Colton Haynes Is Starling City’s newest Resident.


Starling City welcomed Colton Haynes  last night on the CW’s Arrow, and so did we. To our living rooms that is. Haynes who previously left the MTV 80s reboot Teen Wolf, has traded the wolf-fangs for a red hooded sweatshirt. And although Haynes, the werewolf variety is not only appealing but entertaining, We here at Bello will take the red hoodie over supernatural melodrama any-day. 

Although Hayne’s screen-time was short this time around, it leaves promise. With already three episodes of the city CW series under his belt, we’re sure to see more of him. Along with that amazing Willa Holland (Thea) For those who haven’t watched, we won’t say much. But it’s no coincidence that there’s a guy walking around in a red hoodie, in a town where hoods and colors mean more than just a fashion statement. 

How excited are you about Hayne’s arc on the show? Are you sad to see him leave Beacon Hills for good?

+ Colton Haynes BELLO mag #27

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