Gossip Girl Finale Hangover: XOXO FOREVER


Mark the date, y’all. Last night was December 17th, 2012 – and we were cordially invited to say goodbye to Gossip Girl, on Teen Drama Road, at the CW mansion.  That’s right. No more Despicable B. No more of Nate’s navy blue flannels. No more lonely boy rambles. No more of Serena’s perfectly misplaced hair. No more chucking bass! No more of Rufus’ waffles. And no more of Lilly’s unusually calm personality. Some might throw it off as just a silly teen drama, and although it might well be that, let it be noted—it’s one of the best yet. No more Arial shots of beautiful New York City, or Dorota’s impeccable comedic timing and dialogue delivery. We’ll have to look elsewhere for scheming in $700 dollar heels, or extravagant Sunday brunches where are current crush finds out how much of a slut we’ve been in the past. And Why? Because Gossip Girl as we know it is dead. Donezo. Fin. Call it what you want. I call it, the end of my life, but to each its own.

Many thanks to a show that showed the world a side of New York not known to a majority of the nation—heck the world before 2007. All hail Queen Stephanie Savage, and King Josh Schwartz….Okay we take that back. We only have two queens, S & B.  Rulers of the kingdom—The Upper East Side. Where the armor is Henri Bendel and there’s an it-girl on every corner.

We’ll miss a love affair that spanned 6 years, and like all that is truly good in the world, we never once gave up in the show. We’ll miss a confused wannabe queen, that found herself crying way too much, and then just like that she was gone. We’ll miss the epitome of a lost and confused Rich Kid in Nate Archibald. But most of all, we’ll miss our dons. Our queens, our dear Serena Vanderwoodsen and Blair Waldorf. No more snarky and incredibly written voice-overs, by the voice of the nation that is Kristen Bell’s sultry sound. So let us bid adieu by grabbing a cup of yogurt and sitting on the steps of the met, like only a true Gossip Girl fan. Maybe sport a headband while at it? Or maybe a trademark red and navy polka dot scarf.–Because as much as we may not give off. There’s nothing we want more than a Georgina Sparks Prototype to fly in from Europe and make our lives a living hell, all of course while looking fabulous.

XOXO for the last time G, and even though it goes without being said, You know we love you.