Top 20 Best Funniest Comedy Movies Ever Of All Time

Comedy movies make you laugh- the best comedy movies will get you off your seat. Although the movies have just been made to make you laugh, some of these films will play in the memory in your head so that you’ll remember them for the rest of your life. These movies are still interesting and funny than when you watch it the second time. Even in the third, fourth, fifth and the sixth time. What I mean to say is that every time you remember the events of the movie, you will laugh – it is as simple as that.

Today, I try to make a list of top 20 most comedy movies of all time. These movies will make you smile turn into a blush, and you may even find a hard time to chew your popcorns.



Borat makes you laugh. The man comes from Kazakhstan to make you laugh. He comes to America and makes you laugh. This movie is certainly one of my best movies, and it still made me laugh when I watched it the 15th time. Love is the describing events become funny just weird. There are so many scenes that will make you lost in the movie. When you are watching a scene, you will be like there is no way the next scene is going to be funnier than this one. And when you were the next scene, you will feel the same, and the cycle goes on and on. Any changes that you will feel bored?-Nah! I bet you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen.

Happy Gilmore

What happens when an energetic Hockey player gets to play a game of golf? How does a person who does not know anything about Golf become one of the best players in the world in no time?

Well- it all happens in an Adam Sandler movie. Adam Sandler’s movies are certainly idiotic, to be frank- most of them make no sense. Well, this movie is of the same kind, but it becomes one of the best comedy movies ever made still when it makes no sense. First, you will be laughing at Happy Gilmore. Next, you will be rooting for him. You will soon get to know what I mean when you watch this heartwarming comedy.


The name of the movie is Superbad, but the quality is just the opposite- this movie is super good. Superbad indeed is one of the best teen comedies of all time. Get your McDonald’s- get back home, watch this movie, and you will be McLovin it. All of this movie makes you forget your worries for a while. Jonah Hills performance is just another level in this movie. The plot and the characters have been devised just for one sole purpose- to make you laugh off your ass. I have watched this movie or couple of times, and I hope that other people do so too. If you haven’t watched this movie, I recommend you to do it already.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Anchorman: TheLegend of Ron Burgundy is, for me, the best Will Ferrell movies ever made. Ron Burgundy is a legendary news teller- he is regarded as the best, and everybody loves him. His team consists of other journalists, and all of them are amazing. I mean amazingly hilarious. Now, there is this another lady working in the network of our very own Legend Ron burgundy. And that is where all the adventure starts. The characters are perfect, and the plot is incredible. If you want to laugh till you are in tears, get this movie already. You won’t be disappointed until you don’t know What laughing is.

Step Brothers

 Funniest Comedy Movies

This is another will Ferrell movie to make it in the list. This time he is a grown-up man who also happens to be the rival of his stepbrother. This movie is stupid of course, but that stupidity makes you love it. Criticize the movie?- Nope, I’m too busy laughing. The stepbrothers are just classic. This movie is comedy taken to another level. Every single joke in this movie is one of the best jokes that have been ever written. These people fight for their lives to make you laugh. The end of the movie gives you two minds. First off, you will still be laughing at the climax. Second, you will be kind of sad that the movie finished.

The Hangover Series

 Funniest Comedy Movies

The characters can’t remember anything. And you feel lucky because they can’t remember anything. This movie obviously is many people’s favorite. It was the same for me- this movie hands down is one of the best movies I have ever seen. This movie is so funny that the saddest person in the world can’t stop laughing. Well, I am not only talking about the first movie. All the movies in the series are equally great. The life is about the journey, not the destination- the plot of the movies are almost the same. But the events are what make this movie really awesome. The best fit actors playing the best-fit characters to make you laugh- what more you need than that?


 Funniest Comedy Movies

Classic and comedy- these are the two words that precisely describe the movie. This movie is set on a plane for the most of its part- the funniest airplane ever. Lookin at this movie, every breathing person will laugh. That’s my guarantee,  this brilliant movie is really witty- this movie is set so high, and it makes you high on laughing. The silly bits are brilliant and precisely funny. The sound of you laughing will be Louder Than the sound of the airplane.

In conclusion, this movie will remain one of the funniest movies till the eternity. So, now go watch this movie- I mean after the list is over of course. 😛

Dumb and Dumber

 Funniest Comedy Movies

There is a dumb character, there is a dumber character, and you feel the Dumbest of all laughing at them. But you still like the fact that you’re laughing at them. You could watch this movie 50 times and again laugh at the 51st time. The character sometimes goes overboard with the weird, but that is what makes this movie absolutely great. You will burst a stomach bursting into laughter. Well, that’s how I explain this movie. Jim Carrey himself is a funny person- but when he goes dumb, I don’t have to say what will happen. All I can say it since the movie was made, it already deserved to be in the top 20 best comedy movies of all time.

Shaun of the Dead

 Funniest Comedy Movies

Zombies are funny. Blood is funny. People dying is funny. Many sick things are funny. Well, the movie itself is really funny. Easily one of the greatest movies of the century, the Shaun of the Dead film is responsible for the increasing Zombie spoof movies being made nowadays. Even if you are watching this movie to waste your time, you will feel that none of your time is lost it all. I mean you decide, what is the movie that makes you laugh at a ghost? Everything that can I say is that this movie is a must see- and there is a massive change that you will watch it for the second time.

American Pie series

 Funniest Comedy Movies

I hope that you are 18 plus. If you are, then congratulations- you are allowed to watch one of the best sex comedy movies of all time. This movie series is a favorite of many people, I mean the favorite of almost every people that watch these movies. There are nine movies in the American Pie series including the spin-offs, all of them have been to be some of the best movies that have ever been made. Don’t believe me? Well, watch these movies and thank me later. Not only a good laugh, but these movies are also entirely connected with emotions. These series is a legendary movie series, just be sure you don’t watch it in front of the kids.

Harold And Kumar movie series

 Funniest Comedy Movies

So, what do you think about marijuana? Do you think the people who smoke marijuana are hilarious? Has weed made you do so much weird stuff that if you record all the things that you did it will turn into the best weed comedy movie of all time? Do the experiences when you turn out to be the best experiences in your entire life? Are you confused what I am talking about? Well, you will get all that when you watch this movie. You will start laughing right from the start, and when you join the adventure of Harold And Kumar, that will be the funniest journey that you have ever had. Yes, this movie is that good.

The Big Lebowski

Funniest Comedy Movies

This movie is a Masterpiece. The cast put forth a fantastic performance. The plot is the best that it can be. This movie was made in 1998, but the laughs that it generates are still fresh to this day. All the characters have unique qualities, and all make you laugh in different ways. This movie has been set into the perfect surrounding- the surrounding that corresponds to the plot in every possible way. The comedy is absurd yet surreal. And in some moments it will make you fall off your seat. Once you watch it, this movie is certainly going to be a part of the checklist of Best movies that you have ever seen.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Funniest Comedy Movies

Our funny Hero has to defeat Doctor Evil. Even Doctor Evil is funny as hell. Everything the characters plan, speak and do – all of them are hilarious. You must watch this movie, if you don’t watch it, you are sure to miss a lot. Well, that’s what the people have been saying from the last 21 years. Get yourself into a world of laughter, and the fragments of the movie that have been planted in your brain will make you laugh even in your toughest Times. Get this movie already- Austin Powers: International man of mystery is the perfect example of our typical comedy movie should be like.

Napoleon Dynamite

Funniest Comedy Movies

Napoleon Dynamite is one of the most interesting characters I have ever seen. He had made this movie one of the best comedy movies of all time. First off, this is not a mainstream movie. It does not have those fancy shots, amazing cars, and beautiful girls but it is better than most of the film in the mainstream. The movie is simple, different and made correctly. The character set was written excellently- and the actors who play them do the roles the best favor. How the movie has taken advantage of the limited resources that it had access to with just amazing. This movie undoubtedly is one of the best independent movies that have been ever made.


Funniest Comedy Movies

What is the hood? It is the funniest place in the entire world. Well, that’s what the movie makes it. Ice cube is a great rapper- he reflects the struggles of his people living in his community in his lyrics in a perfect way. And in this movie Ice Cube is a great actor- he has included everything funny that happens in his community in this movie. Almost everything the characters do is inside the compound of the house. It is set in only one day, but many things happen in those 12 hours. Every character is funny, and they keep on saying funny things. Even if they don’t say anything at all, you will still laugh at them. This is what the movie is all about.

This Is the End

Funniest Comedy Movies

The characters are the actors themselves- in the world which is about to end. This movie is the survival movie of Hollywood celebrities because the world is being destroyed by the satan. People believe in two things- the gods and their idols. What happens when these two things face square with each other? What do the icons do in front of the Wrath of the god? They struggle. They keep on struggling in the funniest ways possible. This is all the movie is about. What the actors do is simply stupid, and I bet you will laugh 60 times per minute.


Funniest Comedy Movies

Ted is a talking teddy bear, and he is really savage. Matter of fact, Ted is a superstar. He is something the God bestowed upon us. He smokes weed, takes pics of girls and makes everybody laugh. Ted is a character that makes this movie one of the best comedy movies ever. This bear is different from every other teddy bears- he does not play with kids. He makes grown-up girls play with him. Dude does a job. This teddy bear farts. He is a teddy bear that lives like every human does and on top of that, he makes you laugh like many humans can’t do. I have said a lot about it, now you go and find out who ted really is.

Forrest Gump

Funniest Comedy Movies

Forrest Gump is not just a funny comedy movie- it is more than that. Many argue that this is the best movie that humans have ever made. Tom Hanks is exceptional in this movie, and the plot is just awesome. It doesn’t take a lot of time to make a name in the history- this movie was a classic from the first second it was released. The way that this movie makes you laugh, it will make you laugh decently. Everything is based on reality, and there is nothing weird going on. The Hangover of this movie will not let you sleep through the night for real. Believe me, you will not just laugh, but the way you will laugh, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.


Do scientists believe in the ghosts? Well, scientists have made a team that fights against the ghost. They are the weird definition of scientists- they make money fighting The Paranormals. so what else can be funny? The situations that they keep on putting themselves into are something like nobody would want to be in. Well, until they want to be the laughing stocks such that the people will laugh at them for the next 40 years. Ghostbusters is a great movie. I will not have to repeat it after you watch the movie once. Don’t forget, there is a remake of this movie but am telling you to watch the original one- the one that was released in 1986.

The Dictator

The last movie on our list must be The Dictator. It is a movie based on a dictator, who will soon be your best Dictator. The man is rich, he does everything that he wants to, and he is an idiot. That’s all you need to know. Just go to the store, get a BluRay of this movie and you will get to meet one of the funniest leaders of the entire world. The plot of this movie is simple but yet really amazing.

When you laugh – you laugh really hard, and when you pause the movie, that is the only time you will not laugh. I highly recommend this thing for anyone who is watching this list, and once you watch it, you might as well have a different perception on the dictators.

All of these movies were the best movies I’ve ever seen. They were excellent, The characters were terrific, the plot was great, and the actors were amazing. On top of that, all of them where comedy movies- they made me laugh. Well, that’s almost the only sole reason that I watch comedy movies for. And to make it clear, it was just a list. I am not trying to rank them at all. All of these movies are too good to be in the second number. So, if you get a chance, I recommend you to watch all of them.

These were the top 20 greatest comedy movies I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of other movies, but I have only included them at this time. Share your opinions, tell me the name of some other movies that I should have kept on this list. If you have already watched all of them, tell me which was your favorite. Have a good day and don’t forget to laugh.

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