69 of the Best Family Quotes That Have Ever Been Said

So, what is a family? Simply a group of people living together. Well, this could be the easiest definition of a family but to be the people living in the group is where the real meaning of a family lies. The family is not only about people living under one roof because they have to- it is also about the loyalty, bond, trust and everlasting love. It is about how you give your best to the people as they do the same- and the family quotes are exactly the words that represent that.

Family quotes are fun to read, aren’t they? They speak your heart out. These quotes tell exactly what your family means to you and how you love your family.  The frequent happiness you share and the cute fights that you have in your family- the family quotes tell the story of all of that. And they can also give you the motivation when you are in that temporary disagreement with your family. All we can say is that the family quotes do a very great job reflecting the love that you have for your family.

Well, for that very reason, today we decided to gather some of the best family quotes that have ever been said. These quotes are the best family quotes in the entire internet and written especially for you.

Never Do That

family-quotesWell, if you have ever taken out your stress on your family, then that is a big mistake that you have committed. The stress is something that is going to be in your mind for a short amount of time before you let it go- but your family is one of the most important things that you are going to have in your life like this quote says.

Be With You

This may be one of the Winnie the Pooh quotes, but this quote also reflects your relationship with your family. Wherever you go, the love and the blessings of your family will always be with you.

The Two Suns

Well, isn’t this family quote so true? Our parents are growing old, that means every day the time that we are going to have with them is decreasing, so we should never forget to love them while we still can.

The Gift Around

Like this quote says, Christmas is a fun festival only because we can celebrate it with our family. So, having the opportunity to celebrate Christmas itself is the best gift we can ever have.

Too Many Blessings

Well, one of the blessings that this quote is pointing out is the family. Whatever be your flaw, your family will still keep on loving you like they always do.

Out Roots

Well, this is one of the most inspirational family quotes. The words on this family quote hold a deep meaning.


Well, family and friends quotes like this will help you to enjoy your day of break even more. This is the day you don’t possibly have to work, and the best thing that you can do is have fun with your family.

Still By Your Side

Well, you have had various situations in your life where you have realized that this quote is so true. If it is to protect you, your family will follow you even in hell.

For My Family

Well, this is the wish for our own family we always make with the Lord. This quote exactly says the thoughts about us towards them,

Commitment and Love

Well, this quote says it all. We don’t necessarily have to be connected by blood to call each other our family. All we have to have is the bond strengthened by love.

The Satan’s Plan

Well, if you sometimes happen to think that you are more important to yourself rather than your family,  you will need to remember this quote. The satan does like playing with everyone at times.

Home and Blessing

Short family quotes like this also tell us everything that is to know about a family. It is simple, it is straight and elucidated the concept of having the love bond in the most perfect way.

Every Family Problems

Well, whether that be the royal family or any other family- there indeed can be some troubles and misunderstandings within it. So, like this quote actually means, we will have to know that this thing is common and it should never be allowed to break the bond and love.

A Haven

Well, isn’t it? The world is heartless but your family gives you the heart to reside in. That is just another reason why your family is very important.

Who Needs to Complain?

Yes, like this quote says, the family life cannot be perfectly smooth, but that will never overshadow the love. So, that is the reason nobody blames or complain.

The Way To The Light

Well, this is a true quote about family and friends. When the world puts us in the darkness, they come with a lantern wherever we are to help rescue us.

Our Family

Well, this is one of the most accurate and minute quotes on family. The circle of the family is indeed one of the best circles you will ever be in your life.

Blended Family

Quotes like this are very inspirational as well. I mean even divorces have positive sides to them. This quote also could be included in the list of our positive quotes.

Things that You Hate

Well, as this quote says, when we have a family, we do everything that we can for its sake no matter we like or hate doing the things.

Love Can Become Everything

In the list of our family quotes, this is one of the brief family love quotes. This quote says how strong love is and how it is everything for a family. You could also find interesting quotes like this in our love quotes.

Whatever You Call It

Well, there could be various words to denote a family as it has been said in this quote. What we have to remember is that humans are supposed to have a family- we can’t live without one.


Well, this quote says it all. The family is everything, isn’t it? You do everything for your family and there is all your love in your family. Actually, your family has everything that you need.

Living Everyday

Well, you live with your family every day and this quote also talks about the principles and values in the best way possible. A family is a place where you build upon the good things and behaviours while terminating the bad things together.

The Loyalty

Well, if the people who you are not connected with blood are still loyal to you and love you till the end of your lives, then they are your family as well. Like this quote says, the relation may not be so important but being together is the most important trait that the people need to have in order to be members of the family.

Still Family in the End

Well, this quote says the thing that we discussed early on in even a better way. Yes, your family will always be there to love you because it is so strong that no fights can possibly deteriorate it.

The God’s Gift

Well, have you had a family or even made one? Don’t think that it is a coincidence that you became related or met these people. The God made you guys together, you are each other’s gift from the God.

What Family Teaches

Well, the things in this quote are exactly what the family teaches you. So, we have included this our family quotes.

Be Thankful

I mean common, why is there a reason to hate life? I mean okay, there are so many things that hate you as well- but then, there always is your family. You still have more love given to you that the problems.


Well, when we look at this family quote in a deep sense, the preparation that you do for your family also shows how committed you are. If you make plans for your family, this says that you are there for them till the rest of your life.

We Live

Well, this is certainly what we do in our family, don’t we? We live our lives in our family- it is one of the best things that has ever happened to us.

Strength and Weakness

Well, family quote tattoos are good to see, aren’t they? Anyway, this quote about family is stating the truth. But, what is to be understood is that your family will never want to you fall- at least if they know that you will fall.

Sisters In Family

The family is great, and sisters are awesome, aren’t they? For every people with sisters, they are very familiar with this family quote.


Well, yes the family is the place which has made you. And, that is the best way that you can live. Safe to say, your family is the only place where you can be yourself in the best way possible.

Still Colour the Same

What a great way to relate family with the crayons, this quote is so accurate. I guess you already know what this quote means, don’t you?


Well, whatever you may feel like or however you may be, you are always free to do it in your family like this quote says.

If Your Is Greener

Well, isn’t it the same exact case with the family as shown in this quote. When you have a family, you are too occupied to ever feel jealous of the others because for you giving your best to your family is the only thing that matters.

How Happy

This is one of the best inspirational quotes about family. Well, it is of more importance for the family to be happy instead of having many things.

Part of Something Wonderful

And this is one of the most wonderful family quotes. Yes, having a family indeed means what has been said in this quote.

Not Always Blood

So, like this quote says, if you want to call people your family even if they aren’t related to blood, you can do it. I mean the family you make in this way is the best family that you could possibly have.

Precious Memories

This family quote is inspiring but if you think a little bit more, it turns out to be one of the very sad quotes. Anyway, you have to enjoy the moments with your family as much as you can when you still can.

May You

I would say that this quote would also make a great Christmas quote about family. I mean if you send this blessing as a Christmas wish to a family, it will mean a lot to them.

The World

Your family is the best place for you to be in and your mother is definitely the best person in your family. Well, as this quote says, she is your world.

Just the Right Mix

This quote is what I would like to call a cute family quote. Well, for s, the family is the perfect mix.

The Family Happiness

Family quotes like this show us exactly how important and necessary that our family is. Let us say, the happiness you are feeling becomes even happier when you have a family to celebrate that with you.

The Place For Contact

Well, isn’t this family quote so true? When we are in a family, we can read each other’s mind like no one can. We definitely know what the other members of our family are thinking and the way they interpret things.

The Poisonous People

Well, this is so true and those people are really venomous. Those are the people who have got the biggest chance of hurting us because friends and families- that is the place where give our everything. And the people with wrong intentions in there is one of the biggest problems that you may have to deal with.

The Betrayal

Well, isn’t this quote sad? The betrayal from the family is the most unexpected one and the pain from this thing may even hurt you for your entire life. The betrayal in the quote is something all we have to hope that nobody has to experience.


Well, personally I don’t have a daughter. But, I don’t need to have one to know that this quote is accurate. For many people, having a daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to them.

Are You Okay

Well, you cry because you think that in front of the person, that is where your tears get valued. Even if it doesn’t seem like one, this quote is indeed one of the most inspirational family quotes.


Well, don’t you like spending time with your cousins? They are awesome, but the best part is that they make you feel comfortable and give you all the support that they possibly can like it has been said in this quote.

In This House

Well, this quote says exactly what goes into a house with families. And everything that goes in the house is fun and fulfilling.

For the World Peace

Well, here is another one of those great family quotes from Mother Teresa. She indeed was filled with a lot of wisdom, and every word that she said should be followed by everyone in the world.

Who We Are 

Well, family quotes exactly like this make us value our parents even more. Even to understand our true self, we need to know our parents perfectly.

Something Important than Love and Privilege

Well, you get the wealth and privilege because you needed to work for it. Whatever you earned made you pay as well, but his quote also tells the fact that the love given to you by the family has had no conditions. You get it not because they have to because they want to. So, this quote is true.

Loving the People Who Love Me

Well, if you start to do the same and relate to this quote perfectly, then you will be one of the happiest people around. You will really like the way that you are leading your life.

 Because of the Things That Matter

Well, a family is never the place where gender even matters. You love your brothers exactly the way you love your sisters. This quote is very accurate.

Family is Family

Well, many other family quotes have said the same thing, haven’t they? However you become associated with a family, it is still important to you. And your family still is the place where you get all the love you are looking for.

Anything To See you Smile

So, this family quote says exactly what people you should be calling family. They are the people who always want you happy and do anything to keep you happy.

Building Yours

You parents value you as something very precious. They have given everything that they could to keep you happy. Making them sad only to make other people happy is nothing short of a sin that you commit. So, it must be our interest to follow this quote until the end of our lives.


Well, this is the quote that you see if you don’t think that you have been a perfect mother. To the children that you have, you are their world. You have given them everything that you possibly could, and you could sacrifice anything just to keep them happy. You certainly need to realise that you are a gift above all.

The Compass That Guides

Our family as said in this quote about family, are the sense of our direction. They are the people that lead us in the right way. Even if you are the navigator of your own life, you will still need a compass, and as said in this quote, your family is exactly that.

That Home

If you read more family quotes like this one, you definitely will come to realise what the family actually means to you. Definitely, you get all the fortune in the world to be able to share that in the house, don’t you?

The Sign of Freedom

Well, isn’t this quote stating the truth? I mean people become free because they want to build their own family. And that is exactly what this quote says. These are the most accurate words to represent a freeman.

Those People

Now, this family quote has elaborated in the perfect sense of how people become your family. We have already known it from earlier how blood isn’t so necessary in a family, and this quote has made it clear exactly how.

The family is the best place where you can be. I mean it is the place where you can feel the most happiness that you can. A family is where you give your love, and you can easily expect to get even more back. You can be yourself, and the people in your family love you for exactly who you are. Well, these are the exact things that all of the family quotes told you, weren’t they?

So, like your family values you, you need to do the same. We live busy lives, we all know, but that doesn’t mean that it should stop us from spending time with our families. I mean if we come to realise when we are with our family that is when we enjoy the most. So, it doesn’t need to be only Christmas or Thanks Giving for us to have enough time for our families. Well, then this is it. How did you like these family quotes? Did they make you feel like you want to be with your family even more? Did you get some motivation to love your family in the best way possible? Let me know, and till the next time, have more fun with your family.

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