Top 25 most expensive apps (android/apple)

The world is dominated with technological gadgets that are vital to our daily lives. Mobile applications are growing in numbers and so do the price, but are worth every penny.

1.Ignition – $1,000 (apple)

Ignition app is works with the Apple CarPlay to iOS, making it possible to use the iPad as a CarPlay display. The Ignition app shows the current time the signal strength on the left side of the screen, and the home button can also be found there.


This new app includes eight great appliscations for CarPlay like Music app, Messaes, Google Maps, Phone, Music playing app, third party apps like Spotify and Overcast, and Podcasts. Ignition is capable of sending text messages or call people through dictation.

2.Cash – $1,000 (apple)

Apple Pay Cash app is a mobile payments system that lives in the iMessage app of an Apple device. The money that goes through the Apple Pay Cash will go to a virtual card that is called Apple Pay Cash card within the Wallet.

The accessible Apple Pay thumbnail is easy to use for transactions like payment, request, or approval of transaction. Requesting for a payment will send a link to the other party in the iMessage chat window, and sending money is as easy as hitting the send button, to approve the transaction, you can use the TouchID.

All transactions are encrypted, and not even the people behind the app have access to your log-in information and usage.

3.BarMax – $1,000 (apple)

BarMax app is a helpful app that provides assistance to all law students who are reviewing for the bar exam. This app housed thousands of materials and hundreds of hours of lectures through audio. And all that can be done with the use of an iPhone. However, if there is a need for you to get papers on hand to further your review, then BarMax can send you the information that you need.

This app is very helpful because law students who are studying for the exam can study wherever they want, and they can go mobile. Though this app is quite expensive, it beats the amount of money they have to pay for an actual review that will up all their time and money.

BarMax is convenient to use especially for those who have part time jobs just to finish college and saving money for the future. While in a bus, a  car or a train, wherever, the mobile app BarMax gives the capability to catch up with review using the iPhone.

4.QSFFStats – $1,000 (apple)

QSFFStats app is an application used mostly by football game enthusiasts. This app provides an updated record of the Flag Football stats.

It is a very expensive app but is worth the money for people who need constant updated record of the football game.

5.VIP Black – $1,000 (apple)

VIP Black is millionaire’s app where a buyer needs to prove first that their assets are more than one million pounds. Before they can purchase this app. Having this app will open more doors to get access to the best a hotel or other establishments can offer.

This premium lifestyle app will yield special treatments from Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Firmdale Hotels, and Virgin Limited Edition.

6.CyberTuner – $1,000 (apple)

CyberTuner is for professional piano technicians which will use this app as a tuning tool. The app has clarity of functions, thoughtful and intuitive design, and the programming is done the famous registered Piano Technician of the PTG.


Piano tuning using an app is an amazing experience and can actually allow saving of money. It costs a lot of money to have the piano tuned and fixed, and with this app, it is now possible to immediately and conveniently tune a piano.

7.GunBros – $600 (apple)

GunBros app is one of the Apple games that do not require any money for purchases. You can earn points and convert those points to buy upgrades.

The initial price of the game is expensive, but that is the only thing you will pay. For the rest of your game there is no need to purchase using regular money, thus creating the need.

8.DDS GP – $500 (apple)


DDS GP is an app designed for dentists.  This app is only for dentists to help them explain to their patients regarding the treatments, conditions and procedures of the tooth removal or cleaning. Anyone can download this app, but it is specifically comprehensive for people who have background in dentistry.

9.Abu Moo – $450 (android)


Abu Moo collection is a series of six applications that can be found on Play Store for $400 each, and they are just names of precious gems. The gems do nothing, just a widget in the phone that reveals a gem.

10.The Most Expensive App – $400 (android)


This funny app is not doing anything at all. It only shows a diamond on the display of the device. The diamond is not there, but only the message: you’ll see a shiny diamond here.

11.I’m Rich$ – $384.99 (android)


The app does not do anything; you can only get a luxury diamond image.

12.Water Globe – $350 (apple)


Water Globe app is the newest virtual snow globe simulator and is quite very expensive. It can also function a s a lock screen to the mobile device.


You can use your finger to shake the snowflakes or you can shake it or tilt the iPhone to create an amazing snow motion. There are things that you can change, like the background, snowflake size, gravity, and the amount of snow. You can also set the screen saver to snow storm mode and let it run.

13.MobileCamViewers – $350 (apple)


The MobileCamViewers app allows you to see everything is safe n the office or in the home. The app converts the iPhone into a reliable home automation service, then you can take control of the surveillance camera, live security, DVR, webcams and video servers from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about other people accessing your app. Even the app’s engineer will not have access to anything because the data’s are securely encrypted.


The MobileCamViewers app can be used in major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprnt and built-in cameras for Windows and USB webcams.

14.Boffo Fun Time Pax 2 – $300 (apple)


Boffo Fun Time Pax 2 is an app that has a set of fun game activities combined into one game. The panchiko machine boingg is made to make noise and winning will guarantee getting virtual prices. You can play Clown bop, Wormz, Beez and Bubbles and Zooblz in this app.

15.Agro – $300 (apple)


The Agro app is for the agronomy paperwork. An agronomist who does not have the time to fill out the paperwork or someone who are obsessed in knowing that every detail of the form is filled and sent, the Agro app is highly recommended for such individuals.


The Agro app can record the crops of the client and put information regarding pests that are plaguing the crops, and then easily send the field inspection reports while on the move. This app can also make life easy since you can simply make contact with a local crop supplier and get all the necessary ordered chemicals just on schedule or prior.

16.Touchchat – $300 (apple)


TouchChat HD – ACC is a great communication tool that is being used by people whose ability to speak was affected, like people with autism, ALS, stroke, and Down Syndrome.The app has a built-in voice synthesizer where words and phrases are spoken. There is also a recorded message player and you can choose which voice you prefer that suits well with your own personality.


The user can make customization regarding the pages on the screen and what they use frequently on the buttons. The buttons have many functions like changing the volume and speaking a message. In places where the noise is too much to handle, the screen can be tilt in order to display  a large letter-message.

17.Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgery – $249.99 (android)

The Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgery app is designed to provide a guideline on how to perform surgical procedures that are commonly done and trusted. The layout of the app includes Content, Search, Index, Notes menu, and Bookmark. There are 230 procedures available, like laparoscopic operations together with 1600 highlights of color to get clearly all the important action. It consists of every indications, position, preoperative preparation, incision and exposure, closure, operative preparation and postoperative care.

18.Super Color Runner – $200 (android)

The Super Color Runner app is an expensive game in Google play. There are four paths that a runner can run and switch to gather energy pellets and batteries for the runner to stay alive in the game. Every second counts, since the runner can either be close to its death or the runner is closer to prosperity. Good thing about this app is low phones can download and play this game too.

19.Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus – $200 (android)

The Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus was inspired by the FIFA World Cup 2010 but the app was not updated until now. How it works is you shake the phone to sound the horn, and then shake it again to stop the sound. If you want to announce the score of the team, just tap and hold the screen. That’s it.

20.Most Expensive Android Widget – $199 (android)

This app displays on the phone screen ”Most Expensive Android Widget” certificates to let people see that you are rich and afford to buy one very expensive widget.

21.Gynaecological surgery – $180 (android)

Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed is especially designed for surgeons in order to help them learn some useful skills and sensitive techniques that will aid in lessening the patient’s discomfort. All the data in the app was taken from the MedHand Mobile Libraries.


The Gynaecological surgery app includes complete information regarding Urogynaecology, operations of the organs, and Gynaecological surgery/oncology. The apps main focus is the procedures performed commonly by surgeons, and it has decision making system and the capability to use laparoscopy in procedures for diagnostic and surgical.

22.Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics – $143.99 (android)

MedHand Mobile Libraries designed this app-book to recognize, manage and diagnose genetic condition more easily and efficiently. This app consists of a medical calculator that has peak expiratory flows, dehydration correction and body mass index calculator. It has an amazing search feature that provides great emphasis in molecular and imaging diagnoses.

23.The Atlas of Internal Medicine – $129.99 (android)

The Atlas of Internal Medicine is a mega collection of more than 2,000 o the highest quality clinical, radiological, and morphologic and laboratory images representing common disorders signs. The app can be viewed offline and it is very easy to navigate, search and browse for topics.

24.5-Minute Sports Medicine – $99.99 (android)

The 5-Minute Sports Medicine is an app that provides fast and on-point medical guideline regarding treatments of injuries that are caused by playing sports. The app has 280 treatment techniques that are summarized in a 5-minute format to ensure quick and instant treatment delivery. Real practicing doctors wrote and edited the contents of this app, and this app is highly recommended for nurse practitioners, athlete trainers, physicians, orthopedists and assistants. The app is suitable to use for the Android platform perfectly.

25.Mobile Accessibility US – $99 (android)

Mobile Accessibility US app was designed for people who have very low vision and for the blind people. This app helps with easy interaction with their Android devices in a simple, reliable and effective way. The app manipulates the major functions of the smartphone in a special way to aid the blind and the low vision people. The functions are like Contacts, Alarm, Phone, Email, SMS, Calendar, Web, Apps, GPS and Settings.

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