Revenge’s Josh Bowman – BELLO Inteview

5 months ago BELLO mag has decided to put on a cover the very talented Josh Bowman (Revenge), because we believed that the show was amazing and had an immense potential. Two days ago, we were all treated to an amazing season finale and yes the show is already getting a cult like following, and will be moving to sunday night spot coming this fall.

Check out bellow the layout of Johs’ cover story and his interview,…
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Have you ever taken revenge on someone?
I’m a big believer in karma so…what goes around comes around.

Who did you become closest friends with from the cast on the show?
Every single one of them, we’ve all grown very close to each other. One of the reasons why the show works so well is because of the chemistry we all have together. I love them all.

What can you tell us about Daniel Graysons future?
Daniel is coming of age; we’ve seen him go from having very boyish sensibilities to becoming a much more grounded character. I guess he will continue down that same path – coming in to his own and becoming a man. As far as Emily and Daniel’s storyline goes I think my fate is pretty well mapped out leading up to episode 15. I’m praying the two slugs in my back missed my vital organs and I survive, but we’ll see what Mike Kelly has in store for Daniel! What I can say is that I’ve learnt so much working with all these great actors, for me it really is such a great training ground and I feel extremely lucky to be a part of all this.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
I’m a drummer, so I love music and dancing – anything with some rhythm! I always said if I wasn’t acting I would be in music 100%. I’ve always loved the mentality of musicians, they’re a lot like actors – they express themselves through words and lyrics and work in groups except they don’t hide like we do – they’re a lot more vulnerable than an actor is as they’re expressing them through them. 

What kind of music are you addicted too right now?
I would be here all day listing artists I like but hers a cool mixture to check out – James Blake, SBTRKT, Bon Iver, Burial, The XX, Sigur Ros, Lianne La Havas, The Roots, Phosphorescent, Drake and always got time for Jay Z.

What is your greatest fear?
Getting old and not doing what I want to do or see what I want to see – not feeding my curiosity about the world.

If you were a reincarnation of someone or something what or who would it be?
Wow that’s a good question…Ok If Muhammad Ali, Walt Disney and Mick Jagger had a baby – that’s who I’d like to come back as – that kids gonna have stories for days! Ha!

What is your motto?
Be yourself – Everyone else is already taken.

*Where would you like to live?
Somewhere on a remote island in the South Pacific Ocean with a little boat to go fishing on.

What other projects will we have the chance to see you in soon?
In a film coming out this year calledSo Undercover.