115 Amazing Box Braids That Gives You a New Look

Box Braids gives you a very sophisticated glance which is characterized by the box or square shaped hair division. You can attempt for box braids on your natural hair or wear a wig. This hairstyle protects your hair from damage and promotes hair growth.
This hairstyle is one of the most famous African hairdo’s which came in trend since the ’90s. These braided styles are an excellent choice for those who loves maintaining versatility. Moreover, box braids are so appealing, and requires low maintenance, can be worn in variations and works excellent for naturally straight or straightened hair. Also, you do not have to worry about the hairstyle duration because if maintained properly, it can last months or ever a year.
Here we will show you different variations of the hairstyle that you can try on at least once.
  • Blunt Edged Box Braids


This hairdo looks graceful and stylish, doesn’t it? If you want to recreate this hairstyle, you first need to cut your hair to shoulder-length with blunt edges. After that, start making braids to your overall hair. You might need the help of your friends, but the end result will leave you awestruck. Moreover, to enhance the hairstyle to the next level, you can also add on some hair accessories.

  • Long Thick Braids

If you have long hair and love braids, then this updo would be a perfect solution for you. For this hairstyle, first, divide your hair into different parts.  After that, on each section that you have separated, make thick braids flowing downwards till the end. Once you are done with the twists, grab on hair at two sides of your head and pin it at the middle. There you have your simple yet elegant hairstyle ready to be vaunted.

  • A mix of Reddish Brown and Black Braids

Well, when it comes to braids the way of basic styling braids is the same. In that case, to make the braids colors as shown in the above picture, you need to color half of your hair to reddish brown. Once the coloring is done, divide your hair into parts and the start making braids all over. At last, you can take all your hair to one side, whichever side you prefer. You have you lovely twists ready to be the talk in the crowd.

  • Long and Flowy Braided Updo

Do you love long and flowy hairs? You can make this long and flowy braids on your natural hair, and if you have short hair then, you can add on artificial twists too. To make this style more graceful, add some hair accessories.

  • Half-Up Box Braids

Are you searching for a hairstyle that gives you a very chic glance? An attempt for this will fulfill your wish. Further, it is not compulsory for you to apply the same hair color, instead, use any hair tints that suits you the best or leave it natural black.

  • Thick To Thin Braids

You do not need to experiment with different hairstyles to change your getup. Just be creative while styling the braids. Or, take the appointment of your stylist and ask them to recreate the hairdo as above on you.

  • Accessorized Braided Hairdo


Even a simple accessory can add so much to your appearance. So, why not try simple braids accompanied by hair accessories. Box braids with beads make you ready for any of your special event/occasion. A perfect updo for casual as well as party looks.

  • Side-Partitioned Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

For this look, you need to part your hair sideways, make braids and then pin your hair to get the half-up,half-down style.

  • Dutch Braids With a Touch of Purplish Tint

Box braids always do not have to be basic French; instead, you can make any kind of it as per your ease. This one being the dutch braids with a touch of purplish tint make you ready for day-to-day looks. Moreover, to look extra make your partition in a criss-cross manner.

  • Half-Up Box Braided Pony Updo

Are you looking for a perfect, stylish and straightforward college hairstyles? If so, this hairstyle would be the ideal option for you. Make braids to your overall hair and then grab half your hair as a pony.

  • Big Braided Bun

Braided hairs do not always have to be for daily go to look. It can also be made creatively so that you get a perfect party look. This big braided bun makes you ready for parties or any glamorous event. To recreate this box braids styles, you need to follow a series of steps:-

  1. First, part your hair into sections as much as you want.
  2. Then, make mid-sized braids to the section that you have divided.
  3. Grab on all your hair and roll it upwards as a bun.
  4. There you have your party hairdo ready.

Moreover, if you want to add extra charm to your hair, you can decorate with different hair accessories.

  • Dazzling Hairstyle

This hairstyle is genuinely unique. This style works better with hair of any length. For this, you need to color your hair with dazzling colors and then divide your hair into sections. After that, make thin braids to all the parts that you have separated. The twists can be either loose braids or tight braid, jumbo or tiny as per your preference.

  • Thick Long and Flowy Braids

If you have a very long and luscious hair, part your hair into thick sections so that you can create thick braids. Furthermore, the braids can be dutch, french or twisted as per your wish and ease.

  • A Mix of Black and Blazing Blues

A mix of black and Blazing blues looks absolutely amazing. To create this up do you need to highlight your hair with blazing color and make braids. After that, take half your hair at the front and roll it in a crisscross manner.

  • Twists Followed By Braids

You need to follow a sequence to get this look. The series is as follows:

  1. Divide your hair into two parts.
  2. Then, make tiny braids on all your hair both the sides.
  3. Once you are done with thin braids on both the sides, twist your hair till the nape of your neck on both sides.
  4. When you reach the nape of your neck, continue styling as braids till the bottom and secure it with a hair tie.
  5. You have your twists followed by braids hair ready to be flaunted.
  • Bohemian Inspired Box Braid

Bohemian hairdos give you a very lovely and fashionable glance. Attempt this beautiful style which is perfect for summer and fall as it goes perfectly well with the weather.  To create this look, you need to part your hair at the center and create thin braids. When you are done with the twists, wrap a hair accessory around your forehead as shown in the picture to get the fantastic look effortlessly.

  • Double-Sided Half-Up Knot Bun

Double-sided half up knot bun is perfect for your day-to-day look. Try this look and get compliments from you near and dear ones.

  • Isolated Box Braids

This hairstyle is very quirky and is not common among people. The braid is standard, but the way you twist and make a bun out of the braids make you stand out in the crowd. So, do give it a try at least once.

  • Box Braids with Hair Colours

As you have already known by now, that these braided hairdos are a really simple that suits the best for any of your occasions.  But, to enhance your simple hairstyle, you can apply different shades of hair colors. Additionally, talking about the brown and grey tints, as shown above, it is one of the most trending colors these days. Henceforth, be trendy and attempt this fabulous hairstyle.

  • Hairdo with a Hat

Do you want to get that oh-so-chic and trendy glance? Then, you must definitely go for this hairdo styled with a hat. Moreover, it is a perfect accessory for summer and also sets a different fashion statement.

  • Lush Hairdo

Are you looking for a lush Updo? Do you want to get that alluring glance daily? If so, why not try this luxuriant hairdo at least once. This merely is mid-sized dutch box braids tied up as a half-up, half-down pony.

  • Box Braids to French Braids

This look might be a perfect option for you if you are planning a beach vacation. To get this look, you need to follow a series of steps:

  1. Create box braids to your overall hair and sweep it to any of your preferred sides.
  2. Then, grab a small portion of your hair and start making a french braid.
  3. Your hairdo is ready to be vaunted.
  • Twisted and Braided High Bun

Well, a high bun is such a hairstyle that is ideal for you to be flaunted easily. The top bun hairstyle suits well for casual basis or a very glamorous event. Moreover, to look more attractive and stylish, you can either make a twisted bun or a box braided high bun as shown in the pictures above.

  • Braided Updo  Decorated With  Accessories

Do you wanna look very chic and in vogue? Then, why not try this braided hairstyle with accessories. You can style your accessories as shown above or in a different way as you want.

  • Long Braids

As it has already been mentioned in the previous updos that long braids look absolutely fabulous. This kind of hairdo makes you ready for any events at any time of the day. Hence, endeavor it if you have natural long hairs.

  • Box Braids to French or Fishtail Braids

As you can see above that box braids to French and fishtail braids look unique and glam. To recreate this hairstyle, you need to follow a sequence as below:

  1. First, create thin or thick box braids to your hair.
  2. Then, sweep your hair to one side, any side in which you feel comfortable.
  3. Grab your hair and start making french braids.
  4. Also, you can make a pony followed by fishtail braids.
  5. Your hairdo is ready to make you stand out in the crowd.

Lastly, about the hair colors, you have to apply on before making the box braids, and you can apply any color as per your choice.

  • Long Braids with Open Ends


This long braids with open ends look gorgeous and flawless. Try this updo which gives a little change to your appearance. Furthermore, you can apply different shades of hair colors to the open ends to make it more attractive.

  • Middle Parted Box Braids to Low Pony

Middle partitions also look good at times. If you love low pony hairstyles, you can try this middle partitioned box braids to a pony. Attempt for this hairstyle and turn the heads of many towards you.

  • Half-Up High Bun



If you do not want to go for very fancy hairstyles,  try this half up box braided high bun. This hairstyle is very stylish and grabs the attention of many towards you. Moreover, it is effortless to make and less time-consuming.

  • Middle Parted Thick Braids

There was a time when everyone was used to middle partition hairdos’. Then came a time when everyone switched to side partitioned hairstyles. And, as a cycle middle -partitions are back again with a bang!! So, try this middle parted hairstyles which are perfect for you daily go to look.

  • Long Thin Purplish Braids

Flaunt your long and flowy braids more pleasantly by applying on a purple shade.

  • Half-up, Half-Down High Pony


Every one of you out there definitely wanna look bold and chic right? Henceforth, to get that glance endeavor this hairstyle as shown above.

  • Ombre Braids

Hmm!! Ombre… Do you love experimenting with your looks? Do you want to get that “fashionista” feels? If so, go for this ombre braids without having a second thought. Go!! Give ombre braids a try.

  • Perplexing!!

There is nothing much uniqueness added to the hairstyle. It is the same as the braids mentioned previously. The way you carry your updo makes all the difference.

  • Two-Hole Braided Bun

This hairdo looks weird but helps you set a different fashion statement. It is the same as the half-up bun with the only difference being that, instead of making one bun, you have to make two holes like the bun. Your unique updo will undoubtedly catch the sight of many people around you.

  • Short Bob  With or Without Accessories

Short Bobs are the best hairdo for summer to get rid of summer heat irritation. It definitely makes you look gleaming and stylish. But to add more elegance, make stylish braids to short bob hairstyles, i.e., box braids bob.

  • Medium Box Braids Pony

Are you a ponytail lover? Also, do you love braided hairstyles? If so, this braided pony is the perfect hairstyle for you that complements both your likes equally.

  • Blonde Mohawk Box Braids

If you love mohawk hairstyles and braided updo at the same time, then, you must definitely go for this hairdo. Look super chic and elegant with long braids complemented by Mohawks at the side.

  • Box Braids For Kids

If you think that these hairdos are only for adults then, you are entirely wrong. This braids can also be styled for kids be it large box braids or thin box braids.

  • Sea Green Box Braids

When it comes to applying hair color, do not always prefer the same brown or red. Go for a quirky shade. You can try the sea green as mentioned above. This sea green braids help you hurl an audacious glimpse.

  • Thin Braids With Open Ends

The hairstyle mentioned above looks absolutely fantastic. The only difference between this hairdo compared to other styles is that the ends are open. Moreover, make this small braids more catchy by applying delightful hair tints.

  • Nerdy looks

The nerdy appearance itself make you look dope, and on top of that, if you make box braids, it will act as a cherry on top. So, go for it without any doubt.

  • Broad  Braids


If you don’t feel like making thin braids all over, you can grab on thick sections of your hair to build big box braids. Furthermore, to make it more alluring, decorate with hair colors or hair ornaments.

  • Exemplary Braids




These are the perfect examples of neat and perfect braids that you can attempt for. Attempt for any of the twists from the pictures mentioned above and look glam any day.

  • Round Finishing at The Front

How To DO A Box Braids?

  1. Make thin braids to your overall hair.
  2. Divide your hair into two parts, front, and back. Again, divide the form half into two parts as shown above.
  3. Take one part to the left side, hold it back and then tie it up with few braids at the back.
  4. Also, take another part of your hair to the right.
  5. Grab on your hair from both the sides and secure it with a hair tie at the center of your head.
  6. You have your round finishing at the front hairstyle ready to be vaunted.
  • Appealing Hairdo

Are you searching for a very tempting hairdo? Then, you have your problem solved.  This hairstyle is something that tosses an utterly engaging, and bold look.

  • Braids With Pointed Ends

This hairstyle is similar to many box braided updo’s but what makes it stylish is the pointed ends. If you have your hair cut into v-shape, then it will be easy for you to style it. Try it and vaunt unhesitantly.

  • Perfect Twists

Do you fall into the category of those who love braids but do not know how to style it? Then, this hairstyle is the perfect solution for you. For this, you just need to take two strands of your hair and roll it like a rope. Do this for your overall hair. There you have your perfect crochet box braids ready to make you rock the crowd.

  • Thick Braided Space Buns

Are you aware that space buns are trending these days? This is similar to that, but the only difference is the thick braids here that have been converted to space buns. Strive this look at least once and get compliments from your dear ones.

  • Braids Decorated With Beads

Do you want to refreshen up your look? If so, try this braids decorated with hair beads. You will get a captivating and chic glimpse.

  • Pony faux Locs

Faux locs gives you a very sharp glance. And, the most amazing fact is that pony hairdo never goes out of fashion. The hair styled as faux locs and then tied as a high pony gives you a very modish glance.

Hence, these are the fantastic and stylish looking box braids that you can try on and stand out in any of your special events or occasions. These different variations of hairstyles give you a completely sophisticated and chic glance. Most importantly, this hairdo can be done in the hair of any length be it long or short and for a woman of any age group and also kids. So, give it a try at least once and get compliments from your loved ones.

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