4 Things With ‘Deception’ Star Laz Alonso


Laz Alonso has been heating up the NBC airwaves with his portrayal of Detective Will, a federal officer determined to solve the murder of a party-girl socialite. Enlisting a good friend of his, he also happens to have feelings for make it difficult for the lines not to blur when it comes to the workplace […]

9O21O’s Michael Steger talks Silver & Navid. Is she the one?


90210′s Michael Steger has graced our screens for five seasons on The CW‘s hit remake of the Aaron Spelling produced Beverly Hills: 90210, as Navid Shirazi. A good guy with a load of family issues, and a love life so spirally that it tops any family crisis, and this guy’s had a lot of those. This may, […]

12 Questions with ‘The Carrie Diarie’s’ Brendan Dooling


Brendan Dooling, is Walt on The CW’s Sexy And The City  prequal The Carrie Diaries. Carrie’s bestfriend, and a fellow fashion lover. This 1980s teen has bigger issues then choosing what to wear to school the next day. From an over-complicated love-life to the fear of truly finding yourself and not knowing if everyone will be okay […]

Shameless’ Emma Kenney On Being a Normal Kid & Working on Showtime’s Very Adult Show.


  At 13 years young the New Jersey native is already making headlines with her performance as Debbie Gallagher, the youngest and sweet girl of the broken family on Showtime’s hit series Shameless.  I chatted with Emma, who’s enjoying her time at home in New Jersey while on Hiatus from the series–and we spoke about dreams […]


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