120 Incredible Koi Fish Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings And Tips

Koi fish tattoo- a “crap fish tattoo”- I just translated it from Japanese. Koi stands for crap. Well, Koi fish tattoos have been popular since it started and it still goes true. Koi fishes have been very important animals in Japanese culture. Maybe there are two reasons for it. One. There are many crap fishes found in this country- that is how something is regarded highly, isn’t it? Joi is an excellent animal variety, which is enriched with dynamic hues and astonishing examples, showing up and a standout amongst the most wonderful looking pets. This rich animal has made it to the best among aesthetic tattoo outlines. And next-  they stand for a variety of things. Now, let us talk about tattoos. Why do we get a tattoo? Because we want it to look good on our skin and hold a lot of significance. A koi fish tattoo is just that.

A koi fish tattoo- we have a lot of options available for this thing. Because, these tattoos have been in practice for a long time, so it’s style has evolved. I mean not evolved necessarily- but, still, style variations have come along. Because you know, they go along with any other elements. And on top of that, they represent everything that other tattoos do. Which means incorporating a koi fish tattoo with other tattoos give us a variety of meanings, which we will be talking about later.

koi fish tattoo So, are you thinking of getting a koi fish tattoo as well? If yes, then I will have to say you have made one of the best decisions in your life. Because, you know? Koi fishes don’t only look good in an aquarium. Their elegance speaks for itself, which means anywhere you get them, they are still pretty and wonderful. And also, you know that in most cases, a koi fish tattoo will always resemble you. And these are more than enough reasons for you to get a koi fish tattoo.

In order to help you with that, you already know what we did. Yes, we didn’t only collect some koi fish design samples, but we have selected the best koi fish tattoos you will ever get. Take a look at these koi fish tattoos, carefully- I will have to add and I wish they help you make a decision.

Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning

The koi fish is an image with amazingly profound significance for the individuals who pick it as a component of their body craftsmanship. Like every other tattoo, you will need to know what you are doing with your koi fish tattoo. The conventional importance of a koi fish tattoo can shift contingent upon the fish’s introduction and shading. You need to make sure that your koi fish tattoo passes on the coveted importance.

Emblematically, koi fish is related with favorable luck because legends say that it can climb the falls on Yellow River and turn into a winged serpent. Mostly, it remains for the expectations and goals of a man to wind up better and go through intense circumstances in existence with quality and constancy. Similarly, koi tattoos should harbinger favorable luck for the carrier and give him quality to bring the best out of himself. In Christianity, fish remains for confidence and wealth. Koi fish tattoos began in East Asia. However, it has diverse representative importance in various societies.


Now, we are going to talk about may things a koi fish tattoo stands for- and that is what makes it very popular.

In Japanese culture koi fish is translated as an image of affection and energy. It likewise remains for manliness, which is why banners with pictures of this fish are placed up in the nation when a child takes birth in a home. Then again, when we discuss Chinese culture, koi speaks to quality and assurance to satisfy your fantasies as, as per the legend, this fish transforms into a mythical serpent when it climbs the Yellow River. It additionally symbolizes enduring favorable luck, which is why people have a view that the koi tattoo will pull in riches and wealth in one’s life.

Additionally, koi fish is brimming with life and vitality and swims with extraordinary power and speed against the current to each a nourishment source, which connotes that the fish is resolved and great to battle against the chances. Also, this tattoo is an image of bravery and assurance, which rouses a man to handle the most troublesome circumstances with fearlessness and energy. Likewise, swimming against the ebb and flow makes the fish an autonomous identity with strength enough to conflict with the tide and emblematically, it speaks to the capacity to conflict with the set standards throughout everyday life, giving a great and brave picture to the carrier of koi tattoo.

Meanings and Designs Choices Together

Splendid tattoos denote splendid things. When you pick a design, make sure that you are in no doubts about it. Which means, taking a second opinion may not be so suitable because this is a decision only you have to make. And there is no way you can get it wrong. Because you know, a tattoo could be a decoration of your arms, but you have to know that you do it for yourself to feel and not for others to see.

So, your tattoo has to look good to yourself and you may as well not care about what others think. Remember these words before we move along to our next section- that is, designs of koi fish tattoos.

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Now, let us talk about its designs. We already know this is also something that has made koi fish tattoos popular. Because of various color choices and elements availability, it is evident that everybody becomes attracted to these tattoos. Also, we indeed talked about koi fish tattoo meanings, didn’t we? But, now it is time we realize that it is not enough. So many meanings for a koi fish tattoo means different tattoos say very different things. A red koi fish tattoo could be entirely different from a black koi fish tattoo regarding significance.

First, let us talk about its colors.

Red Koi Fish Tattoos

Well, we already know what red color stands for. It is the color of love. And yes, it’s no different regarding koi fish tattoos. They signify love as well. But, more specifically- the love between a mother and her daughter. A red or orange koi is an image for a mother of the family, and a red or pink koi is an image for a little girl. Red koi can likewise symbolize power and valiance, both regular relationship with the shading red.

Black Koi Fish Tattoo

Well, yes, this colors meaning is also related to any other tattoos. It stands for overcoming an obstacle and taking challenges. This color is relatable for the individuals who have experienced an intense fight throughout everyday life and have at long last made it to a position of quality. These obstructions can incorporate gloom, sedate dependence, a harsh relationship, and numerous different circumstances.

Gold And Other Combination

You know what does a gold koi fish tattoo represent?- Gold itself. Well, we are talking about wealth here. A gold koi fish tattoo, if somebody has that, then he or she is believed to be blessed with good fortune and a lot of money. And if you are also thinking of getting one, then you can have this faith in your heart as well.

Blue Koi Tattoos

Till now, maybe you have already realized that koi fish tattoos and family come with one another. These tattoos have a strong connection with one’s family. So, blue koi tattoos are for masculine members of your family. That means, father and son. And it also stands for male glory- but don’t take it wrong for domination.

Now, let us talk about some symbols

Water And Fire

Counting both fire and water with koi fish can additionally represent the adjust and amicability throughout everyday life. It symbolizes contrary forces meeting up with each other. Both of them are strong, they cancel each other. So, water and fire in your koi fish tattoos, it could be representing you and your rival.

Ying Yang

This is also more like fire and water koi fish tattoos. Ying Yang- lightness and darkness. No one can exist without the other. This is what a ying-yang symbol is all about. And during a time, any one thing can be ying and the other yang- they don’t necessarily have to be light and darkness.

In terms of Koi fish tattoos, sides of highly contrasting are said to take after a female, and a male koi are swimming together, speaking to the concordance of two inverse energies meeting up as one, making an immaculate adjust. In Taoism, yin and yang additionally symbolize the dueling sides of all things and the ideal changes and congruity of them. The round development of the fish speaks to the conviction that everything in life is associated.


Definitely, you also have seen a lot of dragon koi fish tattoo designs. Well, it is only conventional. For, you know, there is a legend how a koi fish turned into a dragon. This means both of these creatures- are considered really mystic. Maybe it is because of these both creatures looking amazing- one living on lard and the other- under the sea. A dragon koi symbolizes defeating troubles. This design demonstrates quality and will, the will to conflict with all chances to achieve its predetermination. A winged serpent is likewise a portrayal of intensity and fierceness, alongside its riddle. It speaks to a re-birth, new begin, or starting. It shows the capacity to proceed onward and start with a fresh start.

Lotus And Koi Fish

Well, as we were talking about this tale about dragon and koi fish, a lotus flower also has been an essential character in this story.
Bringing the lotus and a koi fish together further speak to torment, battle, and development. Well, a lotus on your koi fish tattoo could signify what lotus signifies more than the koi fish itself. Similarly, as the koi began as a little fish and developed into a solid monster, the lotus starts in a filthy lake but, after that, ends up lovely.

Also, there are several other design approaches to koi fish tattoos. First, the most common is a traditional design, which is only evident because koi fishes come from ancient Japan and are considered an important animal in their tradition. And others could be tribal designs, which could not be so common.  But, alongside with traditional designs, modern designs are also popular nowadays.

But, no matter how these koi fishes tattoos could be- they still have some Japanese ambiance to them.

Koi Fish Tattoos Placement

So, where would you want to place your Koi fish tattoos on? It is all up to you- for there is no specific rule. Anyway, here are some ideas for you.


If you need to make your tattoo obvious to everybody, at that point, you could get it in your neck. Be that as it may, you would want to be somewhat watchful. The neck is a standout amongst the most touchy parts of our body. Along these lines, if your agony resilience to a tattoo needle is not so good, you may need to rethink this. In this way, I would not require you to keep running off from some other tattoos simply because you recall this slight torment. Anyway, to create an impression all over the place, you go, get an innate tattoo on your neck.


A lot of individuals get their koi fish tattoo on the wrists or arms, isn’t that right? In the hub of the wrist and the lower leg, diverse example if these tattoos could suit in an exceptionally delightful manner. This would be an impeccable mold sense as there are different shoes or even armlets and watches that look great in those zones of your body. That is the reason you see such a significant number of astounding outlines around there.  Among them, koi fish tattoo on the forearm and koi fish sleeve tattoos and koi fish half sleeve tattoos are most popular.


Well, yes, koi fish tattoos on legs could also be a great idea. For, you know when we see it this way- your legs are just like your hands regarding tattoos-only that you get more axis area and more pain tolerance. And also about apparels, leg tattoos also have a lot of styles that match with them. Don’t believe me? you will also see a lot worth of this idea in our leg tattoos.


You get an inborn chest tattoo if you need to hold the outline nearest to your heart. Individuals do as such with some personal plans like the inborn cross tattoos. These tattoos are mainly implied just for your nearest individuals to see them. Like to somebody to whom you devote your tattoo too. Anyway, the tattoo, when viewed from the side could influence you to look dazzling. Move it to your style. Only make a point to choose your favorite outline with importance for yourself.


You have seen a great deal of the koi fish back tattoos also, haven’t you? I would state that the back could be another ideal place to put your tattoo on. This could be reliant on the measure of your tattoo. On the off chance that it is expansive, at that point your back would be where you would ink your tattoo. And furthermore, for the general population getting their tattoo out of the blue and extremely stressed over the torment possibly this is a smart thought for them too. Since we know, the torment resistance of our back is minimally more than whatever else. However, much the same as some other arrangements, this decision is likewise completely yours.


Finally, it all comes down to what you think- find your ideal placement and be proud of your koi fish tattoo, for your life.


Some Tips For Getting a Tattoo

I know that most of you have already had a tattoo- but not all of you. And for people getting their first tattoo, we will have to say there are some tips which will come in handy. Remember all these words- they could be really important to you- actually, they will be important to you, for there are things you will need to remember during the day you go for your first tattoo.

First Off

Make sure you book your appointment to the best tattoo parlor you can go. This is very necessary. You would want a great tattoo artist, it is okay if he doesn’t have much experience, but don’t forget to look at his previous arts. Because you know, you have to stretch everything that you can. You are going to be living with your tattoo for the rest of your life so, make sure you will be proud of it until your last breath. And another thing, make sure you tattoo parlor is clean as well. For a store which can maintain itself is only the one who can help to get your best.
And another thing- please be patient. I mean for real. If you think you like a design, ask yourself if you love it or not. Stare at it for more than 20 seconds with all your heart- with all your concentration. Make sure that you will never get tired of looking at it. Only then you can be assured that you can have it.

Now, we have already seen what you will need to do before making your decision and let’s talk about what you are going to do after you make it finally.

Healthy Sleep

Make sure you have enough sleep the night before. That means 8 hours of sleep. I don’t have to say why sleep is more than just rest. It helps your body be back to normal- your cells to heal and become new again and most of all, it refreshes you. Means that you will need to be feeling very fresh when you go and get your tattoo.


No junk foods during the day you are going to get your tattoo. And also remember to get a healthy dinner the night before. Food helps to refuel you, and you will make sure you have a lot of healthy protein because you already remember that you are going to pierce your skin. Your skin needs to heal itself, and you can add up some protein to your diet.


Bath- an artist prefers his canvas clean. Make sure you have a shower before getting your tattoo because you don’t want any dirt tatted instead of your skin. And also, your skin is going to be moist which means easier for the ink to sit there. So, a bath is mandatory if not, very necessary while you are getting a tattoo.


Your tattoo artist may have all the equipment’s, but you will need to ask him what you should be buying as well. We are not only talking about tools needed to have your tattoo done- but tools which are going to help you after you have your tattoo. They could range anywhere from special skin soap or moisturizing cream. Make sure you talk to your artist about this thing already.
So, here are these tips that are meant only for you-you will have to remember them completely. For, you don’t want any hindrance or anything pulling you back. If you are to do it in your way, make sure your way is great.

So, what did you think about these koi fish tattoos pictures? Did they help you at all? In making a decision or something? Remember- you don’t have to copy what exactly is here, you could also make your own design taking them just merely as some ideas and tips that helped you. Also, it is all about what you wish you have. A small koi fish tattoo does not necessarily make less sound than a big koi fish tattoo. And till the next time, good luck with your tattoo.

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