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Some women love to spend time indulging in their makeup routine, making sure everything is flawless and perfect….and then there’s the rest of us who you’ll spot swiping on mascara doing 75 down the freeway. This article is for you, hurried modern woman! Beauty companies are well aware that  not everyone has an abundance of […]


Mathias w Jade

With all of the beauty products out there on the market, what are the most important staples you think every artist should have in their kit? #1- Fantastic brushes! Out of all the items in my kit that I can make do without, brushes is by far the first thing that I can’t have a […]



The great folks at Tarte have released their Summer 2012 Collection!  They are making a serious statement about making sure your skin is prepped and primed with this collection. Releasing 3 new primers this summer, Tarte is helping you say so long to makeup that doesn’t stay! The heat of the summer is sure to […]

Tinted Moisturizers- Perfect Summer Coverage

The Sun

Whether we’re ready or not dolls, the summer heat is here! Who doesn’t enjoy this time of year? Pool parties, BBQ’s, and splashing it up beachside are such great reliefs from winter scarves, boots, and chapped skin! But just because we’ll be spending more time outdoors, doesn’t mean we have to neglect our beauty routine. […]

Hot New Sunscreen of the Moment- Check it OUT!


DERMAdoctor Body Guard SPF 30 for Face & Body A few weeks ago, I tried out this sunscreen from DERMAdoctor for the very first time. I had tried a few of their products previously, and I became a fan. This sunscreen is delicately whipped and specially formulated, with Sebum Sequestered Micro-Particles, to prevent skin from […]

The SKINny on SKIN: 8 reasons exercise is your best secret skin care ingredient!

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Need a little extra motivation to get yourself to the gym this week? As most of us focus on the benefits of our workouts from the neck down, you’ll be happy to learn that your hours of sweat and dedication in the gym have amazing benefits for your face as well! 1. Beauty is not […]

From Brown Eyes to Blue… the newest technology


Time for a crazy new fashion (or fashion like) trend that is starting to get a lot of press… especially in Asia.  Dr. Gregg Homer from Laguna Beach, California has spent the last ten years working on a way to permanently change eye color… well more specifically, permanently change brown eyes to blue (without damaging vision).  WHAT! you say? Here’s […]

Behind the Scenes w RuPaul and the cast of “DRAG RACE”


I absolutely LOVE what I do as a working makeup/hair artist in the entertainment business, especially when I get to meet some of the inspirations that have paved the way for beauty seekers like myself. The incredible icon of drag-RuPaul and three of the girls from Logo TV’s DRAG RACE came to E television today […]

ZACHARY LEVI (best dressed) and on cover of BELLO mag


BELLO mag on the cover of BELLO mag #34, get it now on APP STORE Newsstand. I have been the Key Makeup/Hair artist on E Television’s THE SOUP for the past 5 years. Every week, we have a celebrity guest stop by for a 5 minute walk on in which the guest will banter with […]

2012 People’s Choice Awards Beauty Winners

2012 People's Choice Awards - Leah Michelle

The 2012 People’s Choice Awards took place on January 11th at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Kaley Cuoco, star of “The Big Bang Theory” was the hostess and she definitely had the most costume and hair changes throughout the evening, I think I counted at least 6!!! Many wonderful actors and actresses walked the red […]


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