Top 73 Best Face Tattoos You Could Get In 2021 That Make A Statement

Face tattoos are not like any other tattoos- they are nothing that the faint-hearted would want to have. Only the pure tattoo enthusiasts- without a doubt- having definite passion and confidence are the ones who even think of getting a face tattoo. For having a tattoo on your face, you will need to have a love for the tattoos like nobody else. Because you know, humans pride their faces more than anything else. And having something that replaces that exact pride- it is a really courageous and a strong move ahead.

The face tattoo is a symbol of the definiteness. It just shows how concrete your decisions are and what your announcement means to you. You donot listen to anybody else and do what you think is right for you- this is a quality that most of the people lack these days. And so, if you are a person who has decided to finally get a face tattoo anyway, you obviously deserve a lot of respect.

But you know, like any other tattoos, the face tattoos also have a lot of designs, and you still have to choose the perfect one for yourself. So, to help you with that, here- we have the best 73 face tattoo designs that you could have for yourself.

Words And Symbolsface tattoos

All the words and symbols- if you think that they represent you and your life, then you might consider getting them on your face. And in his case, the traditional tattoo stretching towards his face makes him look really cool.

Roses And Scissors

What do you think about these designs? Well, the man obviously got the different face tattoos individually, but finally what he’s left is with great design on his face.

Realistic Skulls Tattoos

If you are a skull tattoo enthusiast and merely having a tattoo is not enough, then this is what you can do.

The Tribal Face Tattoos

This man looks like an islander from the 17th century.  With such a sleek design, you can too.

Full Face Tattoos

The difference between the other tattoos and this one is that many people tend to cover their faces with different tattoos they make at different times. But this man lets a single tattoo design cover his entire face in the best way possible.


This gun is a bad-ass and even more when it is on your face.

The Piercing Dagger

The dagger cuts through the skin and appears again. And with the quote above, it definitely tells a story of the individual.

Full Religious Tattoos

Well, this tattoo looks like a mix up between the religious and tribal tattoos.

Stitches On The Lips

We already know about the designs on the upper portion of his face, and what makes it unique are the stitches he has on his lips and along the cheeks.

Words And Tears

How do you interpret this design? It is all up to you for the meaning, but there is no denying that our man here looks super cool on this one.

Words and Diamonds 

He is crazy for tattoos, and I bet the girls are crazy for him. This dude is what most of us would want to be.

What I Am Made Of

For the girls staring at his cute face and looking for some more, he outlined his muscles on the face. Half a face covered his tattoo- this man has really got a great passion regarding this art.

Dollars And Kisses

Aren’t these things the reason we keep on pushing ourselves? This man knows that perfectly. And if you think that you do as well, then you could also tick mark this design so that you could check all of them afterwards.

Forever Mine

If you are not single and think you have found true love, then this is for you. And if you are, don’t bother.

Hardcore Face Tattoos

Well, this time the ink makes the background, and the skin makes the art.


For people looking forward to having simple face tattoos, then you need to take a look at this.

The Third Eye

Even if you are not a God, no one can stop you.  Just have a tattoo like this.

Turn Me To a Monster

It’s not only about the tattoo, but it is also about how the tattoo makes him look like.


Here is a sweet memory of the time when you had the tattoo.

Unexpected Face Tattoos

A little bit of sense of humour from the tattoo lover and even if his tattoo looks like smeared black ink, he still looks amazing.

Religious Face

If you think your religion has influenced you a lot and you’re a hardcore tattoo fa, then get these designs.

Artistic Figures

Well, we will never know what he wants to tell with his tattoo, but we do know that this could be a great idea as well.

Teddy Boy

He calls himself a teddy boy but overall, it is a machismo.


Lil Xan has a great facial tattoo that reflects on his chill music. You could get the same as well.

Her Face

A face on a face- you can tattoo the face of someone whom you are fighting to protect. She definitely looks like her loving mom.


Tattoo scribbles that make no words but deep meanings and look great. Overall, I will have to say he has found the perfect style accommodating his great creativity and looks into one.


Here’s message from Post Malone- let’s look at the design quickly and do what he wants to tell us.


Even if the picture is a little blur, the words on his face may be the name of some people close to him.

Face Tattoos For Girl

Well, this one is just to prove that the face tattoos- especially the dagger tattoo fit perfectly on girls too.

The Mafia

Here is a gangster. But we are not focusing on the person but on his tattoo. And he definitely has a great taste when it comes to the art.

Covered By Hair

Overall, she knows her style very well. Her forehead covered with hair- and it definitely keeps us thinking what design could be behind that. But to say, whatever we see is a really lavish style.

Thunder and Ice Cream

Matching two really different things- this design is really unpredictable yet great. This man really wants to give us a message in a unique way.

The Dots

A word and three dots- this design is for people who are not really so much comfortable with tattooing their entire face.

Face On A Face

Well, the other face doesn’t look like a tattoo at all. It is so realistic as some would say it is just a picture cut and paste and there.

Around The Border

Well, the moon and the umbrella look cool by themselves. And what this man has done is that he has put a border between his face and the other parts of the head. A fantastic way of allocating the territory.

Skull And The Woods

Well, to be frank, we can’t really get what message the tattoo wants to convey what we do know is that it could be really sinister. And the design is also set to intrigue a lot of people.

The Spider And The Asterisk

Sometimes I question myself if the asterisk looks like a six-legged spider and if you do so all the time, you should be smoking less. But anyway, look at how the spider hangs down from the tiger’s tooth. This design is a great addition to something that was already there in a very innovative way.



Well, if definitely don’t need to cover your entire face with the ink to call it a tattooed face. Look at this one- he has just a small diamond, and still, it makes a lot of difference. Just select the perfect design and makes sure the art has been done in the best way.

Half The Devil


Half of the face covered in tattoo and half not- the tattooed eye looks super cool. We can easily say he loves the tattoos and also tell that only the best artists are allowed to design for this man.

Wiz Khalifa’s Face Tattoos

Even if that is rare, many people could say that they don’t like Wiz Khalifa’s music. Well, it is all about the musical taste, but there is almost no one who can point towards his love for the tattoos and say that it is not genuine.

The Tribal Man

Well, this man looks like he is a member of an ancient tribe. And on top of that, he is the most loyal part of his team. Or who knows- maybe he could be the leader as well. But, taking all these imaginations aside, he gave us an epic tattoo design that we could consider to have.

Matching Face Tattoos

Names on the face- the face tattoos is not only about the bravery and commitment to the art but also to the better half. These people with the names on the skin mean- they have this cond of which they are guaranteed is going to last forever.

The Coolest Clown

Here is a man who has used his tattoo to look like a comedian, maybe- that is what he is. But don’t get me wrong, no one will ever laugh at his tattoo.

The Love

Being a vegan doesn’t only mean that you don’t like meat. It is also about showing love to the animals just like us who breathe and feel the pain.  So, if you also are a proud vegetarian- then it is all about confidence- be proud and let the world know.

Gucci Mane Face Tattoo

Well, it is wrong to judge a person by his looks, but the tattoos on his face make him look like a real gangster. Anyway, if we take a look at his face tattoo, there is nothing else we can do but compliment his style.

The Snowflakes

Even if the picture is not a close-up and we have difficulty to see what his tattoos exactly are- but we can say that the tattoos look stunning. This is a clue to us that the face tattoos look excellent from a distance as well.

Below The Cap

The apparel he is wearing goes really well with his tattoo. And it may be wrong to bring out the personal interests, but I can’t stop staring at the earring that he has. Whats Up- Hip-hop heads?

Small Face Tattoos

Face tattoos or not- even the smallest of the tattoo designs have a lot to say, And it is the same in this case. So, if you are not so sure about your face tattoo, then this is the answer for you. Have a smaller face tattoo- and still, you will notice a lot of difference.

What I see in the Sea

A pleasant scenery- right on the forehead. Rooted flower-still beautiful and the flying bird- free. Overall, we could say is that this is the type of the face tattoo that the nature people should have. And also the music lovers- actually he says a lot of things with his face tattoo.

A Man From The Ancient Tribe


Well, this tattoo is also the answer to a lot of people who say only the teens and the younger adults are into inking their faces. Anyway, her selected a great tribal tattoo design for his face and set a great example for a lot of us.

69Nine Smiley Face Tattoo

The numbers and the words- that exactly tell his rap name- this is a great design as well. This man definitely knows what he is doing- tattooing the face with his rap name- that what means a lot to him.

Face Tattoos That Conceal To A Better Thing

Once in a while, individuals get confront tattoos due to the specific advantages these tattoos bring. For instance, you can enhance your face and hide checks and scars you find humiliating with facial tattoos. Such stamps and scars can be anything from scars, skin colourations, or whatever else you put into the repulsive classification.

The Trap And The Words

When you want to get a facial tattoo that is not so big, you will need to make sure that it has been perfectly designed and the art has been implemented in the best way as well. As you know, when there is a small number of the tattoo on your face, then the most of the people’s eyes are going to be attracted to that specific thing.


Well, this is a fact more than a design idea. Drake thanked the girl for having the tattoo on his name but actually bashed the tattoo artist. But, what was the artist supposed to do? He was just doing his job as well.

Crowded Words

Not every person would have the capacity to wear a tattoo this way. As a rule, the “swarmed inked” confront ends up being a wreck, given all the conflicting outlines. A decent tattoo craftsman ought to dependably be prepared to encourage you where to put your next tattoo.

Matching With The Arms

What’s great about her tattoos is that the tattoos on her body match with each other. She loves telling long tales with the help of the ink and her body. So, her face tattoos are obviously going to look spectacular.

Adult One

21 and free- here is another picture showing how cool can 21 face tattoos be. A genuine choice if you are searching for the smaller tattoos.

The Foreign Words

Well, I don’t use the same language as she does and I don’t know what it means. And there is a huge possibility it is the same for you as well. Anyway, there is no questioning about this amazing font.

Flowers And Butterflies

If you choose to cover yourself with the tattoo, then you should also make sure that the style is what you will be proud of for the rest of your life. And this girl knows it all.

Anchor Face Tattoos

Well, she definitely is blessed with one of the best traditional tattoo design one could ever get on their face. And you know what, the tattoo is the one that matches perfectly with her appearance.

The Small Dagger

The small dagger and the cute moon both make great face tattoos for female. And this one is an example of that.

Below The Eyes

When you decide to get a face tattoo, it is not as easy as you are going to tattoo your face. You face itself has a lot of organs, and that means a lot of spaces for you to place your tattoos. And in this case, she has found just the sweet spot.

Words and Heart

She definitely is the bomb. Any tattoo enthusiast would fall for a face tattoos girl. I mean a girl who has a face tattoo- the level of her beauty peaks all of a sudden. And that is the same exact case in here.

Anchor and Stars

She has a lot of tattoos on other organs of her body and just some smaller ones on her face. But anyway, her face doesn’t look a lot different from the other parts of the body regarding the ink because even the smaller tattoos tell a lot about themselves.

The Flying Birds

A face tattoo that also matches with the neck. Free flying birds on your face- they definitely look amazing. And also tell a lot about your heart that always seek the ultimate freedom.

The Life That Everyone Fears Of

Well, everyone loves their lifestyle. For some people, it may be that their lifestyle may not be preferred by the others. But you know what, all you need to do is be proud of it and have nothing to hide. You live life like how you live- tell that with your tattoo.

Mike Tyson’s Face Tattoo

When Mike Tyson gets something that means a lot to him, then it definitely will be excellent. And that is the same with this tattoo as well. I mean, common no artist would want to mess with the art if the man himself is getting it.


All of us know that strength is just one word, but it means a lot more than any other word. The significance of the strength is apparent, and its importance is unrivalled. So, getting that word tattooed is also a great choice.

Horns And The Words

Well, it is cool and kind of funny at the same time. This man does know his right to express himself. Let us just hope that we will not be arrested because of his face tattoo. But if he will be, then it is not just fair.

So, what’s your say? Are you ready to take the huge step? For a person to get a face tattoo, it is a very strong conviction. There are not so many people who can dare to not care about what the others say and exhibit what they love the most. And in this case, they are the tattoos, and the statement holds even more to the face tattoos.

But, this is what everyone always says. It is all about the patients. For you to choose the best design for yourself, you will need to give yourself a lot of time. Reflect on your idea and once more. As you know, it will not be so fun when after already getting the tattoo, you still are not so sure. So, you would not like to repeat the same mistakes that a lot of other people do. Be extra careful when it comes to this subject. And also after making your decision, go to the best tattoo artist that you can hire.

Well, here it is- the best face tattoos designs that we found in the internet. Did they seem to help you at all? Did you decide on a specific one? Let us know, and till the next time- have fun.


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