74 Outstanding Finger Waves hairstyle Mostly Preferred

Finger waves are the S-shaped wave first used in 1920. After that, it re-emerged now and equally comfortable in any hair ranging from short to long, from straight to curly. There are various varieties of finger waves such as finger wave 1920, finger waves hairstyle, finger waves long hair, finger waves short hair, how to do finger waves on black hair, finger waves black girl, etc.

Here are the 74 different types of finger waves and you can consider any one of them by your preference.



Purple Finger Wavesfinger-weaves-hairstyles

Hmm. Finger waves look fresher in short hair. If you have it, then get a try. The purple shade provides a vintage vibe. The fascinating thing about finger wave is they add a lot of fun.

Finger Wave For Short Hair

Are not the finger waves alluring in short hair than longer hair? The hairstylist shows different shades. The presence is always fabulous with them.

Shoulder Length Finger Waves

There is the common perception that finger wave looks suitable on short hair only. Have a glance here! It is shouldered length finger wave. Finger wave seems fantastic from mid-shaft.

Finger Waves with Weave

Finger wave surplus a vintage vibe to African-American women as it suits them so much. Here, the hairstylist form weave. If you are time conscious and busy, this hairdo is the best option for you then.

Finger Waves for Black Women


The shorter waves in the upper picture appear fantastic on black women. If you are on to try a new hairdo, you can look-up to this. The lower image is in silver white. As the colour itself dazzles you, the outlook is naturally chic.

Finger Wave Hairstyle with Weave

Hmm. Finger wave with a weave! The hairstylist refines the hair. Rather than forming a massive s-shaped wave, they are distinctly short. Black colour shine and you are there with a glam-up presence.

Finger Wave Bob

Finger wave Bob seems incredible with red lipstick in the upper figure. The look is bold. While in the lower image, the appearance is simple, sweet, and calm.

Finger Waves Hairstyle for Black Girl

If you wish to adopt something new to your style, then this finger wave can be the best option for you. There are two shades- black and brown. This hairdo helps you to cherish every day.

Chocolate Brown Highlights in Black Hair

Below are the points for this variety of finger wave-

Bang Attached Finger Wave

Do you want to keep bangs attach in your finger wave? It is suitable for you. One can raise the front section, merge with the fringe, and form a gorgeous wave out of it. The red lipstick and black eye-liner perfectly match with the hairdo.

Extra Variety

Are you fed of always trying the same style? Do you want to try out some new? Then you can keenly observe it. For this, take the hair to the front side and form the waves. It is super-easy.

Finger Waves for Horror Drama Series

Are you working on a horror drama series or related to it? Are you looking for the style sense of horror character? Then this variety of finger waves are perfectly ok for you. You can add the range of the shade according to the demand of your play.

A New Shade

The style you prefer is not all about fashion. But it is that which you can cherish. Fall into this new tint and create finger waves. For the best outcome, you can attach pin in it.

Bang Side Swept Finger Wave

The upper section is with soft waves giving the sweet and charming appearance. The lower part is in the beautiful curls. Asian also can try on finger waves. If you are not believing, then see the above picture.

Softer Finger Waves

As women are soft-hearted, their preference is for colour shade which reflects calmness and fresh feeling. For this, purple is the perfect option than anything else. Choose finger waves in your super short hair and add purple tint.

Finger Wave Hairstyle for Middle Length Hair

Though finger wave suits most in short hair, it offers a chic look in middle length hair. Take a glance over this enchanting hairdo! Aren’t you amazed? Start from mid-shaft section and form little wavy S-shaped waves till to the end, and here you are ready.

Finger Waves Long Hair

The most preferred hairstyle to long hair is a braid. Do you want to try out some new? Then finger waves are there for you. First, make a partition in hair from the side. Second start from mid-shaft to form waves. Third, keep in mind to attach the clip to get flat waves.

Extra Outlook

Finger waves are the all-time favourite in a short hair. Start to form side-partition, form finger wave, and then finally approve a grey shade. And your lovely outlook is ok now.

Superb Transformation

Do you worry about that your hair as it is frizzy and unmanageable? It is not necessary to take the stress. Carefully and patiently observe the above picture and see how the transformation is. You got it, right? Get your hair ready with this finger wave.

Curl in Finger Wave

Curls in black hair are marvellous. Firstly, form the finger wave. Then make curls out of it.

Finger Wave Hairstyle

This season give your hair a new style. Get in touch with finger waves then. Isn’t it a cool idea? Take a look at the picture how iron is being used to form finger waves. You can try on.

Catchy Finger Wave

Consider the following point for this catchy finger wave-

  • First of all wet your hair.
  • Add a lot of gel so that waves are smooth.
  • With the help of iron form the finger waves.

Finger wave in Upper Section

Have you ever style your hair with finger waves only in the upper section? If not, the following are the points-

  • Make center partition in your hair.
  • Settle the upper section with finger waves.
  • Leave the bottom section as it is.

How to do Finger Waves

As we discuss a lot about finger waves, let’s have a look at how to make it. And here we go-

  • Apply gel or hairspray in your hair.
  • Leave it for some time.
  • Slowly start to work on it.
  • Form finger waves.
  • Attach with a clip.
  • It is ready now.

A 1920 Finger Wave

Though finger wave adopts a modern touch-up now, people still look up to a 1920 classic finger wave. Start with the side partition. Right from there makes flaunting waves till to the end.

Intense Finger Wave

Are you a lover of intense look? Then try this hairdo. Firstly, make side- partition. Secondly, add faint brown shade and form a finger wave from the mid-section.

Finer Section

Is it possible to have finger waves in the finer section? Yes, it is. Here, the hairstyle focus to divide hair into the finer section, and your style is ready.

Golden Tint

Hey! Gold is the best. If your preference is for an above-shown hairdo, then cut your hair short. After that, turn your hair into the golden shade. At last, form the finger wave as you desire.

Highly Raised A Finger Wave

Do you love to raise your finger wave?  In the starting, you create highly elevated a finger wave. Then, curl your bottom part. If you try to add something unique, get some brown highlights at the upper section.

Finger Waves Medium Length Hair

For this hairdo, hold a section of the hair by iron, and create S-shaped waves out of it. After a minute, roll your bangs. Lastly, finger waves in medium length hair are ready now.

Blue Tint in White Shade

The blue-white combination reminds us of the sky and the cloud, and how lovely they look. If you have a super short hair, fall on the combination of blue tint and white shade.

Finger Wave Updos

This updo is an astonishing form of the art, and you can carry it on any formal occasion. Consult the hair stylist and approach for the finger wave updo. It sounds perfect idea. Go and get a try.

Finger Wave Updos for Prom

Is prom night coming on, and are you worried about how to style your hair in a super sexy way? First of all, have a deep breath because this hairdo is going to take your breath away. What an excellent combination of finger wave and updo.

Finger waves Black Girl

May it be an African-American or Black girl, finger wave suits them the most. The hair is much shorter, and the waves are superb. The colour tone embedded provides a catchy, fashionable outlook.

Finger Waves for Asian

Yes, there may be the prevalence of conception like finger waves suits to Black and European but not too Asian people. You chill out. The above figure depicts how seductive looks finger wave is providing to this Asian beauty.

Finger Wave for Events

Nowadays, women are approving finger waves as their favourite hairstyle as they carry out themselves with it in occasions ranging from formal to casual.

Darker Blue Shade

Are you madly in love with the blue? Here, it is the beautiful shade of dark blue. Move on with side partition in your hair. Leave only a section with a natural black colour. Attach blue shade to rest of the part.

 Long Black Hair

The hair is voluminous in this finger wave hairstyle. The flaunting wave gives you a sigh of relief in case of your style. You can carry it on regular events as well. The perfect thing is it matches the complexion.

Innocent Look

A very few styles can give an innocent look. And same is the case with this variety of finger waves. Gently carry out the soft waves and put pin over there.

Two Shade Combination

Two shade combination offers a vintage vibe. Prefer side-partition. The part of the hair with black colour is shorter than the section with brown colour.  The brown colour section is raised here.

Finger Wave with a Bun

Buns are always in preference for a neat and tidy hairstyle. Finger wave with updo is newly found out style. If you do not think so, look at this nice picture.

Finger Wave Wig

Bangs bring out excellence in the styling sense and the overall appearance. Use of chocolate brown highlight is phenomenal. The thing that fascinates about this hairstyle is you can cherish the style as much as you want.

Ash Brown Hairdo

It correctly reminds us of 1920 finger wave. Though the base is on classic trend, the hairdo fits in modern days. First of all, get a short bob with an ash brown color. Finally, set the beautiful waves.

Finger Wave for Girls

Girls! Do not worry at all. Be cool. Finger waves are there for you. Have a glance at this fantastic hairdo. Do you get some idea in your mind? It is perfect then. Go to the best saloon, and set the style for yourself.

Finger Wave in a Pin

The hairpin is always attractive and draws everyone’s attention around you. Hairstylist set the finger waves in short little Bob. Add the pin to the side just above the ear. It gives a beautiful look you ever aspire.

Short Black Hair

If you have short, thin hair, you can prefer this style. And you know about finger waves, they do not need much effort. You can adapt it or take the help of a specialist.

Finger Waves in Blonde

To the busy women, short Bob is one of the styles they always like to prefer. To put out some styles to this hairdo, you can have the combination of finger wave with a short bob.

Unique Glance

Fashion trends are going for some unique concept. If you too aspire to be the part of fashion trend, go and get this hairstyle then.

Finger Wave for Short black Hair

Though the hair is too short and finger waves are formed here, this look offers a super sexy look out. It is enchanting over the black women.

 Curls and Finger Wave

Don’t you get a romantic feeling with curls? The combination of finger wave and curl is adorable. It offers something extra and unique. And how innocent style this hairdo provides.

Amazing Hairdo

Finger waves lie only on the side part which reflects excellence all over the hair texture. And pins are there, so that finger waves remain in proper shape.

Finger Wave  to the Mid-shaft

It is an unconventional hairdo. Finger wave is up to the mid-section, and after that, hair is messy. From mid to the bottom, hair is all frizzy. This hairstyle is also in trend now.

Iconic Finger Wave

It is an iconic finger wave and seems to be the divine goddess. If you have any drama series and there is any godly female character, you can adopt this.

Finger Waves Black Girl

May it be an African-American or the Black girl, finger wave suits them the most. The hair is much shorter, and the waves are superb. The embedded colour tone provides a catchy, fashionable outlook.

Finger Wave hairstyle in Long Black Hair

The hair is voluminous in this finger wave hairstyle. The flaunting wave gives you a sigh of relief in case of your style. You can carry it on regular events as well. The perfect thing about is it match the complexion.

Pink Shade

The Black girl looks most innocent in this pink shade.  Can you suggest any of the girls try this one?

Finger Wave Long Hair Updos

Do you have a series of events to attend, and are you in a dilemma about handling your long hair? We are here for you. Try this gorgeous finger wave long hair updo and look most glamorous in the party.

Finger Wave in Curly Hair

Individuals having naturally curly hair are the lucky ones. Curls were, are and will always be loved by the women and girls. Those with naturally curly hair, wrap into the warm combination of finger waves and curls.

Pink Golden Shade

Girls, pink is our colour, right? Then show your tremendous love to the pink. Settle the hair in side-partition. Add golden shade, and above that mix pink shade. The fabulous combination of pink, brown shade is there for you.

Finger Waves Hairstyle with Weave

Is it in your mind that this look is something unusual? It is not always necessary to try the usual and trendy style. Get out of this pattern. Make yourself experience something new by adopting this finger waves with the weave.


Don’t you get romantic feelings with curls? The combination of finger wave and curl is adorable. It offers something extra and unique. And see how innocent style this hairdo provide.

Normal Waves

With simplicity comes the originality. And originality is tremendously outstanding. Refer to this regular waves if you believe to be simple. The only requirement is to make your hair short.

Glossy Look

Do you want to try something that is unusual and extraordinary? Then it is the best alternative for you then. Go with this mix match and get the glossy look-up you ever aspire.

Finger Waves in Purple

Are you a lover of purple, and in confusion how to use it? Do not be in tension. Settle your finger wave in purple colour.  Add it in the eyebrow and around the eye too. You seem as magnificent as you want.

Finger Waves Tutorial

Make a side partition in your hair. Using the equipment, start to form finger waves. Attach some clips to the hair to get the finger waves as you desire.

Finger Waves 1920

Though women adopt this finger waves these days, it reminds us of 1920 classic finger waves. The picture in the black and white background looks original, fresh, and genuine. The hair is shoulder length, and soft waves begin from the midsection.

Glam-up Look

The trend of this age is to attend more formal events and parties. For this, it is necessary to have a glossy and glam-up look. It may come to your mind that how to style the hair. This variety of finger wave is formal occasions.

Pink Finger Wave

It is the pink shade. You can add this if you are a fan of pink color. Finally,go and get a try.

The wave hairstyle, i.e. a finger wave hairstyle is still famous till date after being transformed in modern form since it emerged in 1920. Earlier it was most often tried in short hair. As we go through 74 varieties, finger waves are in all types of hair such as short, long, curly, straight, etc. One can try according to your hair type and preference too.

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