Evolution Man / Nu Noir @EVMAN411


Evolution Man is launching NU NOIR Face & Body Wash made to minimize the look of fine lines, purify deep down to the pore, and smooth the skin’s texture. A blend of over 5% AHA’s and BHA’s to refine skin texture. A combination of ultra-pure Glycolic Acid blended with Salicylic Acid and skin conditioners sweep […]

Full Impact For Your Hair With Redken Bodifying Shampoo


Men can have their beauty secrets too (and in the same time stop using their girlfriend or wife’s shampoo … the only ‘downside’ is that if you have a boyfriend or husband you will have to share) Redken Full impact is a shampoo formulated for fine or thinning hair but also for those who are […]

Built To Tylt


Strong, bold, energizing … from portable battery packs to bumpers, TYLT has everything you need to live a long and happy life with your iPhone. My favorite is the ‘Powerplant’ a small and portable back-up charger. It’s high capacity battery will fully charge your smartphone twice. It is designed to hold a charge for over […]

Scosche Realm RH1056md Headphones


Crystal clear sound, super comfortable headset and because your ears are as unique as you are, those headphones are made with viscoelastic memory foambody-heat activated to conform to your ear’s unique shape for a precise fit. Let me give you the Scosche Realm RH1056md Headphones: “The RH1056 on ear headphones deliver impeccable audio performance. 40mm […]

Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp


The Satechi Smart Led Desk Lamp is everything your office needs. You’ll still have to make your own coffee in the morning, but you will spend the rest of the day adjusting your lamp to your needs, with 4 modes at the touch of your finger: Reading Mode – Stimulates concentration and reduces eye strain […]

5 Questions with another Fallen Gilbert. TVD’s Steven McQueen

BELLO watch Steven R McQueen

Steven McQueen is the latest lead character to meet his demise in The CW’s supernatural series, The Vampire Diaries. Fans nationwide are still mourning the loss of Elena’s beloved brother turned dead-people seer, a la sixth sense…turned vampire hunter…turned..well..dead. Forealz this time, y’all. Check out what Steven had to say about Mystic Fall’s latest tragedy. […]

OM4 / Organic Beauty For Men Step By Step


We now live in a more world more conscious. If we have the luxury to be able to take care of ourselves we should be able to take care of the planet and we want to make sure that we do as much as we can to be part of a cleaner way of consuming. […]

DJ Lean Rock for brAun cruZer beard&head


Just tested this great beard trimmer, and what I loved about it is that I did not have to have an MBA to operate it (I actually do have an MBA, but that is not the point here), this product is great and easy to use. The cruZer beard&head is a powerful tool for styling […]

They Hate Pimples First Zit Camouflage

They Hate Pimples

Each month, millions of guys hopelessly search the Internet for solutions to their pimple problems. When a pimple arrives, a guy has to suffer through several days before it fades away. And until now, there have been only two solutions for dealing with a pimple: pop it or drown it in acne medication. Now, the […]

American Horror Story: Asylum Finale — Farewell Briarcliff…and Everyone else?


So much sh*t has never hit the fan, as much as it did on Tonight’s American Horror Story finale. Ryan Murphy is one brilliantly twisted man. I’m not exactly done wiping my tears, and mourning over a dissaperead Kit Walker,Botox Face Lana Winters, Baddest Sistah around; Jude, and the kicker? Pepper. The Monsignor? eh, he […]


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