Watch: David Beckham Bodywear For H&M Film Directed By Guy Richie


Award-winning Creative Director Marc Atlan of ―Marc Atlan Design, Inc.‖ collaborated on the latest installment of the David Beckham Bodywear for H&M ad campaign, by developing a provocative video commercial directed by Guy Ritchie. The highly anticipated commercial crowning the 2-year campaign, premiers worldwide across multiple platforms today, February 6th.

Marc Atlan Design — in a close collaboration with H&M’s Creative Director & David Beckham’s team — developed the concept, design and execution of the Spring 2013 TV Commercial that was shot on location in Los Angeles. This included writing the original script, designing the campaign, and proposing to work with acclaimed film director Guy Ritchie. The commercial features an action-packed, fast paced scenario of David Beckham running through the streets of Beverly Hills.

Atlan originated the idea of teaming up soccer star & fashion icon David Beckham with H&M back in March 2011. Since the project’s inception, Marc has partnered with this high-octane team to generate the look and feel of every creative detail including the billboards, packagings, shopping bags and collection catalogue.

―I’m so grateful to H&M, David Beckham, his team & Guy Ritchie for granting me the creative freedom to conceptualize a sexy yet sophisticated international ad campaign,‖ says Atlan. ―I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 25 successful years in the creative industry than with the worldwide launch of this short movie directed by Guy Ritchie.‖

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