12 Questions with ‘The Carrie Diarie’s’ Brendan Dooling


Brendan Dooling, is Walt on The CW’s Sexy And The City  prequal The Carrie Diaries. Carrie’s bestfriend, and a fellow fashion lover. This 1980s teen has bigger issues then choosing what to wear to school the next day. From an over-complicated love-life to the fear of truly finding yourself and not knowing if everyone will be okay with what you find.  I caught up with Dooling and he dished on Walt’s world of confusion, and how much fun he’s having on the retrofied CW show.

Dio Anthony: Is Walt as what you see is what you get as he seems? In the books he’s much more private. And has a complete different life outside of Carrie’s circle.
Brendan :  As much as I’d love to delve into Walt’s possible home life and other social networks, It’s called “The Carrie Diaries”, so we only get to see the side of Walt brought about by Carrie’s circle.

DA: Did you read the books at all?
BD: I did read The Carrie Diaries books for research. Not my “Go-to” genre, but I appreciate its appeal to the intended demographic. 

DA: What do you think is so appealing about Walt’s character? When we have so much gay teens on primetime now a days?
BD: Well for me personally, I feel Walt’s story is one yet to be told, especially with the sensitivity surrounding the subject in the 1980s. Perhaps I’m just not well-read or well-watched, as it were, but I don’t think I’ve seen a story told as honestly random as Walt’s. I say random because at his age in his situation, it’s like every new thought, action, or experience is out of left field. 


DA: Have you pulled inspiration from the people around you, or did you create Walt from scratch?
BD: Walt is definitely a spontaneous amalgamation of non-fictional persons past and present for me.

DA: If you could, what would advice would you give to Walt?
BDPost-adolescence life has a lot more to offer! Hang in there. 

DA: I’ve spoken to many from the cast, and not many get to shoot in “the city.” How fun has that been for you, being a New York native?
BD: I grew up on Long Island, but have traversed these streets sporadically throughout my whole life and to be in the shadow of the mass that is NYC while on the job is even better than my first visit.  

DA: Is the life Carrie experiences in New York anything like you’ve experienced in the city?
BD: Not at all! Carrie’s story is set in an unpredictable and wildly exciting 80s NY. My experience, though one-of-a-kind, is much more mundane by comparison.


DA: What’s one character on the show, you don’t get to act with much that you’d like to? Most of your scenes are grounded with the “home-base” friends.
BD: I think the development of a platonic relationship between Walt and Larissa could be very funny.

DA: Without spoiling things, what can we expect to see from Walt in the coming episodes?
BD: Walt will be branching out as much as the circumstances will allow! Taking bolder steps, perhaps? 

DA: Walt and Maggie’s relationship is headed for a train-wreck. Are Walt’s insecurities so strong that he’s jumped back into this? Was this the only solution?
BD: In the moment, it’s very much the only way. There’s a lot of doubt, too many question marks looming, and Maggie is the one he’s shared love with before. That’s nice to have. 

DA: On last night’s episode we learn a little about the plans Walt’s parents have set up for him. Is he just too scared to stand up to them? Or is he the kind to go around and live the life someone else wants for him?
BD: Walt has a much stronger set of convictions than he’s led everyone to believe, but would rather avoid conflict. Anyway, he hasn’t quite yet uncovered his values or what it is he stands for as a person.  
DA: Is the fact that he could be gay scary to think for him? Or is it more about having everyone know? Or both?

BD: I think Walt sees the potential for greater acceptance and love of that community, but many in that time period could not and that definitely plays a role in his ability to be communicative or consenting of his organic thoughts or feelings. 

The Carrie Diaries airs Mondays @ 8PM ET on The CW!