4 Situations in Which the Uniqueness of the Text Affects the Popularity of Your Blog

When it comes to blogging, it is important to produce and publish quality content at all times.  It is the only way of keeping readers hooked to your pieces. And while every blogger has a different content strategy, uniqueness of text plays significance in keeping up with the competition. Moreover, you don’t want to end up becoming a victim of plagerism or have your site blacklisted for bad SEO practices.

In this post, we explore four situations in which text uniqueness affects the popularity of a blog. But first things first, let’s go through some basics to better your understanding.

What is your blogging strategy and is it effective?

Blogging strategy is the approach you take towards keeping an active online community of readers.  Most importantly, it should help you establish a good blog if not a perfect one.  Presumably, you already know that to maintain a strong web presence among business competitors, you need a website with a blog section. It is where you share your ideas in the hope that it would help realize a higher return on investment.

Thus, before you start running a blog, you should ask vital questions. For example, how unique are the textual elements of your site? Does it help position your blog in the right places for search engines? Who reads your content and how long do they stay on your site? What makes a good blog post? Well, as you seek answers to these questions, take note that an effective blogging strategy shouldn’t only be about the uniqueness of text but also constitute the following:

  • You should work with a blogging schedule. The catch here is that while you will be looking to provide readers with unique content, consistency will set you apart from competitors.
  • You should depict your personality in writing. Readers like visiting websites where they can identify with the blogger.
  • Churn actionable content. It should not be about writing for the sake of it. Readers ought to get the message through actionable tips. They should be able to tell what next after reading a post.
  • Set clear objectives. Without goals to accomplish through blogging, chances are you will be writing about commonplace issues that add no value to readers.

Situations in which unique text affects the popularity of your blog

Now, with the above tips on blogging strategy to get you started, let’s shift focus to the gist of this post.  While the main reason for establishing a blog is to share knowledge and skills, how popular it becomes is now a major concern. The truth is that the blogosphere is replete with people bloggers seeking attention through their various platforms. Some use images to capture attention, whereas others prefer videos. Texts make only a part of the whole range of content you post. It could be videos, images or infographics, etc. However, when it comes to running your content through a free plagiarism checker, it is always going to be about texts. There are many a plagiarism checker you can use in this regard, but that is only part of it.  When it comes to determining how text uniqueness affects the popularity of your blog, the following four situations should help you run a quick check:

1.     In-depth and well-researched content

People blog for different reasons, but when it comes to uniqueness percentage of content, checkers go beyond plagarism, to include depth of content. Here, you’ve got to ask this question: Are you writing to fill up white space like students do on paper or your aim is to educate readers?

In every way you look at it, well-researched content is a major contributor to the uniqueness of the text. Ultimately, it helps improve the popularity of a blog. Readers want to read content that tackles an issue from all angles. If you are a blogger who spins texts from other sources, there is little to no value you will offer your readers. Your blog will remain down under-among those that will never make it to the first page of search engines.

2.     Highly optimized content

Another situation that affects the popularity of a blog is content optimization. Whether you choose to use keywords, top quality backlinks, images, videos or infographics, no reader would want to spend a second longer on a boring site. The catch here is that while it is important to publish well-researched content, checking whether your text is unique or not should also include optimization for search engines.

It is a fact that popular blogs are those which search engines find easy to index. It always boils to down to one’s strategy of optimizing textual elements of a blog.

3.     Original and unique topics

Succeeding in the blogosphere does not happen by chance. It is a product of hard work. Most importantly, a unique approach to writing will spur your growth online and boost the popularity of your blog. While there are lots of viral posts online, resist the temptation of writing on the same old topics. You should explore unique topics and write original content. It is another situation in which uniqueness of content improve visibility of your blog, and consequently, its popularity among readers.

4.     Length of texts

Depending on a blogger’s language prowess, one may want to write short or lengthy sentences. However, the latter, especially for novice bloggers, is always bound to cause problems. Long sentences can be hard to punctuate, and most grammar checkers regard them as difficult to read. On the contrary, short texts are actionable, albeit, should not make up an entire blog.  The best approach, therefore, is a mixture of both.

Moreover, the length of a post plays significance. Is your blog about 500-word content or you like lengthy posts of up to 3000 words? How does it affect the quality of your content? Will you stand out from the pack? If long posts affect usefulness and relevance, go for the shorter ones because the length of texts accounts for the main characteristics of popular blogs.

The Bottom Line

Blogging is the main way of sharing information online today. It is, therefore, important to have a good mastery of the above situations when textual unique contribute to a blog’s popularity. They also double as features of a blog that attract massive readership.

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