‘Cult’ Premiers. Finally.


There’s a lot to be excited about today. For starters Tuesdays just got a little edgier, thanks to

The CW’s ‘Cult.’ The thriller brings a new genre over to the predominately soapy network, and it’s going to be good, it’s going to be very good. Starring ‘The Vampire Diaries’  star Matt Davis, or if you want to go way back Warner Huntington the third. Yes, that’s right. Davis is coming back to our CW screen!

Cult’ is a show about a show that has sparked fans to recreate the universe the show takes place in. Davis’ character Jeff, a reporter has fallen victim to the fandomania now that his brother has gone missing, and all clues to his disappearance lead back to the show. At first a complete skeptic to the influences that show can have on its viewers, Jeff is forced to jump into the investigation with two feet, and use his reporting skills to get to the bottom of it all.

The CW has also brought back a familiar face in Jessica Lucas (Melrose Place).  Lucas plays Skye, a seemingly overachieving production assistant on the show, that knows way to much to not have something up her sleeve.  These two [Davis] already look good together.

But of course, no show is complete without it’s baddy. Which in this case comes to us in the form of Billy Grimm, played by Robert Knepper of Prison Break fame.  Billy is the cult leader that all the show’s viewers are obsessed with. And one minute of his performance will assure you as to why that is.

Don’t miss the premier of ‘Cult’ on the CW.