Nick Wechsler Teases “A Darker Jack” on Revenge


This season of Revenge has been a hard one for good boy Jack Porter, played by BELLO Magazine’s January cover boy Nick Wechsler. He’s gone through all the emotions a human can endure– including joining your partner in Holy Matrimony, only to have her snatched away from you by the hands of death, not even 72 hours […]

‘Revenge’ Midseason Premier: TV REVIEW

Last night, Revenge returned. And as only Emily would have it, a lot of crap went down. Classy, really rich, smell good crap of course.  With December’s finale full of classic “finale” torture, last night’s premier was made from the same cloth. Ashley Davenport is No more. That’s right Dashley fans. We kid, she’ll be […]

5 TV Shows To Be Thankful For

American Horror Story

Those are some of BELLO favorite TV shows this year: 1. American Horror Story – amazingly acted and directed, and very well written. This is definitely the number one show and a real revelation for FX 2. Revenge – the cast is just ext ordinary, the plot is interesting, and the feeling of Hampton’s just […]


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