Basch and Lovas by Wesley Badanjak F/W 2012

It’s never easy to replace one designer at a fashion house with another. When designer Wesley Badanjak took over the creative reins of Basch, he had to maintain a balance of old and new; never an easy feat.

Off the bat, it should be stated that Basch is not designed for those who are looking for a black pant suit or a jeans a t-shirt for the weekend. These clothes are made for the girl who likes to dress up and socialize. Smartly, Badanjak knew it was time for the Basch girl to grow up into a woman. Unlike past seasons, hemlines are lower, fabrics are less sheer, and there’s a higher level of sophistication.

Almost entirely comprised of pretty dresses, there were sequins, taffetas, with silk charmeuse and jersey thrown in. With most pieces being black, purple, and silver, the choice of using a salmon hue was a mixed one. Current trends were obvious (peplums, for example), and the addition of Mongolian wool makes the Basch customer ready to hit the town.

Think of the Lovas woman is the slightly older and more cosmopolitan aunt of the Basch girl. It was obvious from the first look (a streamlined, ombre suit) that Lovas was going for 50’s and 60’s vibe. The silhouettes were trim and grazed the knee, and there was even one LBD that clearly referenced the iconic one from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The calm palate of cream, grey, black, cranberry, also included flashes of electric blue. The swathes of wool and silk charmeuse sided with sequins and feathers. Cobweb knits, a python print and a reptilian slick subtle attempts at sexing up the looks. A couple of piece-y Franken-gowns would’ve been better if cut to the knee, but that was a moot point.

Does Lovas break any ground? It’s not supposed to. What it does, is offer sophisticated options for the woman who is looking for something more glamourous than the daily.

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written by : Steven Carver