Top 25 retirement gift ideas for women

Retirement is a major step in a woman’s life. After so many years of working, she finally has the time for her to relax and enjoy her fruit of labor.

1. Personalized Plush Robe

Retirement for women means a lot of time in her hands to do what she wants. But mostly for retired women, they have too much time available they don’t know what to do with it. They mostly stay at home, thinking about what to do with their free time.

retirement gift ideas for women

A personalized plush robe would be the perfect retirement gift because she will be staying at home most of the time, and at home she doesn’t have to dress well, so a luxurious soft robe would be her constant companion before and after taking a bath, before and after sleeping, and even while just roaming around the house.


In her daily use of the silky robe, she will always be reminded of how thoughtful you are to give her such a heavenly retirement gift.


2. Reversible 3 Wheel Cruiser

If the retiring woman loves the outdoor, then a reversible 3 wheel cruiser is a suitable gift for her. This is not an ordinary bicycle, this is designed for convenient cruising over a flat pavement and gentle sloping terrain.

Wheel Cruiser

This cruiser has a reversed gear and absolutely no balancing required, and the dual-joystick for steering is smooth to maneuver and minimal hand movement. It’s chainless and highly durable and reliable. The retired lady can definitely enjoy cruising for fun and convenience.


3. Pension Wine Glass

A pension wine glass is a special glass that has the words “Retirement” printed with the phrase “Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension” on it. Since the woman will be retiring she will have the time to enjoy her favorite wine at home, and whenever she will use the pension glass, she will think about your thoughtfulness.

wine glass

In a good day or a bad day, retired women loves their wine, so may she be in a bad mood because she doesn’t know what to with her time or whether she is enjoying her life, a pension wine glass is always conveniently  handy.


4. 24 Karat Gold Rose

24 caret gold rose

Women love flowers. However, flowers wither and die hours after it was picked up. To put a smile on a retiring woman’s face you can get her a 24 karat gold rose, which is technically a real rose that was dipped into gold to preserve its beauty and luster, to make it last long. This is a very special gift that will reflect your generosity and thoughtfulness.


5. Golden Gourmet Gift Basket

Golden Gourmet

Gift baskets have become popular due to its versatility and amazing mix of items. How it works is you can choose different items that are unrelated to each other and mix them in one gift basket, create your theme and personalize the gift. The basket will traditionally come with a variety of gourmet cheeses and chocolates.


6. Automotive Jump Starter

Automotive Jump Starter

A retired woman will have time to drive around, visiting friends or places, and even travelling to some faraway place to explore. An Automotive jump starter is a safety precaution gift that is practical to give to a retiring woman. Having a jump starter handy incases of car trouble is a blessing. The car’s battery may be dead, but a jump starter can re-start it in seconds, and the phone can be charged there as well.


7. Carry On For Organized Travelers

 Carry On For Organized Travelers

Most retirees will be travelling, and so if you know that she has travel plans, better buy her a carry on for organized travellers. The carry on was made from high quality leather and it has an elegant look that a retired lady will appreciate. The pockets of the bag have paddings that are convenient to put on the electronic devices into. The padded shoulder can be adjusted through the strap for easy carry.


8. Nap Bed Rest

There are retired women who want to spend most of their time in bed to compensate or all those years where they barely had time to sleep. If your who you’re thinking to give a retirement gift to is like this, then you better buy her a nap bed rest where she can easily sit down in bed with the this special pillow to support her, and she can put the TV remote control on the arm pocket, or her favorite book.


9. Gardening Set

retirement gift

Retirement is a perfect time to get a hobby. If your lady friend has a thing for gardening, then a gardening set is the best suitable gift for her so she can start getting her hands dirty and cherish the result.

The gardening set includes a standard trowel, hand rake, narrow trowel, and a pruning shear. The materials are made from durable aluminum alloy and are stored in a strong carrying case.


10. Wood Clock that Says: “Whatever, I’m Retired”


A hand painted clock with the saying ‘Whatever, I’m Retired” is a great gift to give a retiring woman. Time is no longer an issue for her, she does not have work anymore so no need to wake up very early and east hasty breakfast just to get to work in time.

retirement gift

A retiree can look at the wood clock and smile and remember that she now has all the time in the world to wake up late, eat leisurely, and do whatever she wants with her day.


11. Travel Journal

retirement gift ideas for women

Many women who are about to retire already made plans to travel, either to have a vacation or to visit family in other states or country. A travel journal gift can greatly benefit her so she can write about her trip in every detail and the next generations can read the journal and travel back in time with her.


12. Harmony and Balance Necklace

 retirement gift ideas for women

A harmony and balance necklace is an elegant piece of jewelry that is of the highest quality of silver and gold accents. The stones of this necklace are Iolite, which are known to have the ability to bestow peace and clarity in the mind. This is a suitable gift for women who have doubts about retiring and who are scared of the amount of time they have on their hands. The necklace will bring harmony and balance to their lives.


13. Retirement Memory Scrapbook

retirement gift ideas for women

Going on a new adventure as a retiree is an exciting chapter of a woman’s life. A gift of a retirement memory scrapbook will be deeply appreciated by her. The next adventures and trips can be written down in the scrapbook, and there is plenty of room for pictures and descriptions. The black and white cover has the words “Happy Retirement” on it.


14. Woodgrain Music Box

retirement gift ideas for women

A woodgrain music box is beautifully crafted to adorn any room. The top of the box has a message reminding the lady to enjoy her retirement, and the music box has enough space for jewelries. This retirement gift is a great keepsake for women who are about to cease working and live their life their way on their own time.


15. Red Wine Club

retirement gift ideas for women

If the retiring lady is into wine, then the red wine club is the perfect gift that will make her happy. The lady will receive two red wines each month for three consecutive months, which will give her the privilege of tasting exquisite wines during the first three months of her retirement.


16. VIP Gift Basket

retirement gift ideas for women

The VIP gift basket is the most suitable gift for women who you want to treat like a VIP, or for a lady who likes to be treated like one. The gift basket includes a 16 GB iPad Air 2, various savory and sweet treats like biscuits, chocolate, onion dip, cheese and others. She can enjoy the features and benefits of her new iPad while munching on the delicious treats.


17. Personalized Wood Postcard

retirement gift ideas for women

The personalized wood postcard is a wooden keepsake that allows you to choose the words “We Love You or “I Love You” to be engraved on one side, and on the other side you can personalize it by putting your name and your family’s name on it. The design is like a postcard, and it has a durable wooden stand for display.


18. Create Personal Keepsake

retirement gift ideas for women

You can make your own keepsake to give as a gift to the lady you know who is retiring. Anything that is made by the hands of the giver will be much appreciated than any other gifts out there. Any type of keepsake will do, like creating an album full of pictures of your life together with descriptions.


19. Retirement Angel Figurine

For women who are into angels and figurines, the retirement angel figurine is the best gift ever. The amazing figurine is made out of stone resin and has many colors. There is a message wishing the retiree a happy life with blessing after their retirement.


20. Retirement Wooden Plague

retirement gift ideas for women

A retirement wooden plague is a great display piece that has the word “Retirement” on one side. The piece will put a smile to her face for the years to come and she will remember from whom it came from.


21. You’re Only Old Once! Book


You’re only old once! Book is in line with the book of Dr. Seuss but this is not meant for children. This book is specially made for people in the golden years. The book is filled with humors and rhymes regarding the joys of growing older.


22. Retirement Blessings Travel Mug


This travel mug is perfect for travelling. The durable stainless steel mug has an insulated interior that definitely keeps the cold drink cold and the hot drink stays hot. It can hold 16 ounces of hot or cold beverage and has engravings of congratulations and wishes for blessings for her retirement.


Every time she will fill the mug with a drink and every time she will drink from the travel mug, she will have you n her thoughts.


23. Flowering Gift Wrap Kit


If the lady you are thinking about loves flowers, then the flowering gift wrap kit is the perfect gift for her. This gift wrap is nothing short of ordinary. It has seeds in it. Once the lady retiree receives the gift, the wrap can then be planted which will grow into amazingly beautiful flowers. The wrap actually contains approximately 2,600 non-GMO flower seeds. The gift wrap kit includes detailed instructions on how to successfully plant the wrap and take care of the flowers.


24. Spa Retreat

retirement gift ideas for women

Women who are working hard to provide their family a financially stable life rarely has time to pamper themselves. The luxuries that other women enjoy are not taken advantage of very busy women. Retirement opens a door to long hours, long days of not doing anything. A good retirement gift would be a spa retreat.

This will give the lady the time and opportunity to feel pampered and taken care of. The long hard years of working may have a toll on the lady, and so a body massage will be good for her, the refreshing warmness of a sauna, the meni-pedi, the steam bath and other spa facility services is going to be the best experience of her life for a long time.


25. Personalized Retirement Marble Keepsake

 retirement gift ideas for women

A personalized marble keepsake is crafted from marble and is a great retirement gift to give since it will have an engraved message from you to her. This keepsake is sure to make her happy for the years to come. The marble keepsake will always remind her of her happy retirement where co-workers and friends and family gathered together to bid her farewell in the working field and welcome her to the relaxed, retired world.


The keepsake can be displayed inside the room or in the living room. What’s important is, the thought counts a lot more than the retirement gift itself.














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