Headache Relief Tips for College Students 

People who have never experienced a headache are not unicorns, and they really exist in some hidden place. Meanwhile, most suffer from unpleasant sensations in their head pretty often, and students are no exception. Even though a young person should be less vulnerable to numerous diseases, the student lifestyle is full of things that can evoke a headache. It is about meteorological dependence, sleep issues, stressful situations, overeating or lack of appetite, hypothermia, excessive physical activity, and bad habits, including smoking or alcohol abuse not to mention a hangover after a cool party. Certain things can help you soothe a headache without taking pills, but if you have head and neck injuries, an allergic reaction, or high temperature, it is better to visit your doctor ASAP. And if you are under constant stress because of a huge number of tasks, it is worth asking for assignment help, otherwise, you will not improve your condition.

Drink enough water

Your body consists of 70-80% of water. Thus, you cannot do without it. And if you don’t drink enough water, your body may start to signal this. Therefore, headache is one of the signs of dehydration. To get rid of the unpleasant symptom, just drink a couple of glasses of pure water. By the way, if you stay in stuffy classrooms for too long, you increase the likelihood of a headache without water.

Take a shower

Another easy way to relieve a headache is to take a warm shower. Make sure the water is not hot. To relieve tension and improve blood circulation, direct water to your neck and back. To increase the effect, you can slightly massage the hair roots well. 10 minutes will be enough to feel much better.

Make tea

A severe headache may be a sign of some issues with your cardiovascular system. In this case, you should drink a cup of hot chamomile tea. It will relieve tension and oxygenate brain cells. If you are not allergic to mint, it can also become a great option. Just pour it with boiling water and brew for 15-20 minutes. You will get a double effect since it will help you calm down and get rid of the headache. However, if you feel nervous due to your assignments, then it is better to contact some academic writers online and ask for help.

Use lemon and ginger

Lemon is a good analgesic and antiseptic, so you can apply lemon zest to your temples for several minutes. Besides, you can add lemon juice to the water you drink during the day. Ginger is also helpful in fighting headaches. It is an anti-inflammatory and diuretic, so it successfully helps strengthen the immune system. Make some tea with ginger, lemon, and a teaspoon of honey.


Do you often get tired? Do you feel anxiety without any reason? Well, if someone offers you to relax now, it may sound superficial. Nonetheless, you should command yourself to take a bath, listen to music, or hang out with friends. Do what you want most. Besides, it would be great to start meditating more often since this method helps distract from everyday life.

Take a nap

This point is an addition to the previous one. Take a comfortable position, tilt your head back a little, close your eyes, and spend 10-15 minutes like this. Even a little rest will give results and ease your condition. Lack of sleep is what makes you feel worse. Everyone knows this, but, unfortunately, many students neglect the correct sleeping schedule.

Do a massage

It perfectly copes with tension, spasm, and pain. And if you find out which points you should act on, it will be just awesome. It is worth contacting a professional who will select massage movements specifically for you. If you decide to master this procedure yourself, then remember a few important rules. While doing self-massage, you should not feel any discomfort. The movements must always be light and smooth. Do not put too much pressure on the problem area. After finishing the massage, take some rest and think about something pleasant.

The easiest way is to massage the head. You need to lie down and put your head back then massage your neck from top to bottom and vice versa. After that, you should go to the top of the head. Place your fingertips on your temples and start rubbing your skin. Do it within 4-5 minutes. Take your time, massage your head slowly.

Make a compress

If you have a throbbing headache, a cold compress will help, but if you suffer from a pressing one, then you should make a warm compress. The main thing is to take a comfortable position and try to relax for at least 15 minutes.

Do aromatherapy

If you often feel pressure in your temples, purchase an essential oil, and arrange aromatherapy. For example, almond, mint, lavender oil can bring blood pressure back to normal and cope with depression. As for almond oil, it is an effective pain reliever. Mint has a good effect on the nervous system, and lavender will help put your thoughts in order and calm down.



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