Zoey Deutch Talks ‘Beautiful Creatures’ & ‘Vampire Academy’ BELLO EXCLUSIVE

BELLO mag Zoey Deutch

A new kind of Zoey is about to take hold of Tinsletown, Zoey Deutch.  The eighteen-year old actress will be gracing the bigscreen worldwide on Valentines Day as Emily Asher, in Alcon Entertainment‘s Beautiful Creaturs.  Bello Watch caught up with the onscreen Beatitful cretaure herself, and she was kind of enough to give us insight into her role as “Emily […]

RED DAWN | First Look


Get a taste of what happens when freedom is threatened… THE WOLVERINES UNITE to get vengeance in RED DAWN In Red Dawn, a city in Washington state awakens to the surreal sight of foreign paratroopers dropping from the sky – shockingly, the U.S. has been invaded and their hometown is the initial target. Quickly and […]

HIT & MISS teaser! Chloë Sevigny starrer premieres July 11


DIRECTV has released a teaser for their new series HIT & MISS, starring Chloë Sevigny as a transgender contract killer. HIT & MISS, from Paul Abbott, creator of Shameless and State of Play, is a high concept and ambitious new series that follows Chloë Sevingy as Mia, a contract killer with a secret: she’s a […]

‘Is Emily willing to kill?’ (Revenge)


What’s going on with Revenge‘s dynamic, scheming duo Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) in this photo? You’ll find out more in tonight’s season finale, but EW enlisted the show’s creator and executive producer Mike Kelley to answer the big question this shot begs: Did Emily and Nolan get caught? Source Entertainment Weekly


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