Bye Bye, Beverly Hills…Again


The inevitable time has come to say our farewells to this generations West Bev alumni.   It’s been a long time comin’, but five seasons later, this time its actually came..if that makes any sense. Though we’ve seen our share of faces come in an out. Next Monday, we  won’t miss the last tango, with […]

9O21O’s Michael Steger talks Silver & Navid. Is she the one?


90210′s Michael Steger has graced our screens for five seasons on The CW‘s hit remake of the Aaron Spelling produced Beverly Hills: 90210, as Navid Shirazi. A good guy with a load of family issues, and a love life so spirally that it tops any family crisis, and this guy’s had a lot of those. This may, […]

I Wish I Was Gay – Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes -  I Wish I Was Gay

Jessica Lowndes was the first ever BELLO mag female cover, and we here at BELLO know when we spot the talent. We have heard this song while doing the photo shoot in march this year, and we could not get it out of our heads since, … The song is so playful and addictive, and we […]


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