is a haircut that gives you a bad boy look, or you can say it provides a bold look. Usually, quiffs and pompadours are considered as a cute and gentle haircut. In contrast to those hairstyles, hawk brothers mohawk and fohawk are called bold and badass haircuts. It is up to you guys whether you want to be a bad boy or a good boy.

Miley Cyrus had a faux for the first time in 2013, and since then she has been rocking in this hairstyle. She has even appeared in many music videos accompanying fohawk most notably in ” Wrecking Ball.” She has changed her hair color multiple times; she has been a chameleon. In addition to music videos, she has posed for various fashion and entertainment magazines while she had fohawk. Here in this haircut, we can see her center is highlighted but, her sides are still brunette. Her sides are smooth undercut while her top is swept smoothly backward. At the same time, a small amount of hair is braided.

Malik’s Fohawk

Zayn Malik, you might know him as a former member of former member of One Direction boy band. If you are not into music and stuff, then you might know him as the boyfriend of supermodel Gigi Hadid. Well, I recognize him both as a single and as the soul mate of Hadid, but I also admire him as a hairstyle icon. Zayn Malik is among a few other artists in recent years who try to do unique styling with their hair.

Malik has explicitly shown his love for hairstyling and tattoos. In this picture, he has traditional medium-sized faux hawk with a thin trimmed beard combined with black tops. Similarly, his other hairstyles include blonde buzz cut, his signature quiff haircut, top knot haircut, among all of his hairstyles, fade with a pink top and black rear and sides with nose piercing is a standout hairstyle. Therefore, I suggest you have a look at other Malik’s hairstyles and also beard styles.

Fohawk With Shaved Sides Plus Mid Skin Fade

If you have fair skin, then fade looks better on you than on guys with a dark complexion. Fade brings excellent texture from your hair, and it is visible on bright or fair skin than on dark skin. Fohawk can be combined with skin or bald fade. I think mid-bald fade suits better than low fades.

Cristiano Ronaldo In His Classic Pompadour

When someone says Cristiano Ronaldo I remember his hattrick against Spain in Russia, his terrific bicycle kick against Italian club Juventus in champions league semi-final many more goals, but those are fresh memories. Additionally, I remember and admire Ronaldo’s jaw-dropping haircuts, and a fohawk is one of them. They seem to compete in everything, football, and in real life too. Ronaldo is a big fan of faux hawks, quiffs, and hairstyles with linings. However, Messi and Ronaldo seem to compete with each other for haircuts too.

Brad Pitt’s Small Faux Hawk

From food lover, Rusty of Ocean’s Eleven to valiant Achilles of Troy Brad Pitt has had some hairstyles. Rusty had short blonde hair while Achilles had long hair. I can not forget his haircut in Fury. Brad Pitt is a real hair icon of Hollywood. There are a lot of guidance videos on the internet about how to get a haircut like his. His most famous styles include spiky hair from Fight Club, small faux, slick back pompadour from Fury.

Curly Faux Hawk

Do not worry if you have curly or wavy hair because fohawk is for guys with curly hair too. There are some hairstyles which are not suitable for guys with curly and wavy hair. But faux hawk suits perfect on curly hair also. You can combine your curls with low taper fade, or bald fade or with undercuts. However, if you despise your curly hair, then you can straighten it or trim it short to get a buzz cut.

Terrific Blonde Faux

Have you seen a haircut so cool and terrific? If you are reckoning that you can get this haircut yourself, then you are wrong. It requires years of training, skills, and experiences to master.  I will do anything to this haircut. It is freaking awesome haircut. Silver black is an excellent color choice here, and his goatee’s color also seems to match with his hair color.

Additionally, the two diagonal lines provide boldness and also classy look at the same time. Different from our model’s hairstyle, you can combine with or without beard while he has blended with beautiful and thin edgy beard. He has worn his haircut a blazer on top with a black shirt.

Full Faux

A signature feature of faux hawk is that hair strands from sides of the hair are combed over from the opposite sides, and they meet at a center to form a wedge-like structure. In full faux haircut, the sides and rear are thinner than a top. The hair on sides is kept thinner so that the faux becomes visible. On the other hand, you can keep your beard or have a clean shave combined with a full faux haircut. Have you ever tried bursting a balloon with these spiky hairs? I think it is sharp enough to break a balloon.

Fohawk With Tapered Sides

Are you worried about a haircut for summer holidays and vacations? Everybody wants to look good in their summer photographs on your beach clothes. Well, this might be the haircut you want to have this summer. It is a simple haircut which looks really amazing with tapered rear and sides, and long pointed sidelocks.

Very Short Faux Plus High Skin Undercut Fade Plus Beard

Do you know why people keep their hair on sides short or shave them? If you don’t, I will tell you. When you do not have hair around your hair, you have a cooling sensation. At the same time, hair multiplies around your sides which makes your new haircut old in just a couple of days. Therefore, when you have short hair with short sides, you can style your hair again when it grows in your excellent ways. High undercut fade is an excellent choice for summer while it might be chilly in the winter with this haircut. A fair amount of facial hair is always decent grooming style.

Short Faux With Very Long Beard

Oh! Man his beard is way longer than his hair in contrast to regular guys who have long hair and a short beard. If you have a long beard, then you should be able to maintain it, otherwise due to dust and sweat your goatee will be severely affected. You do not want to get lice in your beard right? Well, if you are passionate of a long beard then, I recommend you to have this beard and small faux.

Gentleman’s Faux Haircut

So far I have said that fohawk gives a bold look, gives you a bad boy look but I have not said it gives you a kind and beautiful look. Well, now I am saying, it gives you a gentle look too. You can wear faux with formal dresses and uniforms like suits and blazers. You can wear it for your office or home party or school. Large and medium fohawk might look awkward in formal ceremonies, but short and small fauxs are fine for formal as well as informal occasions.

Zac Efron Fohawk

You might have seen some similarities between David Beckham and Zac Efron. Both of them are fans of the fohawk haircut, and both of them are super famous for their man beauty. Even their hair looks the same sometimes; the only difference is Efron is brunet while Beckham is a blonde. Efron has also starred in many movies with a faux and has been in covers of various fashion magazines.

Big Faux Hawk With Messy Centre

You might want to look unique among your peers. You might be unique with different fashion style, your attitude or with different haircuts. It is a classic faux in which we either shave the sides or have undercut/fade/taper and have very thick top and center with short or long here.

Wedged Hawk

Here the kid looks happy and comfortable but he must be having a lot of trouble holding a massive mountain of hair on his head. Additionally, he even has a long braid hanging there. Nah I am joking because also if he is holding a mountain of hair, hair is not that heavy to carry.  Provided that hair is super light, he might be so cheerful because he has incredible hair. Did you notice, his center of hair also looks like a pyramid.

Blondie Kiddo With Small Faux

I am confused, why everyone who has faux looks cheerful? Both of these kids seem so happy that their parents have bought them new Playstation or Xbox or they have won their first match in fortnite. Fauxhawk is an excellent haircut for little boys because it always looks chilling. Similarly, this hairstyle makes them look fashionable from a very young age.

Trending Hairstyles:-

Combed  Over From One Side

Spiky Faux Hawk Haircut

Curly Faux Plus Thick Beard

Badass Faux Plus a Lot of Piercing

Blonde Faux

faux hawk

Combed Over Faux

Small Spiky Faux With Mohawk

Low Fade and Killing Faux Hawk

Small Blonde Faux At the Top

Not a Faux
Someone is Impersonating Neymar

Fine Edges+Undercut+Faux +Trimmed Beard

Slick Back Haircut + Mohawk and  Beard

Small Vertical Faux With Undercut Fade

Low Taper Fade and Spiky Hair

Mohawk Plus Faux On Both Front and Rear

Side Combed Faux With Low Fade

Silver Knight Wearing Faux

Messy Faux

Faux  Plus BIg Arms

Side Combed Wavy Faux

Trending Faux Hawk Hairstyles:


Faux hawk is a trendy hairstyle these days with a lot of celebrities wearing it. Now you can assume yourself how good is this haircut. A haircut is an aspect of your personality that can make or break you. People tend to have an opinion on you based on your appearance hence is an integral part of a person’s appearance. Similarly, a good haircut might make you look adorable or despicable. Therefore, you have to choose your hairstyle wisely before you go to a salon. There is no turning back after you ruin your hair because your hair cannot be fixed instantly.  On the other hand, you should take care of your hair to protecting it from dust, high humidity, heat and other possible harms.

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