Tips and Tricks to Increase Blog Popularity Fast

Nobody starts a blog hoping that it doesn’t get any attention. But managing to drive traffic to your blog can be very difficult. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible. There are ways to increase your blog traffic very quickly. Whether your blog is well-known or you’re just starting out, these tips can make a drastic impact on your readership. No blogger that wants to succeed can be without them.

Pick Your Topic Wisely

It’s no secret that some topics are more popular than others. There are just things that can grab a reader’s attention, as well as those that can bore readers to tears. Knowing which is which is an important part of being a successful blogger. Do your research before you start writing. What topics are currently getting attention? How do they relate to your blog? Can you adequately cover them?

Examine Your Headline

Your headline is the first thing that your readers will see. If your content is shared, it will likely be what is seen first. So it needs to be as close to perfect as possible. If you can find a plagiarism checker free, make use of it. Bonus points if it also grades your readability. You don’t want to have an overly wordy or hard to understand the headline.

Use a Call-to-Action

So, what is a call-to-action? It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a way to call your readers to do a specific action. This action can be many things. It can ask them to read another post, to visit a website, or complete some other action. While it doesn’t seem like simply asking will make readers respond, they really do. Call-to-actions are usually at the end of a written piece or somewhere completely separate. Do not include it in the main body.

Add Some Images

Humans are a visual species. We like to see things and enjoy attention-grabbing images. Because of that, one of the best ways to promote your blogspot is to throw in some high-quality, eye-grabbing pictures. These can be your personal shots, free stock photos, or images that you have paid for. Nobody is going to examine the visuals with a copyright checker, but it is better to be ethical about where you procure your pictures.

Always Proofread

No matter how interesting the topic is, how well the headline is written, or how vivid the images are, nobody will want to read what you have written if it is poorly composed. You don’t want to publish something full of errors. There are many tools that allow you to check your grammar and spelling. These are often the same sites that your teacher would use to check your essay for plagiarism. These are invaluable, and often the checker itself is free. So you have no excuse for bad grammar or plagiarism! And you will see that your readers will thank you for it.

Know How Much is Enough

How much of what? How much of anything! You need to know the optimum amount of anything you might use. Making your posts too long can cause people to simply skip over it, so it’s best not to be too verbose. You can also post too frequently. If you put yourself out there too much, you are going to lose your readers. And there is something to be said for quantity over quality. If you put all of your energy into making a lot of posts, then they will likely be lower quality.

Build Your Community

If you want to keep readers on your blog, then you need to give them a place to congregate. If you don’t, it’s akin to a coffee shop with no seats:  Everyone gets what they came for, and then immediately leaves again. You need to get them a comfortable place to relax. The quickest way to do that is to give them a forum. Here, they can discuss your posts with other readers.

Interact With Readers

If you have been attentive to everything on this list but still wonder, “How to increase traffic to my blog?” this might be the step you’re missing. Readers appreciate when a blogger interacts with them. It makes you come across as more friendly, less aloof, and more concerned with their opinions. This can be done for free, but it has a drastic impact. While it might take a little longer to work than other tips on this list, you can start immediately.

Have an Active Social Media Presence

Being successful takes more than just hanging out on your blog site. If you want new readers, it makes sense to reach out and find them. Because of this, you want to have a strong presence on social media. Taking to Twitter or Facebook can net you more increased traffic then desperately clinging to readers on your blog.

Think Before You Act

This is always good advice. Since you are in the public eye, you always want to behave in an ethical way. You don’t want somebody with a plagiarism detector to ruin your blog. The best way to avoid that as to avoid plagiarism. This is the same for other ethical concerns when it comes to blogging or just behavior in general.

Blogging can be a challenge. You have to balance content creation for drawing in new traffic. With these tips, you’ll find a rapid increase in traffic. Your blog will thank you for that.

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