‘Men At Work’ Star Michael Cassidy Talks Season 2 Spoilers “There’s A Sexual Overlap”

Men At WorkWest Hollywood - Smashbox Studios

TBS’ hit comedy Men At Work ends its second season runs in just a couple more weeks. With only three episodes remaining in the buddy comedy, Michael Cassidy who plays playboy Tyler dished on what to expect leading up to the finale airing on June 6th titled Weekend at PJ’s. “He [Tyler] gets a serious girlfriend for […]

5 Things With Fallen Follower Nico Tortorella of FOX’S ‘The Following’


In honor of tonight’s finale of ‘The Following,’ Bello’s bringing to you ’5 Things With Nico Tortorella, Joe Carroll’s latest fallen minion. Now although Today marks a sad day for fans of the FOX series, we have just the news to keep you “followers” going. Nico Tortorella is covering Bello Magazine’s Fashion Cover coming to […]

5 Questions with another Fallen Gilbert. TVD’s Steven McQueen

BELLO watch Steven R McQueen

Steven McQueen is the latest lead character to meet his demise in The CW’s supernatural series, The Vampire Diaries. Fans nationwide are still mourning the loss of Elena’s beloved brother turned dead-people seer, a la sixth sense…turned vampire hunter…turned..well..dead. Forealz this time, y’all. Check out what Steven had to say about Mystic Fall’s latest tragedy. […]

‘Twilight’ Star Christian Serratos Talks Life After Forks.


BelloWatch caught up with Christian Serrato’s of Twlight fame and chatted about what the quirky on-screen Angela has been up to since leaving Forks, Washington once and for all. And to our surprise she described being done with the franchise as ” pleasantly quaint”. Check out what Serratos had to say below! On how her […]

Tim Jo From ‘The Neighbors’ Talks Musicals & Working Alongside Clara Mamet


Tim Jo plays the adorable lovable looser in the ABC series The Neighbors. The series which has been “under the radar” per se, has made headlines with its unconventional theme– Aliens living in suburbia. Jo who was recently seen in tbs’ Glory Daze made his debut in BandSlam in 2009 playing alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Aly michalka. The Asian-American actor caught […]

4 Things With ‘Deception’ Star Laz Alonso


Laz Alonso has been heating up the NBC airwaves with his portrayal of Detective Will, a federal officer determined to solve the murder of a party-girl socialite. Enlisting a good friend of his, he also happens to have feelings for make it difficult for the lines not to blur when it comes to the workplace […]

‘Vikings’ Star Clive Standen’s Bello Magazine Feature Preview

The History Channel has taken the route of HBOs Game Of Thrones with its way back period peices. These days networks aren’t playing around. Shows like The Americans and The Carrie Diaries seem like they’re set in the future when put in comparison to the lkes of Vikings. Clive Standen star of the network’s first […]

Nick Wechsler Teases “A Darker Jack” on Revenge


This season of Revenge has been a hard one for good boy Jack Porter, played by BELLO Magazine’s January cover boy Nick Wechsler. He’s gone through all the emotions a human can endure– including joining your partner in Holy Matrimony, only to have her snatched away from you by the hands of death, not even 72 hours […]

Kevin Alejandro Dishes On What To Expect On Golden Boy


Last week, the long awaited relase of CBS’s new cop drama, Golden Boy finally arrived. Introducing, some new faces to prime-time, but in the case of Kevin Alejandro–reintroducing the star into our living rooms. With notable stints on Ugly Betty, Southland, and as Jesus the brujo on HBO’s True Blood, Alejandro enters a different realm with his […]

Taylor Handley talks Life on ‘Vegas’


 Dixon Lamb the mischievous son of Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid) comes to life in the form of the talented and charming Taylor Handley. The 28-year old actor, a self proclaimed outdoors man has found his dream job in CBS’s Vegas.   “I get to visit this world everyday when I go to work. And I get to do things with […]


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