Booboo Stewart: Twilight Heart Throb to star in action-packed thriller The Pineville Heist

With the final instalment of the Twilight series hitting the screens for the last time and racking in a massive $340.9m internationally during its opening weekend… the question now remains, what’s next in the Young Adult entertainment arena?

Canadian Director and Author, Lee Chambers answers the call with his adrenaline rushed Thriller The Pineville Heist.

Currently in the funding stages of being made into a major motion movie, not only has Chambers’ novel reached #1 Amazon bestselling status but in a major coup he has also attracted movie heart throb from the Twilight series Booboo Stewart to the lead role.

In what can only be described as a unique move Chambers decided he would adapt his award-winning screenplay he co-wrote with Todd Gordon into a novel while going through the processes of producing the movie version.

Booboo Stewart also did an amazing fashion editorial for BELLO mag #40.

Catching up with Chambers at an exclusive LA book launch of The Pineville Heist, Stewart explains his appeal for the thriller and why he jumped at the chance of starring as Aaron Stevens.

“I want to star in The Pineville Heist movie because it’s a good story and something I haven’t done before. I like bringing things to life and I just think this is a great project. I really enjoy how, once it starts, it just goes. You don’t see a lot of movies like that. Most movies go… then stop, then go and stop.

“There are so many things within the screenplay. The thriller! There’s action, but there’s also that family bond,” Stewart enthuses.

Relating to the importance his own family is to him, Stewart goes on to explain the turning point for his character Aaron in moving towards healing his fractured relationship with his father, “I think Aaron realises you can’t do this by yourself. You can’t lose family. The number one thing is having support from your family. In my real life, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without my family.”

The already relaxed and easy going relationship between Director and Actor can’t help be felt, when Chambers asks Stewart what his favorite scene is.

“From the Twilight movie?” asks Stewart.

“Twilight? What’s that? No, from The Pineville Heist,” Chambers quick to respond.

Laughing Stewart responds, “I would have to say it’s the beginning, when there’s that first initial hint of what’s going on while Aaron is in the woods underneath the canoe. I think that’s the coolest part.”

And what does Stewart expect to bring to the role? “I think I can bring a light heartedness to the character. I think that would play well with all the fear that drives the movie. Plus there’s a hint of romance which I like.”

A hint of romance that is also likely to appeal to the already rapidly growing band of young female followers of The Pineville Heist and this young movie heart throb.