112 Amazing Cover Up Tattoo Designs To The Rescue

A cover up tattoo- you may have our own reasons for getting one. Maybe it is that you just don’t feel that the current art on your skin deserves to be there, or maybe you just want a new look. Sometimes, you reach a point when you think that what you have right now is not what you really want to have. So, as you know, a problem is called a problem because it has a solution- and that goes without saying the same with tattoos.

Well, if you think you also are in the same state, then I am glad to say that you can easily get out of it. Because you know, having art like something you don’t prefer- it definitely could make you feel you will need to worry. But, you know what? Some great tattoo artists say something else.

So, whatever be your reasons, here are some of the best cover up tattoos ever designed. Look at all of them and realize whatever state you are in right now, it is completely turnable.

Petals to Birds and then A Flower


cover up tattoosLet us be direct here- her previous tattoo had a good concept- just that it wasn’t implemented correctly. That color looks like somehow washed off and how they have turned it into a beautiful rose is amazing.

Rose And Trisula

I don’t think I don’t have to add anything into this one. Some bad art turned into a universal language of love.

To A Skull

If we are not talking about the slightly smudged design he has, it is like a decent tattoo turned into a great skull.

A War Tank to Flowers

If you were looking for inspiration with some epic female cover up tattoos, this is one you must see.

DragonFly And Friends

What she has before almost makes no sense, I am frank here. And what she has after is something everybody would like to see.

Blurred Butterfly Jar To A Purple Rose

Her tattoo was ruined to such a point that you can’t even read what is in there. Btm there is a lot of hope, you see.

Wooden Demon Into A King

After this maybe he will realize that he must be keeping good care of his tattoo.


Now, after this, she understands how important it is for her to get to a good tattoo parlor. And also be clear about what she wants. For example, you could take a look at our flower tattoos before getting one.

Butterfly and Rose To A Pink Flower

This is another epic revamp. Like, first it looks like some dirty piece of artwork, and then it is like it never existed there in the first place.

Quote To Rose

We could not blame any design here, just that it’s ink doesn’t somehow look too good.

Flying Pony To A Rose And Cross

She indeed knows how she can add many stories to her tattoo, and her previous design could also have been good. It is just that those outlines were ruined over time.

A Whale To A Rose

Here it goes- he already had a beautiful tattoo, and then he turned into something he was interested in at the moment. A cover up tattoo is not just for bad art, like said before.

A Tribal Flower

Nothing much to say- just that an almost already dead tattoo given a new construction. And also a new life.

Star Added

This one is more of an addition than a cover up tattoo. It is just that a star was tuned into her hair- so, theoretically, it still holds some property of a cover up tattoo.

Koi Fish

See, your tattoo could be deteriorated a lot- but, there still is some hope. A hope that will give you something that you wanted in the first place with your design.

Butterfly To Flower

Here is a butterfly tattoo covered up with a flower.

Tribal To A Knight

A perfect way of turning a classic tribal into a knight. Almost smeared off, but then he had something he will be proud of every day till he breathes.

Butterfly Covered up

Colored or covered?- it will have to the later, because you know, how this outline has been turned into a beautiful one.

Rose And Compass

A simple small flower turned into love and sense of direction. You will need to learn to give your tattoos some meaning about your qualities.

Lost Color Into Blue Rose

Almost lost, right? And then with the blue one- this is something great. There is a plus point of your tattoo completely rubbed off- this could give you more options.

Devil Quote To A Rose And Name

It was a quote is definitely no questions, but the design was all of the doubts. And then you already see what it could be converted into.

A Paper Bird Into A Black Cat

It is like turning a small epic one into another mesmerizing one. He indeed knows what should be done with his tattoos.

Vision And Eye

It is just that he covered up the same tattoo with colors that gave it a better life.

Nail Sketch To A Traditional Jaguar

No offense, but I guess his previous tattoo artist was a good one, but what he did this time turned into a huge flaw.

Dragon To An Angel

Both with wings- both mystifying, only that the cover up design a far more lively than what he had before.

Fire And Pain Into Hourglass

Not only as a cover up tattoo, but this hourglass is also epic- however, you look at it. Look at those reflections in the glass- they look so realistic.

Minimalist Feather Covered Up With Colors

She had a cross and a feather- she didn’t think it was such a good idea afterward. And then she covered it up with colors and now it looks excellent. Like a boss.

Infinite To Feathers

A bad tattoo is not going to be on your skin for infinity. You can cover it up- then alter its art.

Crosses To  A Haunted House

Well, whatever your tattoo be, it can be turned into something like how you have never thought of it.

Japanese Letters To A Haunted House

While doing a smaller tattoo, there could be a risk that they don’t come out like they have to- because even a smaller flaw in them will be magnified. You will need to be careful.

Paws Into A Purple Flower

It is like those paws lost somewhere. Like what a great job when a purple hue overshadows the color of a shadow.

Moon Patterns Into A Cat

She wanted to have a cover up tattoo still revolving towards what she had at the moment. And that is exactly what she got.

Heart Into A Skeleton

Those colors in the heart somehow turned out to be wrong. But no so much of a big deal, when they were made right again with a great skeleton design.

Feather Anklet

One design rightly done, but not the other one. You can learn a lot from this.

A Smudged Butterfly

Giving new and fresh colors means giving a tattoo a new innovative.

Almost Rubbed Into A Splendid Red Rose

Here is a complete process of a cover up tattoo. What do you think about this?


Tailored face tattoo, perfectly tailored itself. Everybody would be impressed with it’s before and after.

Into A Tribal Flower 

Well, his word’s significance didn’t change when she dedicated her tribal flower tattoo to her mum.

Dinosaur To An Octopus

Just that his dinosaur’s color looked like it was about to be erased completely. But, then there comes a boss octopus.

Crown to A Crow

For your notice, the second one is which has been covered with that splendid crow.

Grenade Into A Bird

Covering up tattoos also sometimes means turning something into a very different concept. But that is not regarding design, of course.

Never Stop Dreaming

Also, look at his quote if you are so badly in need of motivation regarding the present state of your tattoo.

Black Panther

Just added some fresh colors and rose design. And it made a world of difference.

Cloud And Twirls That Cover Up

No way one will not be impressed with this one as well. Because you know, some tattoo which almost just remained a burden and some another one made, which mesmerizes anybody.

Anchor To A Rose

If you noticed, in some of these cover up tattoos, the newly made design gets some unique hues. And that makes it look very distinct when compared to its own types.

A Quote Covered Wih Tribal Border And Shadows

You always have an option, don’t you? Also, take a look at our tribal tattoos.

A Scenery Into A Skeleton

Almost nothing was left of his previous tattoo. But, then there was a brilliant skull tattoo to the rescue.

 Celtic Designs Into A Koi Fish

Many designs that normally be seen as unrelated can also be derived from one another. As you can see in this one.

Buildings Given Shadows

His tattoo was awesome, and then it was made more elaborative with those colors cover up.

A Kings Family

Well, it is all props to his tattoo artist. For his excellent work with this cover up, of course.

Spade Into A Fish

A koi fish doesn’t need to have a specific shape like some other designs. So, may tattoos are preferred to be reworked with a koi fish cover up tattoo.

Eagle Into A Real Knight

He still got a bad-ass cover up. Something he wanted to do with his previous tattoo as well.

A Feather Cover Up

Added some hues, impressive. Look amazing from what it used to look like.

Heart And Sword

Those could be daggers, but I am going with swords.  Anyway, a great alteration of one’s tattoo.

A Roar

A lion roar- amplified with a heartfelt cover up, I will have to say.


Simple cover up- loud noise. An excellent example for all of us.

Armband To Color Splash

Here is another good of a good old- simple armband. See, it can be still converted into other epic designs if you want.

Tribal to Abstract

If you still have a little doubt with whatever tattoo you have, you may need not be worried. You can have a lot of motivations through designs like this.

Traditional Crest

Everything covered up creatively, to give a very unique design.

Finger Erased

I wonder where he even got his previous tattoo. Anyway, he got a good cover-up.

Aqua Life

From being a matter of mourn to something that makes the getter happy for all time- this one is another epic conversion.

World Map

Maybe this one was for someone who dreams to travel around the world. Just like most of us here.

Tribal To An Armed Force

Looking at more great cover up tattoos on arm, this one is another one. After the cover up, people can’t even imagine that previously, there was another tattoo there.

Tribal Sign To Ship And Tower

Well, what is there to add to this one? His tattoo artist did it all. And this dude was a relieved man, we will have to say.

Borders Added

Shadows and those outlines made into a little bold. Too good either way.

World And Floral 

A cover up that makes it as if there was nothing there ever.

Tribal To And Elephant

Similar patterns- I mean the tribal design’s shape turned into an elephant tusk is worth a praise. This cover up tattoo is an innovative way of thinking.

Fear And Scorpion

A cover up tattoo which still holds the essence of his previous one. I mean many fear a scorpion, don’t they?

A Galactic Warrior

His previous tattoo tuned almost non- existent around time. And when he realized he could still make it right, he didn’t waste his time at all.

Bat To An Wolf

A tribal structure turned into a bat- his previous concept was cool as well. But, we could never say the same about its quality. And, you would like to take a look at our wolf tattoos.

Cover It Up With Spirals

A real cover up- not letting the looker even think that there could be something other than what he sees over there.


You necessarily don’t have to change its meaning. Means, you can get a cover up tattoo and still say what you want to say.

Bat Into Jesus

So many ideas you can go with. Now, you already know how important it is to talk to your tattoo artist before making a decision.


With a dinosaur riding a spaceship, his cover up tattoo is really profound to say. Already extinct historical animal doing a futuristic thing- this indeed is a deep art.

Sea- Horse Skeleton To A Fish

Something dead- to something lively and breathing. The same goes when we talk about these designs.

Santa Head Reworked

Tattoos can get old- you will need to learn to maintain them. So, you don’t need to even think of a getting a cover up tattoo.

Count Your Blessing

You can imagine only that quote in there. Doesn’t look so awesome like it currently does now, does it?


His first tattoo ink was so much disintegrated that we almost can’t see what was there in the first place. And then, his cover up tattoo must be full of praises.

A Hunter

Same thing- but covering it up made all the difference. And that skeleton looks as if it has been completely reworked.


Well, his precious design was good too, but it is only that those blurred colors were not something that made it look like it had to.


Cover up and a tribute at the same time. A cover up tattoo doesn’t mean that you will only need to care about the design, of course.

Dog To The Planet Of Apes

Added so much to his previous design- not only about its idea but also about the meanings that could be embedded in there.

Sky Blue

Well, when a demonic element has been mixed with the color of an angelic possession, it is something that you will always remember. Anybody would want to have this tattoo.


Here is a prolific example of the mens cover up tattoos. An entire sleeve design reworked to look excellent- this is very impressive.

A Lion After All

I am not trying to be rude, nor this is banter, but previously, his tattoo artist created a comedy character in place of a lion. Take this as a note and you hire a skilled tattoo artist, will you?


This cover up tattoo has not yet been completed, but all of us can say how it will look like when it finally will be.

A Skeleton’s Spectacle

We can’t see the previous one, but this is a cover up as well. A great one, of course.

Color Background

This is very clever for a tattoo artist. Like you actually cover up the previous design with ink and only ink, then use your client’s skin to do something very creative.

Illuminati To A Rose Flower

Including this one, we have seen so many cover up tattoos ideas, haven’t we? And all of them epic.

Polar Bear

Cover up tattoos before and after- these pics show how we have devised solutions to many tattoo problems.


The previous art was good as well, but somehow it doesn’t look so fit to be a tattoo- like something that could be impressive only in a paper.

Sea Life

Covering quotes- that could not be so big of a deal if you can think of a befitting design. So, if you want to do so, you don’t need to be so much worried.

Monster Knight

Some sketches to something worth a remember- what a great transition. It is all about your ideas, right?

Dragons To A Knight

A tattoo and a cover up tattoo- these things come from different cultures around the world.

A Circus Man to A Lion

Forget about what he had previously, it could be great, but we can hardly see. But, tell me what do you think about his newly made lion?

Skeleton And Octopus

What he covered up his previous tattoo with- that could be a treat to anybody’s eyes.

Skull And Eyes

Which of these two color ideas took your heart by storm? This makes one of the best cover up tattoos on forearm.

Skull And Plant Leaves

We can easily say this is a cover up when we are looking at it with that sense. But other’s won’t notice, don’t worry.

Ink Cover

Looking for some cover up tattoos on wrist? Some crystalline patterns- sometimes, ink all over all of them make it look great. Nothing complex in this cover up, still complete.

Devil Girl To A Tiger 

Another great tiger cover up tattoo. Like something always welcome.

Traditional Eagle

This one never looks like a cover up – no way. And you know what, to never look like a cover up tattoo is the quality of a great cover up tattoo.

Cover up tattoos- they are great, aren’t they? Like you get a tattoo first, and just after you realize that is nothing you would want- you go and have another one. But you know what? From now on, you will have to make sure that you will never need a cover-up tattoo in the first place.

From these examples too, we can understand something. How important it really is to get to a good tattoo artist. Giving someone a good tatto0- this is not a random thing that anybody could do. And also, from now on, you also got a clear clue why you need to take good care of your tattoos.

So, did these cover up tattoos pictures help you? If yes, I am happy. Have fun and wishes for your cover up tattoo.

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