Top 24 things to do in the Philippines

Philippine, a humble country with rich culture surrounding family and tradition. Tourists from all over the world love to visit this here because of the enormous amount of warm welcome.

1.Enjoy a luxurious vacation in Boracay

Boracay Island is famous all over the world for its white beaches and picturesque view. Tourists from all over the globe come to Boracay every summer or holiday to bathe in the luxury of heavenly beaches and friendly people.

things to do in the Philippines

Bathing in the beach is such a marvelous feeling that defines peace and joy. The Puka Shell Beach in Boracay is a great place to visit, as well as the Ariel’s Point and Willy’s Rock. A day tour at Mt. Luho View Deck is worth the while, and you can go on adventures like helmet diving, kite surfing and windsurfing.

2.Island hopping in Cebu

Island hopping is one of the main things to do in Cebu for locals and tourists. To swim and experience nature as closely as the adventure can take you is one of the most amazing things in life for people who loves nature. You can be part of the marine life in Nalusuan Marine Sanctuary and experience the magnificent white sandbar in Pandanon Island.

things to do in the Philippines

Island hopping is not complete without snorkeling and fish feeding in Gilutungan Island. There are marine sanctuaries that have various sea creatures.

Cebu Island Hopping is done riding a small boat that is called “banca” which has its own rest room, mini couches, table for eating and chairs.

3.White water rafting in Cagayan de Oro City

The whitewater rafting capital in the Philippines is Cagayan de Oro City. This is the only place where the sport is open to the public for the whole year, so it’s not seasonal.

things to do in the Philippines

You can choose which thrill level you prefer and you can handle, there is a beginner to advance to extreme programs. You can also pick either 14 rapids, or all 21 of the rapids.

4.Find Magic in Siquijor

If you are entranced by the world of shamanism, witchcraft and sorcerers, then a trip to Siquijor is the best adventure for you. This part of the country is well known to have healing potions, black magic, magic herbs, love potions, ancient rituals and the spirits of the departure are still living in the caves and mountains.

It is believed that people come to Siquijor to pay a hefty amount of amount to curse someone who had wronged them. Tourists come here fascinated by the dark aura of the place and the magical culture.

5.Explore Filipino Culture in Manila

Manila is rich with Philippine culture that tourists and locals love to explore. The Rizal Park was named after the National Hero Jose Rizal, and families and lovers go there to have a picnic or bond. The Ayala Museum offers exhibits of the Filipino history, as well as the cultural exhibits of the church in San Agustin.

things to do in the Philippines

The Manila Bay is good for an evening stroll, and you can visit the oldest part of Manila which is Intramuros. Here in Manila is the popular church of Quiapo where you can pay respects.

6.Ride the waves in Siargao

The teardrop shape island of Siargao is famous for its inspiring waves, especially what they call “Cloud 9” which was discovered in 1980s and have allured surf enthusiasts to visit the small, beautiful island.

things to do in the Philippines



September to March is the best months to ride the waves high in Siargao. Hundreds of tourists are staying in the island for the beautiful waves and for the hospitality of the Filipinos.

7.Climb the Stairways To Heaven in Luzon

Visit the eighth wonder of the world, the Banaue Rice Terraces. This ancestral heritage was built more than 2,000 years ago in the province in Ifugao. The Ifugao’s perfect irrigation and permaculture is envy for the modern methods of farming.

things to do in the Philippines

The terraces were carved into the Ifugao Mountain by the ancestors, and they were built by hand. The culture and tradition of the people from long ago is still the same as it was before, the culture was preserved amidst the modern era.

8.Be near the volcanoes of Mount Pinatubo

things to do in the Philippines

The destruction that Mt. Pinatubo made when it erupted in 1991 was devastating; it killed hundreds of people and destroyed billions worth of properties, infrastructure and crops. However, after the destruction emerged a beauty that is mesmerizing. Years after the pain and suffering, locals were able to stand again and tourism bloomed.


Mt. Pinatubo is now famous for trekking and hiking. There is also Museo de Tarlac that tourists visits to learn more about the history of the place prior to the volcanic eruption.

9.Be amazed of the Puerto Princesa Underground River

things to do in the Philippines

The Puerto Princesa Underground River was chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Popularly recognized as the longest crossable underground river locally and internationally. The immaculate river is rich with an amazing forest that is abundant in wildlife.

10.Visit the “Island Born of Fire” – Camiguin

things to do in the Philippines

Camiguin Island is one of the tourist attractions in the country. The island has hot and cold springs, a buried cemetery and a volcano that is sleeping. The island has been known as the best hot tubs in the country, and the modern civilization of this place is still full of culture.

11.Be amazed of the seascapes in El Nido, Palawan

things to do in the Philippines

El Nido is fascinatingly beautiful, it is full with a rich marine life like dolphins, Hawksbill turtles, Dugong, tropical fishes and whale sharks. The white beautiful beaches and coral reefs are worth checking.

12.Experience Vigan

things to do in the Philippines

Vigan is a place of rich cultural history, with Spanish colonial and Asian architecture that are well preserved. Visiting Vigan will take you back in time, because the town is filled cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, malecon, and rustic mansions. There is a regular fountain light shows and street-food stalls in Plaza Burgos.

13.Walk barefoot in the sandbar of Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

Beauty is never a shortage in the Philippines. In a little island in Leyte, the Kalanggaman Island prides itself with a beautiful sandbar that looks like wings of a bird that is flying when viewed from the top.

things to do in the Philippines

The serenity and peace of the island brings visitors to visit and experience the bareness of life in a bare and non-modern island.

14.Wake board in Camarines Sur

things to do in the Philippines

Water sports are great adventures to engage in. In all of Asia, wake boarding in Camarines Sur is very popular. Regular wake board involves a person being towed by a motorboat, but in the CamSur Watersports Complex, the wake board rider is towed using a six-point cable system.

15.Ride a yellow submarine in Lapu-lapu Island, Cebu

things to do in the Philippines

How many people do you who have ridden a real submarine? Here in Lapu-lapu Island Cebu, there is a yellow submarine that can accommodate only 48 passengers that will cruise under water and will allow you to see what’s beneath the sea. It is an exciting adventure that not everyone you know has experienced before.

16.Fly high in the sky – skydiving

things to do in the Philippines

Skydiving is a breathtaking adventure that provides adrenaline rush to the extreme level. There are different places in the Philippines where you can take advantage of this mind blowing experience. There is one in Cebu, Pampanga, Vigan, Davao Oriental and Zambales. Apart from the skydiving, you can also benefit from other adventure activities in those places.

17.Cliff dive in Initao

things to do in the Philippines

Adrenaline junkies love to visit Initao to do cliff diving. The cliff is high enough to get scared, the water tantalizing enough to succumb into. Best of all, it is very affordable to make this adventure.

18.Swim with the whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu

things to do in the Philippines

Whale sharks are quite huge creatures with big mouth openings. The scary sea animal is actually gentle and the mouth has filters that will not have allowed a human being to be eaten. Swimming with the shark family is a scary yet fulfilling adventure to experience.

19.Scuba dive in Samal Island

things to do in the Philippines

Samal Island is the best place in Mindanao to go on scuba diving. The marine life is rich with tropical fishes that are amazing, and tourists and locals alike love to come here because aside from the beauty, the price of adventure here is very affordable.

It is rare to have great fun and pay less for it, so grab this opportunity.

20.Witness the wonders of the Tinuy-an Falls

things to do in the Philippines

Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao was branded as the “Niagara Falls of the Philippines”. The flow of the falls can actually massage your back. The relaxing fall of the water will ease your stress away and will make you nostalgic.

21.Play with the cute tarsiers in Bohol

things to do in the Philippines

Bohol is home of the famous chocolate hills and is home to the cutest creatures called tarsiers. Their big tantalizing eyes are like begging you to take care of them. Technically ugly but cute to look at tarsiers are a sight that will melt your heart.

23.Be one with the Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur

things to do in the Philippines

The enchanting mysteries of the Enchanted River has kept tourist coming back to this mystical place. The source of the spring cannot be proven scientifically, hence it is called the Enchanted River. Fresh water is supposed to be filling the river, but it turns out that it is salty water, not fresh. That just adds to the mystery of the place. There is fear in diving into the water because no one had ever survived the dive and tell about the experience. However, swimming with the fishes will not do you any harm.


If mystery is what drives you, then come to the Enchanted River and be enthralled with the majestic aura of the place.

23.Conquer your fear – Sky Walk at the Crown Regency Hotel

things to do in the Philippines

Afraid of heights? Conquer your fear! Come to the Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu City and experience Sky Walk Extreme, where you will be wrapped in a safety harness and you get to walk in glass flooring which will feel like you’re walking on thin air, 126.55 meters from the ground.


This adventure combines fear and excitement, fear of falling to the ground, and the excitement to feel like floating in the air.

24.Explore Coron in Palawan

 things to do in the Philippines

Coron, Palawan is one of the best destinations for tourists visiting the Philippines. There are numerous activities that you can do in Coron, like going for a swim in the Lake Kayangan, participate in an Island tour from the Coron Bay with other tourists or new friends of yours.


If snorkeling is your thing, then you can go to Siete Picados. The Atwayan Beach is also worth the visit, and you can dive into the waters to see the Underwater Mountains in Barracuda Lake.

To take some rest, stay in an isolated peaceful bungalow at the famous Banana Islands.


If you come to the Philippines to get tanned, then visit the Banol Beach, explore the Twin Lagoon, take a dip at the Maquinit Hot Springs, and snorkel in the Sleketon Reef. You can also witness the biodiversity of the Coral garden.

24.Sing everywhere

 things to do in the Philippines

Filipinos are joked to have a microphone in their hands at birth. Whenever there is time and place, Filipinos will grab a microphone and sing. Whether in tune to the music or not, as long as they can sing, they are happy people. Singing in Karaoke bars is a passion for many natives, and their camaraderie is intoxicatingly infectious. With singing comes drinking, and many foreigners will find this weird, but Filipinos drink using only glass which is then used to drink by others. For some that is unhygienic, but for the friendly Filipinos, that is called friendship and companionship. They will get insulted if you will refuse to drink from their one glass, so make sure to accept the warm welcome and enjoy the stay.


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