25 Most Haunted Places in The World (2021 Updated)

The haunting shadows that lurk at night are making the hair tingle in creepiness. Of all the ghost haunted places on earth, there are 25 locations that surpass them all.

1.Bhangarh Fort, India

This 17th century fort is known as the “Most haunted place in India” due to the many number of ghosts that resides here. Locals and tourists are prohibited from entering the fort at night.

Most Haunted Places in The World

Legend has it that a successor of King Madho Singh broke the ancient agreement never to have the shadow of the for fall on the ascetic home, and since then the fort was doomed and haunted. Another story tells about how Princess Ratnavati crushed a black magician to death and before his death he put a curse to the fort that no one will find peace there.

2.Raynham Hall, Norfork, England

Most Haunted Places in The World

The hall housed the most renowned ghost photograph of the Brown Lady which was taken in 1930. The lady was believed to be the wife of Turnip Townsend, Lady Dorothy. Legends have it that the lady was locked up by her husband in the hall. Other reported ghosts in the hall are the Duke of Monmouth, two children, and a cocker spaniel caretaker.

3.Poveglia Island, Venice Italy

Most Haunted Places in The World

This tiny island was known to be a place where people were intentionally burned and buried in the time of the black plague. It is believed that the soil is made of 50% ashes from humans and their ghosts roam the island.


The locals of the island do not want their island t be branded an island of death or some sort, and so they do not mention anything about its dark history and tend to deny the truth about all of it.

4.Fern Hill Hotel, India

Most Haunted Places in The World

The hotel was built in 1844 and the horror stories started during a horror thriller Bollywood film shoot. The crew went to bed but they were kept awake by someone rearranging the furniture in the above floor. The phone was dead and so some of the crew went to complain to the receptionist but the baffled receptionist showed the crew that there was actually no other floor above them.

5.Monte Cristo Homestead Australia

Most Haunted Places in The World

This is the most haunted house in Australia. When the Ryan family moved into the house in 1963, there was no power but the house was lit up. They were able to take ghost picture of a maid who was pushed over the house’s balcony, a burned alive stable boy, and a baby that was intentionally thrown down the flight of stairs.

The house is visited by many tourists because of its haunting aura, history and actual pictures of ghosts in the house.

7.Aradale Lunatic Asylum, Australia

Most Haunted Places in The World

Known as the “largest abandoned mental institution in Australia”, this asylum is 130 years old and approximately 13,000 people died here. The prisoners were hanged and were buried upright and their spirits are trapped inside the asylum.

7.Highgate Cemetery, England

Most Haunted Places in The World

Cult meetings and holding ceremonies were performed in the cemetery and numerous ghost encounters were reported with various individuals. There was even news about a vampire prowling the cemetery.

8.Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge, England

Most Haunted Places in The World

In 1500s a witch was burned at the stake and prior to the death she took refuge in one of the rooms which is now branded as “The Witch’s Room”. The witch’s spirit is believed to reside in the house and the owner John Humphries testified to seeing and feeling demonic forces, and he was able to discover devil worship and ritual sacrifice evidence in the inn.

Children’s skeletal remains were found under the staircase together with broken daggers.

9.Port Arthur, Australia

Most Haunted Places in The World

The family of convicts lived here and there were many children. The living situation was not good, the manual labor for the families was harsh and so they die young and their spirits are still in the place. Many locals and tourists witnessed to seeing ghosts here.

10.The Tower Of London, England

Most Haunted Places in The World

This is the oldest fortress, a prison and a palace in Europe. There was quite a long history of executions, torture and murder like beheadings, hanging, and many other forms of death. I was documented the ghosts of famous people haunts the tower like Thomas A. Becket, Lady Jane Grey and Queen Anne Boylen.

11.Mark King’s Close, Scotland

Most Haunted Places in The World

This is the most haunted place in Scotland. The ghost haunting started in 1685 and more and more paranormal activities were reported to have happened in this location. A woman dressed in black, a worried man, and a girl named Annie is the famous horror stories of the place.

13.Edinburg Castle, Scotland

Most Haunted Places in The World


Numerous battles and gruesome tortures happened in this castle, and it is famous for apparitions witnessed by hundreds of people. Reports were given about apparitions of an old man wearing a leather apron, a drummer boy who is headless, a mysterious piper, and ghost dogs.

13.Burg Wolfsegg, Wolfsegg, Germany

Most Haunted Places in The World

The horror story revolves around a “White Woman” who is believed to be the ghost of a woman murdered by her husband after her affair was found out. Klara von Helfenstein spooks people who pass through in the cave area.

14.Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts

Most Haunted Places in The World

On August 4, 1892, a horrifying ax murder happened of couples Andrew and Abby Borden and until now no one knew what really happened. The prime suspect was Andrew’s daughter Lizzie Borden and Abby’s stepdaughter. The couple’s ghosts are still in the house, seemingly still looking for justice.

15.Greyfriars Kirkyard, Scotland

Most Haunted Places in The World

This cemetery housed Bluidy Mackenzie, a violent man who killed 18,000 of King Charles II opponents. Mackenzie was buried near the people whom he persecuted and even in death he stayed violent. The cemetery is famous for having 170 people who lost consciousness during the tour out of fear.

16.Akershus Castle, Norway

Most Haunted Places in The World

The most haunted place in Norway was a prison in the late 18th-19th centuries and many prisoners died there. During World War II the Nazis stayed in the castle and performed many executions. The most renowned ghost in the castle is the demon dog Malcanisen who sentenced a horrible death to those he approaches. The ghosts of the prisoners and the people who were executed are still present up to this day in the castle.

17.Chateau de Brissac, France

Most Haunted Places in The World

In the 15th century there was a double murder that happened in the castle. The most popular ghost story that resulted in those murders is the ghosts of the Chateau de Brissac, what they call the “Green Lady”, the la Dame Verte. She is always seen wearing a green dress, and her moans can be heard in the walls of the castle. Her face will give a good scare because instead of eyes and nose, in her face is only gaping blank holes.

18.Casa Loma, Toronto, Canada

Most Haunted Places in The World

This Gothic Revival house was done in 1914 and it is filled with many corridors and secret passageways. There have been tales about ghost talked about in the area for decades, and has become a famous attraction for a Halloween mansion tour.

20.The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Most Haunted Places in The World

The hotel is famous for having Stephen King and his wife as guests there and they experienced haunting activities which led to King writing the novel “The Shining”. It was reported that ghost greets visitors in the stairs as they pass along. The piano will also play on its own with a beautiful tune in an empty ballroom. Hotel guests are warned prior to coming n not to take the room number 418.

20.Paris Catacombs, France

Most Haunted Places in The World

This is one of the creepiest places in the world. The tunnels are miles long and there are hundreds of them. The tunnels were a burial ground in 1700s for Parisians, and now it became a very famous Halloween destination.


21.Island of Dolls, Mexico

Most Haunted Places in The World

Isla de las Muñecas is a creepy tourist destination in Mexico, where there are hundreds of mutilated dolls hanging on the branches and dead trees. History goes that half a century ago, there was a little girl who drowned in the island and the body was hidden in the Xochimico canals. A hermit who lived in the island alone, Don Julian Santana Barrera fished a doll soon after the girl’s death and he thought that evil spirits gave him a sign and so he started hanging the dolls on the trees to protect him from the dead girl’s spirit.

Without cleaning or fixing the dolls he fished from the island, the hermit hangs them even with missing parts of the body and damaged. Due to the exposure to nature, the dolls decomposed and resulted in ghoulish faces.

22.Screaming Tunnel, Canada

There are different versions of the horror stories that kept the tunnels worth visiting. Centuries ago, a young girl tried to escape a burning barn and sought for water. With her clothes burning she managed to reach the tunnel but died there of burning. Another story says that a jealous father who lost custody of the child set his own daughter on fire in the tunnel. And another version tells a story of a young girl attacked and assaulted by an old drunkard who then set her on fire to eliminate evidence of abuse.

Whatever version there is, the screams of the young girl can be heard from the tunnels. She will stand in the middle of the dark tunnel and her scream her heart out.

23.Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana

Most Haunted Places in The World

The plantation is regarded as one of the haunted houses in Louisiana. There are tales about handprints in the mirror, mysterious smells in the house, and footsteps on the stairs, death by poison, objects disappearing, murder, hangings and gunfire.

The vengeful jealous slave Chloe is the main character of the ghost stories of the Myrtle Plantation. Chloe murdered Clark Woodruff’s pregnant wife and two daughters. It was said that Woodruff had an affair with their slave Chloe while his wife was pregnant with their third child.

Eventually Woodruff tired of Chloe and looked for another girl. The slave was caught eavesdropping and had her ear cut off, and she started wearing turbans to hide the scar. Chloe poisoned the family and the other slaves hanged her from a tree outside her room.

24.Rose Hall, Jamaica

Most Haunted Places in The World

This 18th century plantation manor house is the home of the White Witch of Rose Hall, a very famous Jamaica ghost. Annie Patterson Palmer is the wife of Rose Hall owner John Palmer, and she was raised by a Haitian nanny who taught her Voodoo and became an expert.


A few months after their wedding Annie started having affairs with their slaves and were beaten with a riding crop by her husband when it was found out. The next day Palmer died from coffee poisoning.


Annie married two more times and killed them, she brought cruelty and killings in the Rose Hall. She finally fell in love with an Englishman who did not take an interest in her and she killed the girl that he is in-love with. The angry grandparent killed Annie and buried her in a hole, performed a failed Voodoo ritual that set her spirit free instead of trapping it. All of Annie’s possessions were burned. 130 years have passed and the house stood empty because whoever lived there dies early.

25.Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Most Haunted Places in The World

This popular forest is known as “the perfect place to die”, a place where people choose to take their own lives. All over the forest there are sign boards regarding appeals about how life is a precious gift from the parents, and to call the police before a person decides to kill himself.


Dozens of bodies weekly can be found in the forest, and it seems like the people there are either wanting to kill themselves or influenced by unnatural forces to end their precious lives.

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